Rainbow Wall 2008


This page is dedicated to all of the furbabies
who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2008.
Here, we honor those newest angels in that meadow across the Bridge.
All angels are welcome here, for they were well-loved.

identifies a newly listed fur ANGEL...



June 23, 1998 - January 14, 2008

Colleen and Jim Shea



RB 1-17-08
14 years

Donna Winsett



RB 1-17-08
12 years

Donna Winsett



RB 2008

Donna Winsett



Golden Retriever

14 YRS. -- RB 1/16/08

"My first big dog ever and what a learning experience! Good thing the Scots were here to assist with training. Reggie didn't interact with other animals but he knew when to get out of Darby's way! Jake taught him how to play with another dog at the age of nine. In turn Reggie taught Jake how to spin when he gets excited. The boys enjoyed wrestling matches and races through the pasture.
... Daffodils will mark his grave..."

Kathie Lawrence


"Love Bug Rachel"

Scottish Terrier

Age- 18.5 years
RB 1/31/08

"This Scottie queen granted me 3 and a half years of love and devotion. She will be in my heart forever."

Judy Decker

Star of the North


Scottish Terrier

RB 2/1/08

Ellen Sinatra

MACCORD's Once in a Bonnie Blue Moon


West Highland White Terrier

June 24, 1993 - February 9, 2008

"I am so grateful for the time she and I had - 14 years and 7 months! That's a wonderful long time to make memories! I was blessed to have her from the moment she came into my life and I am continued to be blessed in her absence...
She lives forever in my heart and mind;
a million beautiful memories she's left behind."

Diane Meadows

Argyle's Caldonia


Scottish Terrier

Born May 25, 2004 - RB March 13, 2008

"Callie, our first Scottie, was a beautiful little imp of a dog with a wicked sense of humour and a huge presence. We will forever miss her spirit, the aroos and doggy smiles with those pearly white teeth flashing. She was taken from us tragically and heartbreakingly at such a young age."

"Your Dad, "brother" Sam the Sealyham, and I will never stop loving and missing you sweet girl."

Your Mom,
Ann Toney-Wildnauer


Scottish Terrier

12-05-96 - 03-13-08

"Gus was a Scottish Terrier and was so beautiful with a great personality. To know him was to love him. Gus would run to the den and pick out a toy for anyone that came to the house. He would go to bed with us and leave when he thought we were asleep and stay at our door to make sure we would be safe. Gus had his own way and we would do what he wanted us to do and we just wouldn’t have it any other way. Gus was my life and best friend. I felt like I couldn’t live without him. If dogs aren’t in Heaven, then I want to go where they are.."

Lois Rankin (GUS MAMA)


Izzy was 8 months old here...
"her boys" are now are now grown men - 24, 22 and 19



April 30, 1993 - April 4, 2008

"You came to us as an eight week old little bundle of white fur. You captured our hearts from that very first day and we knew we had been blessed with a special gift straight from heaven above. There are so many fond memories and precious aspects of your personality that could fill volumes of books. You were a comforter to us when we were sick, a listening, attentive ear when we needed to talk, and always gave love even when we felt unlovable.... all of that and so much more. You had such an instinct of what was needed at any given time. We will hold all of those precious memories in our hearts....in that special place that only you can fill.

Sleep well our precious angel.....you have earned your rest. ."

Pam and David Pell

Sir William O'Claire



October 29, 1997 - April 7, 2008

"A gentle giant, my boy, Willy. He endured being fed diet dog food for years to bring his weight down from 34 pounds to 20.6 pounds throughout the last year. He was a true Scottie to the very end. He corrected Katie as she tried to take his food and even though he could not stand he growled and showed his teeth until she left it alone. Yet he was gentle with children and all who came into contact with him. He even ran away from the soccer ball when Katie would pass it to him. He was my only dog to have flunked out of obedience school and it was not because he was not able to pass the tests he just didn't want to.
We will miss you my gentle boy!

Until we meet again."

Dutch and Katie

Donna Winsett

Scottie Mam

RB 4-12-08

Noela Howatt

Scottie Mam & Chronicler

RB 4-12-08

CH. Greatscott Clear Sky


Almost 14 yrs of age

23 Sept 1994 - 17 April 2008

Sky had a wonderful and long show career with many Group and In Show wins to her credit, showed herself off by herself, a mere flick of the lead took her in the right direction and she was always moving out in front of me with head and tail up. When she retired from showing into our care she was the boss of the clan, a look or a wave of her tail always got the clan straight and into line where she wanted them. She has left good progeny whose lines continue today with excellent show careers.

