A BASH doesn't always require pages and pages.

Occasionally, a BASH is just that single moment in time...when the mental image of the events in a scottie's life becomes its own 'short story'.

Such is the case here.

These are 'BASH Glimpses'......
short snippets, mere moments of BASH-ettes!


Everyone at the Beijing Olympics was abuzz at the incredible feats being performed by TEAM WILD CHILD! But it was at the Aquatic Center where the greatest athletic moment seen so far at the Olympics had occurred.

Even before the individual events began, Team Wild Child had been summarily dismissed by the experts as being only a 'small, insignificant' entry, with none of the aggressive, competitive drive needed to perform at the Olympic level.

And it was THIS statement, published in most news services, that had triggered the legendary 'Terrier Tenacity' to reach new, unimaginable heights of beligerent determination.

In venues all over the Olympic Compound, Team Wild Child was performing above and beyond anyone's expectations, wowing the crowds with their fierce competitive spirit, and brilliant athletic ability.

The latest feat of acrobatic genius had just occurred at the Water Cube, which was packed to overflowing with fans from many nations, all cheering for their athletes. The enormous crowd had been rendered speechless by the feat that had just occurred on the 3 meter springboard.

As the diving competitor representing Team Wild Child stepped onto the springboard, the crowd glanced at the rankings posted on the scoreboard at the far end of the huge building. The diver for Team Wild Child was ranked 12th in a 12 diver field, 68.86 points behind the leader. The crowd smiled tolerantly, ready to applaud the diver for having Olympic spirit and the desire to simply compete.

They watched as the Team Wild Child diver took one step forward, then stopped, and acknowledged the judges. After standing perfectly still for several seconds, the WC diver took 3 long strides to the end of the springboard. Paws raised overhead, the WC diver lifted off the board, then returned to the board, only to be catapulted high into the air.

Paws pointed, legs tightly together, the WC diver did a Scottie-inverted 8 1/2 twist, in the pike position, with a triple flip, and 2 mid-air pirouettes... ending in a perfectly vertical entry, the water rippling only slightly as the perfectly pointed rear paws disappeared beneath the surface, leaving no tell-tale splash whatsoever!

The crowd rose to their feet, and the building resonated with the wild cheering for the brave, determined Team Wild Child diver! What brilliance! What courage!!! What skill!!!

Everyone quieted, as they all stared at the scoreboard, awaiting the judges marks for the incredible dive....

4256.12 !!!!

A truly HISTORIC Olympic moment!!!

Team Wild Child had just won GOLD in the 3 meter Springboard!!!

Terrier Tenacity had come to the Olympics!!

Team WILD CHILD continues to awe the crowds here at the Olympic Games!

Today's entry at the Rhythmic Gymnastics venue was breath-taking!

Heidi DelliCarpini took the Ribbon event to a new level this morning, as she performed flawlessly, twirling and fluttering the ribbon with effortless ease.

Spurred on by brother Billy's wild encouragement, Heidi earned perfect 10's across the board from the incredulous panel of judges!

Team WILD CHILD seems to have found their motivation... we'll definitely keep an eye on their progress!

Team WILD CHILD definitely brought the crowd to its feet this morning at the Gymnastics venue. Performing spectacular feats on the balance beam, Agnes Donnelly moved on to the floor exercises, where her Scottie Shuffle drew ohhhhhhhhh's and ahhhhhhhh's from the amazed spectators.

But it was at the uneven parallel bars where Agnes' skill LITERALLY reached new heights.

Her routine was breath-taking as she flipped, twirled, and twisted over, through, and around the bars. The release move, near the end of her program, drew gasps from the crowd at its sheer beauty.

Gaining speed as she twice flipped around the bar, Agnes catapulted herself 8 feet into the air, performed a 3 1/2 twist, added a triple flip, and returned to the bar, to perform a paw-stand with spectacular ease... her ears and tail never leaving their perfectly vertical alignment!

The judges' scores reflected her brilliant performance, as she earned yet ANOTHER Gold Medal for Team WILD CHILD!!

Team WILD CHILD is making history at these Games..... and we'll keep you posted on their latest exploits!

The crowd at the Beach Volleyball venue was brought to its feet this morning, as Team Wild Child put on a spectacular demonstration of sand scurrying and shuffling. The Gold medal match was tied at 1 set each, with both teams scrambling for the digs.

But it was Bailey Doud's block at the net that drew gasps from the spectators. Leaping skyward, Bailey's paws seemed to arrive just in the knick of time, blocking Team PUHDUL's play and powering the ball over the net and into the sand between the opponent's paws, to win Match Point!

Team WILD CHILD has garnered yet another Gold medal!!

History was made today out at the Rowing Venue!!

Team Wild Child , widely regarded as an underdog in the Rowing 8's,  had not been expected to finish in the medals.  Experts had been quick to point out that the Terriers simply did not have the stature and leg needed to power through 2000m of rowing.

