Chapter 7
Island - Friend or Foe?

The Aberdeen Star had been blown onto the rocks of an uncharted island during what would later be described as the worst Caribbean storm of the century. The sleek yacht's bow was mired deeply in the sandy beach, surrounded by the jagged rocks that had ripped a huge gaping hole in the sloop.

The Scotties and their friends stood on the sandy beach, staring at the crippled Aberdeen Star. Katie WC scrambled to the top of a nearby rock and called for attention.

"Okay...... so now we go to 'PLAN B'," she proclaimed, smiling broadly. "Looks like we'll get to try our paws at a Scottie version of 'Gilligan's Island'! OKAY, who knows how to rub two sticks together to make a FIRE!?!?!"

McKenzie Sue Barfield clapped gleefully... "OHHHHHHHH, can I be GINGER??? I wanna wear those shiny dresses!" Only those standing close to McKenzie Sue noticed the playful gleam in her eye.

Heidi Delli Carpini stepped to the front of the BASH group and suggested,"We can get all of the supplies out of the Aberdeen Star. That'll give us a head start on our little CAMP-OUT adventure!"

Kenzie Clarkson, Hoagy Devine, Sammy Jo Bush, Alexander Bradberry, Chak de Mitey, Lucy Smith, Duffy Tracey, Baby Ruth Donnelly, Bella Gilmore, Malleagh Reyner, Henry Stewart, Simon Zale, Lexi Ann Flax, Sam E Williamson, and Murphy Beach immediately joined the 'Scavenger Hunt' and the group was soon busy scouring the yacht for anything that would make the BASH adventurers' situation more comfortable.

Murphy and Hoagy made a bee-line for the kitchen, determined to eliminate any danger of STARVATION. Lexi Ann and Baby Ruth gathered up blankets and pillows, to provide comfortable bedding. The scavenger group soon had a mountainous pile of equipment, materials, and supplies stacked up on the beach.

Liam King had been gathering up any technology that would help. As he moved through the PilotHouse, he saw a note taped to the wheel. Peeling the note off the huge wooden wheel, he read it.... ran to the railing, waved the note over his head, and shouted, "They left us a NOTE!!!"

Everyone crowded around as Liam read the note from the Captain.

"We regret that we were forced to leave you so unceremoniously. We HAVE taken the rowboat. However, we WILL see that you're rescued as SOON as is humanly possible.... Signed: Frade E. Katt"

"WHY........those sorry COWARDS!!!" the Scotties grumbled, their teeth bared.

"Okay," Riley said. "We can DO THIS!!! Let's get this pile of supplies up the hill." Pointing to a tall grassy mound above the beach, he continued, "That'll give us a clear view of the ocean, and will allow us to make a really great signal fire. It'll also be much safer up there. We won't have to worry about the sand crabs and jelly fish that are down here. PLUS, it'll give us a chance to enjoy our GILLIGAN'S ISLAND get-away!!! THIS is going to be FUN!!!!!!!!"

The Guardian Brigade smiled. This WOULD be much better!! Building campfires, lean-to's, gathering wood for the signal fire.... their Terriers would be kept VERY busy now... and would tire them out!!! THIS would turn out to be VERY convenient.

Everyone was smiling and chatting as the BASH gang gathered their supplies and headed up the steep hill. The Terriers were anticipating a wonderful, fun-filled camp-out. The Guardians were pleased that the Terriers could be directed toward activities that would wear them out, would NOT result in chaos, and would allow the Guardians to enjoy a leisurely, relaxing camping trip.

YEP, this might just work out NICELY!!!!!!

Chapter 8
"Lil Bit" and "Big 'Un"

The Scotties and their friends made short work of moving the mountainous pile of supplies up the hill to their chosen camp site... "short work" being an inappropriate term for some, as the Guardians were hard-pressed to drag the huge pile uphill on the torn sail, as the Terriers stood along side them, shouting 'encouragement'!

The work began in earnest when the exhausted Guardians and the heavily loaded sail finally reached the hilltop. Collapsing in the lush, green grass, the Guardians announced that it was now up to the Terriers to bring the camp up to BASH standards.

Everyone dove into organizing the camp. Duffy Barfield, Fala Devine, Campbell Donnelly, Bella Gilmore, and Gracie Lou Graves quickly ripped the enormous sail into smaller 'tent-sized' remnants and began designing Terrier Tents for the group.

Sherman Sheets, Miss Sassy Williamson, Heather Tracey, Clio van Dulken, Gingerina Velez, Baby Oscar Zale, and Reagan Wion volunteered to begin the enormous signal fire, and soon were busy clearing the vegetation and undergrowth from a large space in the middle of the camp.

Molly Reyner, Brody Meadows, Sherman Mathisen, Duncan Lyons, Abbie, Maddie, Maggie Mac and Katie, Noots, Darby Yeager, Dughul Wilson, Lyndi King, and Missy were assigned the task of rounding up wood for the planned signal.