A True Lady with Great Dignity and Humour to breath's end.
Rest in Peace darling Sky, Till we meet you again.

Our beloved Sky, we loved you from birth and always will.

Your devoted Jules, Alan and the Oztraileya Bunch

Keipats Golddigger



8/13/2000 - 5/01/2008
Goldie was a much-loved couch potato of Dan and Diane and the mother of... CH.Keipats Wildcard( sire of 5 CH's), and CH. Keipats Katiedidit (dam of 4 CH's in one litter)

Duncan For My Valentine, J.E.



Nov 17 1995 - May 2 2008

"Duncan loved to play..."
"He loved to get the rats at Earthdog, and anyone who ever heard him in the tunnels would have sworn there was a much bigger dog in there...

He knew where the rats were - if we got on the highway, he'd sleep if we were going to NJ or WV, but if we turned South on I-81, he perked up. And if we got off at the Hedgesville WV exit, he'd be sitting up in the back seat of the truck, getting excited. By the time we took the final turn onto the road to the Earth Dog trials, he'd be straining against his Batzi Belt, nose out the window, begging to be let out to get the rats! This spring, we took him one last time, to an earthdog practice, and he managed to enjoy the heck out of himself - a little slower off the mark, but he headed straight for that tunnel like he was 4 again."

"..... he was my first dog."

Perry and Michelle Lynch

Katie MacDuff


RB 5/06/2008

Carol Allen

Ms. McTavish



RB 5/9/2008
13+ years

Bill & Vivian Graff



January 15, 1995 - May 12, 2008
14 years

"I miss her SO much..."

Michelle Nuckles

Dawn Gray

Scottie Mam

RB 5-14-08

Ch. Larkspur's Dominator


12/21/99 - 6/2/08

"Dominator's eyes will always be imprinted in our hearts. They just seemed to peer into the future while looking deeply into your soul. He was regal and loyal to a fault,and he was a pleasure to all who came to know him. A true winner in life, he was a fighter, a competitor, a sweetheart, and a CHAMPION! Death can NEVER take away our memories of such a special boy.

Rest with the Angels, Dominator...
We will NEVER forget you!"

Bred by Mary O'Neal
Owned and Loved by Harry and Ginny Bufkin



5/6/99 - 6/3/08

Beloved of Judie and Pete
Big Sis to Spenser



RB 6/4/08

Nancy Doss


Cairn Terrier

Jan 1, 1996 - June 9, 2008

"Rest in peace, beloved one, baby boy.
We love you very much."

Chuck and Patty Baugh-Riechers

CH Victorian A Trace of Grace


Scottish Terrier

RB June 9, 2008

Vicki Campbell

CH. Keipat's Hobbs Door Knobbs


Scottish Terrier

July 7 1998 - June 19 2008

"My baby boy is gone........."

Jillian Barrett

Duncan, the Highlander

Scottish Terrier

April 25, 1996 - June 23, 2008

Linda Basset

Marilyn Blasche

Scottie Mam

RB 6-25-08


Scottish Terrier

Rescued 2/98 - RB 6/26/08

"Sleep well my sweet Sadie..."

Donna McDonald


Scottish Terrier

August 14th 1997-June 30th 2008

"I'll love him and miss him always."

Kate Davis

Joss Jubilee of Pinehaven


Labrador Retriever

RB July 7, 2008

"A huge dog, with a great smile and even bigger heart."

Lori and Donnell

Author's NOTE:
One of the ORIGINAL leaders of the Guardian Brigade, Jubilee was an integral part of every BASH, and will be sadly missed.


Shih Tzu

RB July 11, 2008

Stefani Thomas' parents' beloved furchild

Gaelforce Yours To Kommand
CH Glad Mac's Taliesin The Bard CG, CGC


Scottish Terrier

1/3/2000 - 7/12/2008

"There will never be another dog like him, he was my best buddy, my White Knight, my protector, my son. Good Night, sweet Prince, and flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest, my Bucky, my bestest boy."

Camille Partridge
Gaelforce Scottish Terriers

Katie O'Claire

" Katie"

Scottish Terrier

October 19, 1995 - July 16, 2008

"My constant companion for 12 ľ years, Katie O’Clair, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 16, 2008. She came into my life as an 8 week old Christmas puppy in 1995. She and I could just look at each other and know what the other was thinking. It didn’t take word, a bark, or hand signals."