But what we witnessed today was nothing short of miraculous! Granted, being 'height-challenged' did result in Team Wild Child sitting lower in the boat, with only heads and ears visible above the boat rail, but the length of leg had NOTHING to do with the sheer POWER they displayed down the course!

As the horn sounded to begin the race, Team Wild Child was right in the mix, rowing madly to gain momentum. The power in those small bodies became immediately apparent as the Team Wild Child boat seemed to LEAP ahead of the other teams, quickly gaining a full boat length on the field!!!

Watching the race progress, Team Wild Child was a picture of Terrier Tenacity, their small bodies pulling back on the oars with fierce determination. The expressions on the faces of Team Wild Child were intense...  huge, sparkling canines clearly visible, as they continued to extend their lead on the field.

The crowd erupted in wild cheering as Team Wild Child's boat seemed to literally fly across the Finish Line, reaching the unimaginable speed of 58.4 miles per hour just as the horn acknowledged their 1st place win.

Another Gold Medal.... at an incredible speed... from the team that everyone had dismissed as not being a 'world class team'!

Team Wild Child has added ANOTHER historic first into these Olympics!!!

Team Wild Child continues to mesmerize the Olympic crowds! Today's Balance Beam competition was NOT expected to be a strong event for the short, square Terriers. Experts had described them as being too BULKY for Gymnastics.

But, no one told Team Wild Child that they lacked the "perky puhdul physique" of a Gymnast... or perhaps someone DID relay this insult to the Scotties, for surely, Team Wild Child was on a MISSION tonight in the Sports Center!!

Team Wild Child's gymnast was last to take to the balance beam, and, as you can see from the time-delay photograph, performed a spectacularly flawless routine.

Once again, crowds were brought to their feet as Team Wild Child celebrated gleefully at their unexpected Gold Medal.

Team Wild Child is beginning to attract a LOT of attention here at the Olympics. We'll definitely keep our eye on these tenacious athletes!

The experts, again, said that the matchup of these two teams for the Soccer Gold Medal would be 'no contest'. Critics seemed determined to dismiss Team Wild Child. Yet, once again, the wee Terriers were vying for the Gold Medal.

Team Wild Child definitely brought their "A" game tonight... their 4-paw-work was incredible, as they forced the game into overtime.

With less than a minute left in the first overtime, Team Wild Child began a full press, worked the ball to the far side, then with a double-paw shot, drove the ball between 4 defenders, straight for the far post.... to SCORE the winning goal!!!

Team Wild Child, now the 'darlings' of these Olympics... has done it again!!!

Team Wild Child --- Soccer Gold Medalists!!!!!!!!!

The Weightlifting fans were treated to a special show today, during the Gold Medal round.

Team PUHDUL's Fred Fu-Fu had achieved a personal best at 12 ounces, which quickly became the score to beat.

Team Beagle easily bested that lift, reaching 1.5 pounds, but was disqualified when he began barking excitedly before finishing the lift.

And then, Team Wild Child's weightlifter took the podium. After dusting his paws with resin, 'The DUKE' Wilson confidently stepped toward the barbell that lay quietly in the center of the podium. He looked at the weights on each end, and shook his head noooooooo!!

Waving a paw, he called for the judges to add weights... then waved them on to add yet MORE weights to the bar. The crowd quieted, staring intently at this very confident Scottie who was passing on the lesser weights that would have guaranteed Team Wild Child an easy Gold Medal.

FINALLY, 'The DUKE' raised a paw... he was satisfied with the weight. Waving them away, he stepped up to the bar, stared down at it, then calmly reached down and wrapped his fore-paws around the bar.

With a fierce ARRROOOOOOOOO, in one fluid motion, 'The DUKE' SNATCHED the heavily weighted bar overhead, braced his rear legs, locked his fore-elbows, and stared confidently at the judges.

The spectators began cheering wildly!!!
A new WORLD RECORD....... 4654.12 pounds!!!

Team Wild Child has earned yet ANOTHER Gold Medal!!!

The final event of these Olympic Games, the Marathon, came down to the final lap inside the stadium today.

After a 26 mile run in the summer heat, the overflow crowd in the stadium was brought to its feet as the frontrunners entered the stadium and began one final lap around the track.

Wild cheering erupted as the four distance runners continued to exchange leads around the final turn. Each step showed the total exhaustion of the athletes as they labored toward the finish line.

With less than 50 meters remaining, Team Wild Child's runner burst into the lead, and after a quick glimpse of sparkling white canines, simply refused to be passed!!

And with a final lunge, the last Gold Medal of these Olympics was won by Team WILD CHILD!

We're PROUD of you, Team Wild Child!!!
Champions, ALL!!!

With a new BASH approaching, excitement was high among the Scotties and their fur friends!!

The attendees had been given specific instructions in order to attend the upcoming BASH ...