Jubilee lifted her head from the lush grass and looked at the Terriers scurrying around the camp, that was quickly being transformed into a 5-star outdoor retreat! Doing a quick 'furhead' count, she realized that there were quite a few Terriers unaccounted for. Sitting up, she turned to Sadie, Jack, Haley, and Keisha.

"We have some Terriers missing from the Camp Crew," she instructed. "They're probably on 'wood detail' or have gone back to the yacht for more supplies. We need to find them. Split up and locate these wee ones, and report back."

Handing each pair a "paw-ky talk-y", the teams headed out, one team toward the wide grasslands beyond the nearby trees, and the other back down to the beach.

"We need to spread out, guys," Jubilee said to the other Guardians who were just now getting their wind back from the exhausting trek up the hill. "Spread out around the camp, form a perimeter. You can continue to rest, but be sure you're watching OUTSIDE the perimeter. We don't know what is OUT there!"

The Guardian Brigade agreed, then stood and after some vigorous shakes to clear the cobwebs, the large, faithful Guardians spread out around the camp, found comfortable positions from which they could watch the camp as well as the unknown areas beyond the trees.

Haley and Keisha had just reached the tree line when they heard the shouts, followed by the sound of thundering paws moving quickly through the trees, back toward the camp. The Guardians immediately braced for action, prepared to provide defense and protection for the returning Terriers.

Darby Yeager and Noots were the first to emerge, eyes wide and breathing heavily. They skidded to a stop in front of Haley as both began talking at once. Almost immediately, the rest of the Wood Patrol emerged from the trees, talking excitedly as they ran.

"You gotta SEEEEEEEEEEE!" Noots exclaimed breathlessly.

"Ohhhhhh, you're NOT gonna believe THIS! COME LOOK!!!!!!!!" Darby shouted, as she began tugging on Haley's paw impatiently.

"Ya know what they called us???? They called us "BIG 'UNS"!!! They said we were BIG!" Brody Meadows said proudly, his head held high. "But they didn't MEAN IT, cuz they were LAUGHING when they SAID IT! So we called THEM "Lil Bit"!!!

"YEAH, they were NICE! And very PATIENT! They didn't mind at ALL when we asked 'em to help us break up those fallen trees. They were really nice to step on 'em and break 'em into those itty bitty pieces!!!" Noots informed the two wide-eyed Guardians.

Keisha interrupted the Terriers. "WHO is 'Lil Bit'? WHERE did you MEET these people? What are you doing talking to STRANGERS?"

"OHHHHHHH, they're not people!" Sherman volunteered. "They're....... well, they're snakes? Noooo, they're..... LIZARDS! YEAH, they're LIZARDS!!"

Haley and Keisha exchanged questioning looks. "You had lizards helping you breaking TREES into firewood?"

"YEAHHHHHHH!!!! And ya gotta come SEEE!! NOWWWWWWWW, before they get across that wide field beyond these trees!! HURRY!"

Haley and Keisha agreed to follow the Wood Patrol back through the trees, if only to silence the terriers' insistent, determined tugging and pushing.

"We're ALMOST THERE! Just beyond these last trees!" Lyndi encouraged. "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!! Right THERE!!"

Haley stared in awe at the enormous creatures casually moving across the wide, grassy meadow. She bumped into Keisha, who had stopped and was staring in amazement.

"WHOOOOOOO?? WHAAAAA.......?" Keisha asked, dumbfounded.

"They're a herd of "LIL BIT's", well, actually, they're Brachiosauruses," Dughul volunteered knowingly. "And they're NICE!!!"

Before either Keisha or Haley could stop them, the Terriers raced out across the meadow, before skidding to a stop near the feet of one gigantic creature, who was nibbling the tender green leaves from a branch at the very top of a tall tree.

The Guardians watched in amazement as the Scotties began chatting happily with the enormous dinosaurs.

"Well, we must go, "Big 'Uns", but we'll be nearby if you should need us. Just watch out for the Snarlies. They're MOST unfriendly, and will most likely consider you a nice, tasty MORSEL!"

With a wave of their long necks, the Braciosauruses ambled off toward the far end of the meadow, then disappeared among the trees on the other side.

Hearing the warning about "Snarlies" in the area, Haley and Keisha immediately began rounding up their excited Terriers, and proceeded to herd them back toward camp.

"OHHHHH, this is gonna be SUCH FUN! We've got HUGE friends!" Noots bragged excitedly.

"DIDJA see the SIZE of their feet!?!?!" Abbie asked. Holding her wee paw out, she shook her head in wonder.

"WHEEEEEEEE! What FUN this camping trip is gonna be!!!" Maggie Mac proclaimed.