"Katie was a champion soccer player and would often play with the neighbor’s Cairn Terrier. She would win though. When I brought Willy, our wheaton Scottie, into her world she was two, she didn’t object she just took some of her toys and dropped them at his feet. He was a Christmas pup too. They became the best of buddies until his crossing three months ago."

"Katie was the true Scottish lass until the very end. She had beaten colon cancer, bladder stones, even Cushings, and in the end she died of a broken heart. She was losing blood into her chest cavity and it could not be stopped so….. She told me it was time."

"We will be together again and until then sleep tight my love."

Dutch Schultz


Scottish Terrier

RB - July 24, 2008

"Cassie was the sweetest Scottie I’ve ever had. She was always so gentle, and extremely caring. Although she wasn’t crazy about adults, she absolutely adored children, the younger the better. She’d wiggle at the site of a toddler."

"She was the first Scottie I ever had that aroo’ed, and she did so constantly. I would talk to her, and she’d respond back every time with a nice, loud arroo. I will miss that so much. I will also miss her sweetness and gentleness, and, believe it or not, the snotty attitude she had sometimes. She could always make me laugh."

"I try to take comfort in knowing that she’s with her true love, Denver, again. My little angel truly is an angel now."

Laura McDonald

Haley Noele

"The Smiling Scotties"
L-R: Haley (RB), Hoagy (RB), Fala(RB), Heather Sue (RB)

Scottish Terrier

October 17, 1998 ~ July 29, 2008

"Haley came to us when she was eleven months old. We went to pick her up and she was crated in a garage. She was infested with fleas and had a stick wedged in her mouth. I would have paid every cent I had to get Haley away from that place and get her to a vet. She was such a pretty, black Scottie girl to be kept in such a manner. Her previous owner said she was just too much puppy and she couldn't have her in the house. We took her immediately to Doc Eastwood and he removed the stick and dipped her for fleas. That was how her life began with us. She was a typical Scottie Pup. She was full of herself and a regular spitfire. She attached herself to our oldest daughter, Tiffany, right away. It took her a while to warm up to the rest of us, but she finally came around.

"Haley was our little clown. She was always starting a frap, racing through the house, or playing with her big ball. She would always kick her back feet before she nosed that big ball around the yard. She acted like she had to kick her feet to rev up her engines. She was the only one of the four Scotties that loved the kiddy pool. We kept it filled just for her. She wasn't much of a cuddler, but when she wanted affection she would come and get in your lap. This past year has been hard on Haley. She missed Heather Sue, Hoagy and Fala very much. My only solace is knowing she is with them right now, pain free and at peace. Rest well sweet angel. You will always live close in our hearts. We love you."

Janis and Lanny Devine


Scottish Terrier

RB 8-2-08

Kristi Fowler



RB 8-15-08

Ginny Pace

Caci Rose

Scottish Terrier

RB 8-21-08

Cheryl Root


Scottish Terrier

1995 - August 27, 2008

Debbie Cleveland


Scottish Terrier

RB 9-5-08

Bob Keller


Scottish Terrier

RB 9-13-08

Lisa and Jay King

Miss Sassy

Scottish Terrier

3/03/95 - 9/16/08

"Run through the meadows, sweet girl.
You were loved by many."

Dayna & Randy Williamson


Scottish Terrier

RB 9/18/08

Debbie Barfield Cleveland



almost 18 yrs. old

RB 9/26/08

"Sleep well, our pretty little black-eyed Suzie. We will love you forever."

Sue & Dillon

Master Murphee McDawg

Scottish Terrier

February 22, 1997 - September 30, 2008

"It was with a heavy heart and tears of sorrow that Murphee was helped across the rainbow bridge on Tuesday, September 30 at 6:45 PM. He is now running through the fields and playing with all our beloved Scotties that awaited him there."

Judy Decker


Scottish Terrier


"We are going to miss our sweet little Queen ..."

Debbie Cleveland


Scottish Terrier

September 2, 1995 - October 6, 2008

"He was the answer to my daughter Ella's prayers and her constant companion -- the love of her life. Where Ella went, Scottish Terrier Argyle went. From upstate New York, across country to Hawaii--with memorable stops along the way, like the Grand Canyon. Back to Mainland USA--Kentucky, and finally Florida. Despite a spinal deformity that left him with a distinctive limp, Argyle had a fighting spirit and stared down cancer until it finally overtook him at the age of 13. His final resting place is in the mountains of Schoharie County, New York on the grounds of Ella's parents' home, and alongside his departed companion, the beloved Fenimore, also a Scottie. All who were privileged to know Argyle held a special attachment to him. He will live on with Ella forever, gone, but never forgotten.
Rest in Peace, Argyle."

