January 19, 2001 --Sir Riley Rambunctious is ONE year old !
Katie Wild Child threw a huge Bayou Bash for her brother !
What follows is a record of this memorable week-end !

JANUARY 16 : The invitations went out on Tuesday. Katie invited all of her pup friends to come help Riley celebrate. Soon after the invitations went out, scotties, dalmations, even scottie wanna-be's , were responding to the "party call". The party was set, all arrangements had been made, the famous Scotcorde was sent to collect the happy party-goers...........let the party begin !!!!!!!


Good news ...........Bad news !!!!!!!!!
Good news is.........all puppers are now safely on board scotcorde, all party pups were picked up on schedule, and it is scheduled to arrive here within the hour....

Bad News !!!!!!!!!!!!! ........ brace yourselves, Moms !!!!! The pilot was in TEARS !!!!!!! He says the plane is so badly overloaded with suspicious bags/trunks/satchels/wiggling and growling backpacks............that he is having trouble maintaining altitude!!!!!!!!!! Then, he added the fact that the Conga Line they're doing up and down the aisles is throwing the trim off and the plane keeps veering to the LEFT then to the RIGHT !!!!! He has sent the co-pilot back there FOUR times, and this last time.......the poor man mysteriously disappeared !!!!!! The pilot has locked and barricaded the cockpit door, and has called the Shreveport tower for emergency instructions!!!!!! He sounded rather hysterical and desperate on the phone !!!!!!!! Meanwhile, Katie keeps getting cell phone calls on MY cellphone from the party puppers........ she keeps giggling, snickering, and arooooooooooooo'ing gleefully !!!!! She DID say something about one of Riley's presents getting loose on the plane and that all the scotties were in high pursuit trying to "recapture" it !!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEK !!!!!!
Y'all..........this isn't good!!!!!! HELPPPPPP !!!!!!!!

Desperately Outnunbered.....Mam !!!!!!!!!


It was sooooooooooooo embarrassing !!!!!

There we sat, waiting for the scotcorde to pull up to the terminal. When the plane finally came into view , there were PLAID streamers flowing from the edges of both wings !!!!!!!! It looked like a blame party hat!!!!! Then, the door opened........and the FIRST one off was the PILOT -----who immediately SLAMMED the plane door behind him!!!! His uniform was a mess, with several torn places, his face was cut and clawed, his eyes were glazed, and the poor man was shaking so badly that the airport security had to bring a wheelchair. When I asked him what had happened---- he stammered something about a cat !!!!!!!!! Upon further questioning, I discovered Susan Riches' neighbor's cat had been kittynapped and taken as a gift for Riley. Sometime during the flight, the scotties decided to rename the cat "Kojak Kat".......saying he needed the appropriate haircut to be Kojak. That's when the bedlam broke out.......Webber, Connor, and Cammster tore out after that poor cat.......to give him a KOJAK shave...........that's when the co-pilot opened the door.......the poor cat leaped into the pilot's lap......the copilot slammed the door and hid in the galley......the pilot spent the next 20 minutes trying to peel terrified cat out of his lap......meanwhile our scottie barbers are banging on the door.......hairclippers buzzing !!!! Somehow, Sofy, Mae, Fergie, and Molly managed to distracted the fellas by opening the caviar served over low-fat wheat thins.........food won out, thankfully !!

As the pilot finished his tale, the door of the scotcorde opened, and out danced 36 giggling scotties, dalmations, and scottie wanna-be's. Katie and Riley arooooooooooooo'ed to their arriving scottie pals, then the horde of puppers began whispering and giggling. They waved to the TV crew who had been called to the airport to cover the crisis. Katie suddenly saw Lucy and Bucky drive up in their swamp buggy.......she called her huge Wild Child Gang together and they all piled into the swamp buggy. Katie hollered to me as they sped away..."HEY, MAM, they're ALL staying at OUR house !"

And the last I saw of the gang........they were headed to the river for a bonfire with Riley waving his huge, super-duper watercannon over his head !!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my !!!


