In honor of the canine heroes who showed
such loyalty and devotion in the aftermath of September 11....

Artwork by Karen Donnelly

"The Dogs of 9-11"

Each year on 9-11
We remember them by name
But there are others to recall
Who have received no fame.

Their work began when all was lost
They searched for any life
And never once did they complain
Of their pain and strife.

Their feet were cut by broken glass
And they braved debris
Hoping that just once they could
Set somebody free.

Alas, theirs was a thankless job
And, tho they cleared the way
Those dogs of search and rescue
Are forgotten on this day.

They are heroes every one
They gave it all their best
To find the loved ones that were lost
And put them to their rest.

Author: Janis Dibert

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