Caroline, Ella's Mom


Scottish Terrier

RB October 13, 2008

"Rest easy, baby boy"

Nancy Y. Doss


Siamese Cat

RB October 18, 2008

17 yrs old

"She was my companion since I brought her home when she was a tiny kitten. She has spent every night since then curled up in my arms. I really don't know how I will get through the night without her."

Rosemary Doud

Ebonye Anne

Scottish Terrier

5/3/96 - 10/20/08

"She made it final today I gave her all I had, she made her get away All the love we once shared Turned to memories today

I left the vets and went straight to the house Hit my knees and told God how much I hurt There's nothing left of my heart Gonna be hard to make a new start

Cause today my world slipped away I lost the sweet girl that I loved And tonight I'm alone and so sad Cause today my world slipped away

All my friends say I'll make it all right I'll recover and start a new life But that will be so hard to do Cause living will be so hard without her

Cause today my world slipped away Rainbow Bridge called her today There's not much more to say Cause today my world slipped away.

Ebonye was the light of my life, the leader of the pack, the heart dog beyond all heart dogs. A sweet little spitfire who came to live with us at 6 months of age, she graced our home with her spirit, her courage, her love and her presence.

It will never be the same here without Miss Ebonye curling up in the bed with us at night It will never be the same here without Miss Ebonye to teach the others how to hunt It will never be the same here without Miss Ebonye always being watchful at the window to run any critters that didn't belong out of the yard. It will never be the same here without Miss Ebonye taking a stroll in her stroller It will never be the same here without Miss Ebonye giving me that under eye look It will never be the same here without Miss Ebonye a-roo-ing and starting the scottie songs with the others. It will never be the same here without Miss Ebonye wagging her tail so hard her whole butt shook when I came home from work. It will never be the same here without Miss Ebonye always wanting to be near me and not wanting me to be out of her sight It will never be the same here without Miss Ebonye's insatiable curiosity about everything

Miss Ebonye, you were, a scottie among scotties, a head above the others even though you were always smaller than the others. You were a fiesty little chick from day one and I loved your spirit so much. Your own Dad's name said it all; Black Magic he was and he produced a female Black Magic. You were, indeed, Black Magic here in our home.

We were so very proud of you and you were so charming when you wanted to be but yet that terriertude shown proudly when you stood your ground.

We will miss you so very much, sweet little girl and there will never be another scottie girl quite like you. Yes we will go on and yes we know you'll somehow, someway send us another girlie to love and cherish.

However, the hole that you leave with us will never mend. We will touch you only in spirit and your hoped for visits to us when you are at the bridge. We know you will be excited to see Dundee, Skara Brae, Kerrye Skye, Smokey, and Winnie; please give them kisses from us.

A love like this in human terms is sometimes beyond comprehension but know dear sweet baby girl that we loved you the best we knew how and will always love you until we meet again on that glorious day when your little scottie legs will send you flying over the meadows to once again give us those glorious kisses and happy tail wags.

Rest in peace, lovely darling; we will miss you more than words could ever say and there will never ever be another scottie in our lives like you.. "

Linda Sprinkle

Elle, She's Got the Look

Scottish Terrier

December 4th, 1996 - October 22nd, 2008

"Elle was beautiful and she knew it. She loved her grooming sessions because she knew she would be even more beautiful! She was a joy on the table and never moved an inch, she stood so perfectly.

She was a very happy Scottie and always thought the party was just for her!

She was our Beauty Queen, our Sweet Pea, our Ellie Bellie and our Missy Girl.

The pain of loosing two Scotties in 4 months is overwhelming.

Elle will now be with Duncan, her best friend."

Linda Bassett

CH Top Brass Reveille O'Jacglen


Scottish Terrier

1997 - November 6, 2008

"More special than we ever knew"

Julie & Danny Hill
Jacki & Dick Forkel
Oban Scottish Terriers


Scottish Terrier

RB 11-11-08

"I'm grateful for the 11.5 years we had together, and take solace in the fact that he is now at the Bridge with his "brother" Cabre, both playing gleefully."