Okay, now I'm sleep-deprived ! The puppers didn't sashay in here until 3:00 A.M. or so this morning!!!! They all had gone down to the boat ramp on the river for the bonfire.......Aggie, Wild Rosie, and Midget had the marshmallows all ready........Maggie Johnson, Robin , and Fiona had located twigs appropriate for marshmallow skewering, and were trimming them to length.......Millie was using her hedgehog to trim the bark from the twigs.......Maggie and Mandie Reyner were arranging the graham crackers for s'mores.......May and Maggie Belvin, along with Megan Bruce, Fergie, and Annie were clearing the space for the bonfire according to the circle that Katie and Spoiled Stormy had drawn in the dirt for them. Everything was going quite nicely, until the boys showed up !!!!!
The girls heard this loud roar......turned around to see this huge, plaid 18-wheeler careen down the river bank, saw the truck turn suddenly, rocking the truck dangerously, before screeching to a halt near the shocked girls ! Before the dust even settled, Riley leaped down from the cab, smiling from ear to ear, hunting cap cocked sideways on his head, camouflage outfit mussed and dirty. Bravo, Bucky, and Floyd hopped down right behind him........and they all slapped each other on the back, aroooooo'ing about their bravery, laughing, and congratulating each other. Then the shouting from the back of the truck got the girls' attention , where they saw Brewster, Prince Maxie, Dugal, and Ali leaning around the back of the truck. "You guys wanna help us with this stuff ?"

Suddenly, the entire riverbank was alive with activity ! All puppers pitched in to help empty the contents of the truck........the guys had brought the "fuel" for the bonfire !! KayCee, Sophie, Willow, and Lucy carried the wooden chairs to the cleared space made by Katie and Spoiled Stormy. Molly Reyner and Piper each carried a nice, mahogany door to the bonfire. Cammster, Webber, and Riley came out of the rear of the truck carring a beautiful wooden desk, finely carved, and highly polished. The scotties skipped gaily over to the fire, and threw the prized treasures into the now leaping flames. They were all quite pleased with their accomplishments and were passing out the marshmallow twigs, when........................
the CONVOY of vehicles came screeching down to the bank of the river ...........
with their SIRENS and RED LIGHTS flashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The scotties all stood up, braced for action !!!!! Several had teefers showing, and all were standing stiff-legged and ready !!! Just as the situation seemed desperate, out from the group stepped Brimley, May Belvin, Ty, and Dom. The police captain stepped out of his car and approached the four doggie ambassadors.

Judge Brimley politely asked the officer what the problem was............at which, the Captain replied,
"Well, sir..........it seems that this group of Wild Hooligans you have here, have broken into the MAYOR'S office down at City Hall, stolen his desk and chairs, and have taken the doors off his office !!!!!!! Mayor PuhDul is NOT pleased !!!! He is ready to bring charges against the entire
"Wild Child Gang" !!!!!! "
Ty and Dom stepped forward, cleared their throats, and addressed the officer in their clear, strong dalmatian voices. "Sir, we assure you that these innocent, wee ones are not hooligans, as you call them. They are merely celebrating a new "life stripe" for Sir Riley Rambunctious, who turns ONE year old today. They have that joy of life and terrier adventurousness that scotties are so known for. I'm sure that we .... the Judge, May, Dom, and I can help you solve this "minor" problem. "
The four doggie ambassadors......Judge Brimley, May, Ty, and Dom then began to whisper quietly with the Captain.....all heads together in serious conversation! The scottie hooligans......errrrrrr, innocents , leaned closer, trying to hear the discussion.

Finally , the group straightened up, the Ambassadors smiled broadly, the Captain waved to the scotties, walked over to Riley, and pinned a "Sheriff's " badge on his cap. The Captain then wished the group a happy week-end, turned, gathered his confused officers, and left the riverbank to the Scottie Hooligans !

The wee ones swarmed around the smiling ambassadors, eagerly asking what had happened. Judge Brimley smiled broadly . He explained to the curious scotties that the Captain had accepted a compromise. The Captain assured Brimley that charges would NOT be brought against the Gang, if the scotties would agree to give "Terrier" lessons to Mayor PuhDul. The captain had confided to Brimley that the Mayor did, indeed, need to learn to be more "politically aggressive" !!!!