  • Lads would be required to have 'formal wear'... tuxes, Highland dress, or dinner jackets.
  • Lasses, being absolutely GIDDY over the dress code, would need formal evening dresses.
  • ALLL BASH attendees would need to get a PAWSport prior to the beginning of the BASH.

Never one to put tasks off until the last moment, Tana Lawrence took matters into her own wee paws. She quickly located  the PAWSport office nearest to her Little Bit Farm. Then, tucking her precious coins into her pocket, she walked off down the road.

Her first experience with bureaucratic paperwork fazed her not at all. She stepped boldly up to the counter, presented her paperwork, and told the clerk that she needed a PAWSport.... NOW!!!

The legendary Scottie "LOOK" apparently came into play about this time, because we understand Tana went through the process in record time!

"A PAWSport grasped firmly in her young paw, TANA is ready for her first BASH adventure!!


Pupperazzi photographers snapped this photo of the Tucker Boyz outside the Pawsport Office, after getting their paw-perwork in order for the upcoming adventure. They certainly appear to be celebrating fast-approaching BASH!!


Alex Mathisen was spotted emerging from the Pawsport offices in Royken, Norway! He happily popped his pawsport open, to show pupperazi photogs his 4-Star Pawsport rating!!! Way to go, Alex!!!!

Riley found himself on the receiving end of a grooming Sunday. This always results in a couple of days of discomfort for Riley....fur out of place, tags tickling where fur ONCE was... so he complained to his scottie pals on the 'list'.

He decided that being called "whistle bait" by his Mam would be helpful in his search for a scottie girlfriend. One thing led to another...suddenly he had Karey and Darby Lawrence, Baby, and Megan Daisy MacTavish Wilson all vying for his attentions.

Now, girls are, by nature, live-on-the-edge creatures, and DO love a little spice and vinegar in their world. These scottie girls began 'discussing' the issue.... and that's when EMMITT BAD BOY joined the fray..... errrrrr, party!

Emmitt pulled up a lawn chair, got his popcorn, propped his paws up, and began stirring the pot, egging the girls on... all the while, sitting there in his comfy lawn chair, his iced drink in his paw, enjoying the entertainment!

NOW.......girls being creatures that do NOT enjoy being manipulated in any way, shape, or form... decided to put ALLLLLLLLL disagreements aside, and provide Emmitt Bad Boy with a little PAYBACK!!

These scotties are the very best of friends....but being scotties, they do NOT know the meaning of 'self-control', 'restraint', or 'subtlety'!!

Let me just say that these scottie lasses had a GRAND time in Florida, helping Emmitt become more in tune to his FEMININE SIDE!!!!!

And, an UPDATE on the goings-on with Emmitt's newly designed FASHION style!! It seems that word of his rather unorthodox style has reached Hollywood, as well as the fashion houses of New York!

Our Emmitt has become quite in demand!! We understand that Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and dozens of other human hunks are in constant contact with our dear Emmitt....and that his phone is ringing off the wall as he fields requests for design consultation..... for hula skirts and cornrows!!!

Way to GO, EMMITT!!!!!!!

Katie's obsessed with tennis balls.... totally crazy about them!

We received an email....well, actually KATIE received the email. It suggested that she should go to Wimbledon and take care of her tennis ball fetish THERE!

I had a sudden vision of the catastrophe.... the international incident that she would undoubtedly generate... and shared my mental image of the impact Katie's presence would have at Wimbledon.

*shiver, cringe*

A nightmarish mental image rears its furry head:

The #1 and #2 seeded tennis players in the world are standing toe-to-toe across the net, ready to face off at Wimbledon. The world watches with bated breath... television stations around the world are tuned into this gala event. Everyone who's ANYONE is in attendance.... all eyes are on........

The scottie who's standing poised and tense at the edge of the net, legs braced, body trembling at the mere THOUGHT of the chase to come...

Roger Federer serves the ball, a blistering line drive intended to catch his opponent off-guard. The huge crowd gasps as they watch the would-be ace serve... as it is expertly intercepted by the furry jaws of the short-legged scottie Lass who is seen streaking across the court, her head held high, the yellow orphan grasped firmly in those Wild Child jaws.

The play is halted as both tennis players, as well as the 6 ball boys, the line judge, and 3 security guards all try in vain to corner the excited and overjoyed scottie. She stands braced, her furry tush in the air, her front end down close to the ground. The group tries to corner her...and watches her race between legs and around bodies, weaving and dodging..... a huge smile on her face!!!

NAH.......... I don't think Wimbledon is ready for the Wild Child!!!!

WELL....... this "mental moment" triggered Karen Donnelly's creative juices. So, we can all enjoy Katie's arrival at Wimbledon!!!

Scary thought, HUH!!!

This ORIGINAL story has been created and written by Carol Johnson .
Original artwork is the exclusive property of artist, Karen Donnelly.
This is NOT to be reproduced in ANY way
without the EXPRESS written consent of the author !!!

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