Denise Chamberlain

CH TKO Tactial Advantage ROMX


Sire of:
CH Hiq's Bruce Almighty
Angel (almost)

Scottish Terrier

RB 11-20-08

Nancy Schaus
HIQ Scottish Terriers


Scottish Terrier

RB 11-20-08

Mickey and Doug Tickner


Scottish Terrier

May 8, 1998 - Nov. 20, 2008

"Our Lass; Our Loss: Always Loved; Forever Missed."

Her folks, Birte & Irwin, her best Buddy, Warren,
and all of her many, many two legged and four legged friends


Scottish Terrier

RB 11-24-08

Kristi Fowler

George Wilson

Scottie Dad

RB 11-25-08

Wee Morgan Ostara MacFeisty


Scottish Terrier

1-29-1997 to 12-13-2008

"Sleep with the Angels, my tiny Love."

Tonya Wion

Jamie Barra O'Skye

Skye Terrier

RB 12-18-08

"He was my first Skye and was an adoring dog who did all the right things... he had huge paws and was so loving...
I miss him so much...

Cheryl Root


Scottish Terrier

RB 12-22-08

Sandra Brown



Scottish Terrier

1-12-1997 to 12-29-2008

"Our beloved Katie, "The Queen of All", joined her sisters PittyPat and Macy and brothers McKenzie and Brimley at the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

It seems like yesterday we brought our "Purple Scot" home. We had been searching for a little girl Scottie but found none. The Scottie email lists were really growing in 1997. We placed a Scottie wanted message on the email lists. Some one told someone about a litter in Maryland. So off we drove.

Katie was born to Sophie and Sparky, CH Fairoak's Damn Yankee. First born, she was a feisty girl who latched on to us in the puppy box. Her breeders wanted to keep her another two weeks but we convinced them we were responsible Scottie lovers. We tried to be responsible parents by placing her in a crate to come home. That lasted two exits. The rest of the ride was in her Mom's arms. The rest of her life, Katie was Queen of All.

She graduated from obedience school. She learned to sit, down and stay. The down and stay soon were forgotten. But for a treat she did this all in rapid succession followed by a "big speak".

Katie was a great talker. She got that from her sire Sparky. She finished many meals by rubbing her whiskers on the floor, loudly moaning/growling her satisfaction, and digging at the floor pushing herself and around "digging to China". She was very vocal and expected her commands to be followed in all things.

She was also a prissy Scottie. She prissed her way down the street with her funny butt wiggle. She hated getting her feet wet. Since she was young, her eyebrows had grown past her nose. When a groomer once cut them short, she was horrified when her Daddy called her naked and hid. She hated the word from then on.

Katie was a spokes dog for Wee Beasties Scottie Rescue. She was a sister for many Scotties who came through as fosters. She claimed rescue PittyPat as her baby, even though PittyPat was much older. She participated in their Colonial Christmas parade each year starting in 1997. One year Mom tried to dress her up with antlers. She wore them hanging down around her neck for most of the parade. After that she proudly wore her kilt or plaid party dress.

She participated for many years in the Norfolk St. Patrick's parade with the Colonial Terrier Club. She loved socializing with the other terriers on fun days. She would say hello with her tail up wagging full speed and then run around the play area.

Katie loved going for walks and traveling. "Go for a ride" would find her at the door waiting and hurrying us on. Her favorite ride was to Griffins Beach on the Chesapeake Bay in Poquoson VA. She could smell the salt air blocks away.

One of her favorite things was walking with Aunt Cathy on Griffins Beach looking for crabs and minnows in the tidal pools. She would dive in, snorkeling after them. She managed to catch a few. She was not afraid of any crab that Aunt Cathy would catch for her, severing their claws and then pawing them to pieces or flinging around the beach.

This year she attended Fala Day in Warm Springs GA. She won honorable mention in her purple velvet dress and pearls and silver and pearl tiara as "Katie, Queen of All". She also visited the Fala Memorial in DC and made many trips to Missouri.

Our Purple Scot also loved her "fluffies", her fleece sleeping beds. She had several in each room to rest in. But night time found her sleeping on Mom's feet.

Thank you Cindy Altman for bringing Katie into our lives. Thank you Denbigh Animal Hospital, especially Dr. Tom and Dr. Cork, for loving and caring for Katie from the beginning to the end.

Her leaving is breaking the hearts of her Mom Roxanne, Daddy Jim, brother Truman and Aunts Vicki, Cathy and Marty.

Katie you are the reason for so many wonderful things.....

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to Heaven
To bring you home again.

Roxanne Huckstep and Jim Todt



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