The scotties let out a loud and long AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They clapped the ambassadors on their backs, and all went back to enjoying the bonfire.

They didn't get in here until 3:00 or so..........and it didn't get any better..........changed plans.......those wiggly, suspicious backpacks were locked in the 18 wheeler.......and when I finally got all scotties settled for the night, it looked more like a black/brindle/wheaten QUILT than a bed !!!! Good thing I'd reserved MY spot !!!!! They all piled in, found their place in the bed........with Riley pushing a couple aside so he could re-take his place snuggled against his Mam !!
Needless to say, it got quite WARM last night......hehehe But, all puppers were comfy, happy, with full tummies. More than one contented sigh was heard by this pooped Mam before we alllllllllllll fell off to sleep.

Today, they're planning to catch that sadistic squirrel that Katie has put a contract out on............. and the Gators are all out in the pond.........ready for the Wrestlemania !!!!!!!!!! Right now, they have ALLLLLLLLLL gone down to the gambling boats..........
WARNING: They were flashing some serious plastic as they scurried down to Lucy and Bucky's swamp buggy for the trip to the boats! Lotsa Gold and Platinum plastic....... it doesn't look good !!!!!!!

I trust May, Ty, Dom, and Brimley will keep our wee ones out of serious trouble. Meanwhile, I'm going back to BED and watch the inauguration !!!!!!!


First of all, Mams and Dads...........ALL puppers have been accounted for.......there were no gator snacks this afternoon !! Brewster, Dugal, Connor, and Bravo helped me hobble to the swamp buggy for the trip down to the gator pond. I refused to leave this adventure to the scotties' sense of self-control ! I intended to play guard, supervisor, and voice of reason !
Once at the gator pond, the scotties gathered close to Riley, Katie, Lucy, and Bucky as they explained the dangers of gator wrestling. Several of the younger scotties bragged loudly that they needed NO instructions......they had seen the Crocodile Hunter, and knew all they needed to know !!!!!
After 10 minutes of warnings from Mam, here.........the scotties eagerly lined the pond to watch the wrestling.......making sure to stay on the SAFE side of the pond fence. Prince Maxie called for volunteers, and before anyone else could respond........a loud MEEEEEEE was heard from the large scottie group......and out stepped Midget Wion !!!!!!
The scotties immediately began to cheer loudly as wee Midget boldly sauntered to the gate, and entered the wrestling area next to the pond. Molly and Mandi helped Midget out of her stylish cape, gave her a parting hug, and hurried back to the fence. Riley and Cammster looked at Midget, saw her knod eagerly, and went to gather the Midget-sized gator. Returning with 6 feet of snarling, fighting, biting gator.......they put it down near Midget, and backed up to allow her room to play........staying close enough to be there immediately if they were needed .
Midget and Gator 42 circled each other...taking the measure of their opponent.....then, suddenly both combatants leaped in toward the other.......the watching scotties gasped as they lost sight of the two amid the dust kicked up in the battle . All the scotties could do was LISTEN to the growling, snapping, and fierce fighting noises coming from the cloud of dust . Not being able to stand the suspense any longer, Ty, Dom, Riley, and Brimley leaped across the fence and entered the dust cloud.....the wrestling tangle of animals rolled across the yard........tangled up in the fence...........and pulled down the gate separating the remaining gators from the scottie crowd !!!!!!!!!
Now, it was about this time that things got rather out of control !!! The other gators saw their smallest member badly outnumbered, raced into the throng...........and as ONE, the scotties leaped into the growing battle. Robin and Fiona began throwing dirt clods at the gators...... Wild Rosie , Piper, and Ali grabbed the gator nearest them and dragged him across to the refreshment stand , where they locked him in the cabinet under the counter. Bucky raced to the swamp buggy, grabbed his coil of rope and gave it to Aggie, KayCee, Sophie , Maggie Reyner, and Floyd ........telling them to lasso any green , scaly tails they could see !!!!!!!
I began shouting for the scotties to SIT.............STAY.......... COME HERE !!!!!!
Yeah, I know.........that was totally useless !!!
Meanwhile, Ali, Webber, Spoiled Stormy, Katie, and Sofy decided that they could take on the grandfather gator in the center of the melee .....and in they ran......growling, snarling, teefers snapping, as the gator giant turned toward these new scottie threats, his huge mouth open wide...........Annie, Willow, Millie, and Molly tried to help their pals by stomping on any green feet, noses, or tails that flew near them......several scottie OUCH'es were heard.......followed by .......EXCUSE ME......SORRY ........
Maggie Johnson and Molly Wynne were desperately trying to pull Midget from the middle of this rolling mass of scotties and gators, when they saw Riley race AWAY from the bedlam !!! Shocked, they watched as he tore across the yard, reached into the swamp buggy, pulled out his super-duper sized water cannon, and raced back to the crowd. With Katie standing beside him to support the cannon, he turned the switch, and watched as the strong spray of water knocked everyone off their feet. Suddenly, both gators and scotties were simply trying to stand back up......all fighting was forgotten as they coughed and sputtered, and tried to save themselves from the deluge !

Finally, Katie tapped Riley on his paw, told him that was good enough.....and they watched as the pile of pups and gators untangled themselves. The pups and gators got to their feet and stood glaring dangerously at their opponents , until.......suddenly, one scottie.....we'll never know which one..........began giggling!!!!!!

Incredibly, both scotties and gators broke into guffaws and loud laughter. They began patting each other on their backs, complimenting each other on their tenacity !!!! The scotties gave the gators "Honorary Terrier" awards.........which moved the gators so much that they broke down in crocodile tears !!!!

The group of scotties that happily walked back to the swamp buggy were dirty, covered in mud, and hardly recognizable.....but they were bragging, happy, laughing, and planning their attack on the SADISTIC SQUIRREL ........... *sigh*
I'm a wreck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, warning !!!!!!!! Megan Bruce , May Belvin , and Fergie Grant just returned from Packages Plus.......where they had 3 gators FED-EX'ed to their homes !!!!! At least, these are the ONLY three that DID confess !! I have no clue how many others took "souvenirs" !!!!!!! Please, Mams........do NOT open these packages !!!!!!!! Yep, it's getting out of control !!!!!!


I finally got a minute to relay the latest information about this marathon scottie frap !!!!!!!! ( You ever been around 36 scotties/dals/scottie wannabees in HIGH frap????? It's NOT something for the faint of heart!!!! ) All puppers are now off kicking up their paws at the costume ball......it was quite a feat to get all sequins, feathers, swords, and armor where they were supposed to be on these very, VERY unusual costumes !!!!

Anyway...........the squirrel !!!!!! Welllllllllllllllllllll................... the puppers, all 36 of them hit the house here, muddy, loud, and loaded for "squirrel" following the gator fiasco..........as they stormed through the door, there were shouted suggestions of cages and nets to catch him, elephants to knock the trees down, burn the forest, find a girl squirrel to occupy his time instead of terrorizing Katie, or using kudsu vines to swing through the trees to capture the creature.....all were seriously considered as a possible plan for ending this squirrel's time in Katie's territory. Then Webber , who had asked for first "dibs" on this squirrel in the first place....walked in the door with his plan already in motion........literally !!!!!!!! Our Webber warrier had decided to use a TRAMPOLINE to reach the squirrel ! This was immediately agreed to by all puppers, who eagerly piled out the door, and around to the copse of trees where the squirrel was known to live. The trampoline was quickly set up and secured. Webber climbed into the center of the trampoline and began to jump, only to find that he couldn't get enough height to reach the limbs of the trees. Immediately he had more volunteers than he could ever want.......as every single pupper eagerly scurried up onto the trampoline.......where the entire gang began leaping excitedly ..........higher and higher !!! The scene I observed is one I'll never forget..........36 excited puppers bouncing , encouraging each other, growling at the squirrel who was frantically leaping from limb to limb to evade the paws that grabbed at him from all directions !!!!!!! Things began to become more frantic as the puppers began to leap into the trees, paws grabbing desperately to hold onto the nearest limbs !!!!!!! Now, what I had were trees FILLED with scotties and dals, all carefully crawling from limb to limb, closing in on the now repentent squirrel. As the squirrel looked around him, he saw dozens of sets of fiercely growling teefers , all pointed at him ! With a squeal of fear, he fell over in a dead faint, and dropped straight into Dom's paws ! The scotties cheered loudly, but were amazed when Dom refused to let them "at" the pitiful squirrel. He safely secured the squirrel in a box, telling the scotties that they would love the solution to this problem. Realizing that Dom would not let them finish their game, they turned their attention to a more desperate problem...............they couldn't get DOWN from the trees. This was when I heard cries of " Mam Carol" !!!!!!! HELPPPPPPP !!!!!!!

Have you ever had to call 9-1-1 and tell the Fire Department that you had 36 pups up in a tree and needed their help to rescue these daring hunters?!?!?!?!?! After much pleading, the Fire Department finally arrived, and soon, all puppers were safely back on the ground, although grumbling loudly about Webber's plan having a TINY flaw !!!!!!

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, Mams and Dads........I regret the TV coverage that this week-end has prompted...........it seems that it has become an on-going saga here on the local TV stations.........beginning with that Scotcorde episode, then the bonfire, not to mention the gang warfare at the gator pond........... but, this squirrel story seemed to be the worst.......because, I have now discovered-through the media..........that Dom and his buddies took the squirrel over to Mayor PuhDul's office and turned the terrified animal loose in City Hall !!!!!!! So, if you see your wee one's furry faces on CNN, or FOX News.........please know that I did all that I could to prevent this from becoming public knowledge !!!

I now will take my shattered nerves off to bed and try to get some rest before the Ball crowd returns !!!!!! *shiver*


Candelabras lined the walls of the ballroom........chandeliers on the huge, vaulted ceilings gave a warm glow to the festive room. Everywhere you looked, there were elaborate, gaily decorated costumes. Scotties, dalmations, and scottie wanna-be's mingled, visited, laughed, and complimented each other on their great choices in costumes. The curtain at the front of the ballroom parted, and out walked Sir Riley Rambunctious, handsomely dressed in shining armor as Sir Galahad. Beside him, her paw gracefully draped over his arm, was his sister, Katie Wild Child, decked out in an exotic gown, slit up the side. She reached up, tossing back stray strands of the long, red wig in a perfect imitation of Rita Hayworth's Gilda. The crowd cheered their hosts and arooooooooooooo'ed their approval. Katie and Riley joined their friends on the dancefloor for the first dance. Sir Riley stepped down, wandered through the crowd, until he located Maggie Belvin, beautifully dressed in a long, clingy red satin gown with matching heels. He held his paw out to her, as 3-Dog Night broke into their first tune. Suddenly, onto the stage stepped Dugal, dressed as Harry Connick, Jr. He amazed the crowd as he sat down at the piano and began to serenade his friends. The dancers swirled onto the floor, dancing and happy. They were soon followed onto the dance floor by Bravo Belvin and Spoiled Stormy, handsomely matched in their costumes of Prince Charming and Cinderella. Katie stood smiling at the growing group of dancers on the floor, enjoying the spectacle. She felt a paw touch her arm, turned, and saw Webber dressed as John Wayne standing beside her. She smiled when John Wayne said, " Would you like to dance, ma'am? " They eagerly joined the excitement on the dancefloor. Mandi Reyner, dressed as the Queen of Hearts , was happily wrapped in the paws of Prince Maxie, the King of Hearts.........as they swept around the floor. Ty Bruce looked exquisite in his Pharoah costume as he swung May Belvin across the floor in her Barbie costume. Bucky, in his Mardi Gras costume looked elegant as he twirled Sofy across the dancefloor in her Mardi Gras queen costume. Ali, looking handsome in his Sherlock Holmes costume, was escorting wee Annie in her Zena costume around the floor. Brewster's Tarzan costume drew admiring glances from Fergie in her Princess costume as she danced around the room with him. Connor Bruce, in his Ninja costume, searched the room until he located wee Lucy Sheets, in her Mardi Gras costume. She smiled sweetly to him as they, too, joined the dancers. When the dance ended, they all quickly found the buffet table, laid out with all sorts of cajun cuisine , as well as several delicious bowls of "punch". The commotion at the far end of the ballroom drew everyone's attention , where a large group of scotties had gathered ..... Agie, KayCee, Sophie, and Willow Donnelly were there, along with Millie Phillips, Maggie, and Molly Reyner, Midget Wion, Maggie Johnson, Rosie Almandinger, and Molly Wynne......ALLLLLLLL dressed daringly , as Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders !!! They drew a huge crowd as they danced, twirled, and jumped into the air....shouting their Scottie Cheers !! Dom raised his Viking sword in tribute to the beautiful cheerleaders, Floyd saluted with his Devil's pitchfork, and Robin Baillargeon's Butch Cassidy costume and Fiona's Annie Oakley costume were the source of the gunfire aimed toward the chandeliers !!!!!!!!! Everyone cheered wildly as the chandelier's bulbs exploded in sparks !! As the evening drew to a close , the conversations turned to the week-end's exciting adventures.......each scottie bragged about his or her contribution to the escapades. Battle scars and bald spots from the Gator Gala were proudly displayed and compared. Everyone proudly showed each other their honorary "Wild Child Gang" plaques they'd received from Katie for their "Wildly Appropriate Scottie Behavior" !!!


It was just at this minute that Cammster, in his riverboat gambler costume, reached into his waistcoat and produced Miss Ginger Kitty !!!!! The bedlam that followed was incredible. Scotties fell all over each other, trying to capture and claim Miss Ginger Kitty as THEIR trophy !!! What resulted was a huge pile of costumes, scotties, scottie wannabees, and dals..........all searching the pile for the elusive kitty. Arooooooo's, Meows, Grrrrr's, Ouch's, Watch It's , ......could be heard coming from the pile !!!! The band didn't help the situation, for they burst into their version of "Celebrate" !!!!!! The situation was in total chaos, when from the far side of the room stepped................. Winnie Keipat..........Riley's MOM !!!!! She gracefully stepped nearer to the huge, writhing pile of pups, cleared her throat and said in a quiet but firm voice.........."ENOUGH" !!!!! The sudden stillness in the room was laughable !!!!! Then, from the center of the monstrous, furry pile.......meekly popped up one very adorable furry head..........Riley's.......as he answered, "Yes, Mom???????" Soon, Winnie had the situation back under control, as all puppers quickly straightened themselves, shifted feathers and sequins, and made themselves presentable for Mom Winnie's inspection.......Cammster blushed as he handed Miss Ginger Kitty to Winnie Keipat for safe-keeping. She then told the youngsters to get home to bed, NOW !!! Within seconds, the ballroom had cleared, as all puppers raced for Lucy and Bucky's swamp buggy!!!!!!!! As the youngsters left the ballroom, headed to Mam Carol's, they laughingly whispered under their breaths about their bravery in this latest battle royal . No one noticed Winnie Keipat step into Brimley's waiting paws as they swept around the floor in a waltz all their own !!!!!!!!!!!


All pups .....AND their luggage......have left Shreveport. The scotcorde left Shreveport about 10 minutes ago.....taking each scottie, dalmation, or scottie wannabe home. The local media was out in force, to document the actual departure of the now notorious Wild Child Gang. Airport officials, upon loading the plane, couldn't explain the greatly increased volume of luggage that was being taken on the RETURN flight home. They also took precautions to insure the safety of the CREW on this flight, and added a platoon of MARINES to guard the cockpit , as well as patrol the passenger cabin. Apparently this was unnecessary, as the call I received from the pilot reported that within minutes of take-off , ALLLLLLLLL passengers were asleep, curled up in their seats, snoring loudly !!!!!!! A quiet flight home is expected. Mams and Dads, your wee ones will be home shortly ! Please let us know if there are any problems. Katie and Riley want everyone to know that the party was a HUGE success.........and in the words of Katie Wild Child........." the party was WILD, WOOLY, and the hit of the season!!!"
As for MEEEEEE, I'm a MESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End !!!!!!!!!

This story is the exclusive property of Katie and Riley's Mam.....and may not be reproduced in ANY way without the express, written consent of the author!!!! It has been written for the pleasure of our scottie obsessed friends .

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