The Wood Patrol chatted excitedly as they trotted back toward camp, eager to share their adventure with the other BASH terriers.

Haley and Keisha followed along behind... a tenseness in their steps. Keisha's hackles were up and she kept glancing around behind her as they exited the thick, green forest and moved into the camp clearing.

"I know, I know......" Haley said without Keisha saying a word. "We're not alone........"

Reaching camp, the Terriers excitedly began to share their tale with their friends, who were wide-eyed in wonder as they listened to the terriers' tale.

The Scotties and their friends did not notice Haley and Keisha call the Guardians together. The terriers were too busy enjoying the story to notice the Guardians suddenly move to full alert ... to see the large dogs bristling, pulling themselves to their full height, facing the nearby trees.

The BASH terriers didn't see the Guardian Brigade spread out around the camp, facing the tree line.

The Scotties didn't notice the lips of the Guardians, curled in warning...

They didn't hear the Guardians' growls, low in their throats....

The BASH Terriers were not alone.........

Chapter 9
Things That Go Grrrrrrrr...

Duncan Lyons sensed the change. He stood quickly, glanced around the camp, then lifted his muzzle into the breeze. Something wasn't 'right'. He spotted the Guardians, and began to watch closely. He tensed as the Guardian Brigade's entire attitude transformed before his eyes. They suddenly began to move toward the camp perimeter, where they spread out in a long line, placing their bodies between the Terriers and whatever lay beyond.

Duncan stiffened as he watched the Guardians' demeanor change from pleasant, casual protectors... to intense, dangerous, and lethal warriors, their attention turned toward the trees just beyond the clearing.

Turning to Robbie McGillivray, Scarlett Barfield, Polly Riches, Mochreigh Reyner, Bo'sun bin Laden, Gingerina Velez, Geordie Tracey, and D'Arcy Meadows, who were chatting around the campfire, Duncan urged, "Hey... something's wrong! Look at the Brigade!"

The group looked up from their discussion and began to scan the camp for Guardians.They finally spotted their Guardian Brigade at the edge of camp, stiff-legged and braced, hackles up. As one, the group of Terriers rose to their feet, gave their bodies a quick shake to smooth out ruffled furnishings, then moved excitedly toward the edge of camp.

"OHHHHH, good!" Bo'sun said. "EXCITEMENT!! Looks like we're gonna have a 'RUMBLE'! WONDER who the 'OTHER GUY' is?!?!"

No one in the group disagreed, as their Terrier nature was ALWAYS ready for a good show-down! They hurried to the edge of camp, where they found Jubilee making final preparations.

"What's up? Who're we LOOKING for?" Mochreigh asked eagerly.

Jubilee looked at the excited Terriers, and knew better than to send them back to the safety of the campfire. She saw the glint in their fierce gazes, she saw the lips curled ever-so-slightly, and heard their breathing escape noisily through clenched teeth. No, these were not ones to be sent off to some obscure corner, to cringe in fear until the danger had passed.

Jubilee suddenly tilted her head, then as if coming to a sudden realization, she quickly told the Terriers to round up the entire BASH gang. They needed a meeting..... NOW!

Robbie, Polly, Gingerina, and D'Arcy raced off and within minutes had returned with the entire Terrier group. The Scotties and their friends crowded around Jubilee, their ears perked, their curiosity aroused.

Jubilee cleared her throat as she gazed out at the assembled Terriers and their friends. "We have reason to believe that as the Wood Patrol returned to camp, they attracted the attention of one of the island residents, who may have followed them back to our location. We don't know who, we don't know if they, indeed, are even out there."

Jubilee paused, took one deep breath, then continued. "We need to know exactly WHAT we're dealing with here. We must know WHO is out there... and as much as I dislike doing this.... we need your help! The Guardians simply have been on TOOO many BASH adventures to even CONTEMPLATE the notion that all of you will simply sit quietly here around the campfire while we go take care of the unknown danger."

The BASH terriers immediately erupted...

"Sitting around like PUHDULS?? Not LIKELY!"

"Doooooo NOTHING???? A Terrier???!!"

"Ya want a Scottie to simply be a SPECTATOR?? Are you NUTS?!?!"

"LEMME at 'EM!!!"

"Bring 'em ONNNNNN!!!"


Jubilee turned to the Guardians standing beside her and raised her paws in an "I told ya so" gesture. She turned back to the Terriers and smiled.

"Yeah, Yeah... that's what we figured!" Jubilee added. "So, we're going to let you help us with some reconnaissance. We'll send small groups out... but just to the edge of the tree line."

"BUTTTTT," Jake interrupted. "You are NOT to CONFRONT any creatures....AT ALL!! You will QUIETLY observe, you will QUIETLY retreat, and you will SAFELY return to tell US!"

"AWWWWWWWWWW, MANNNNNNNN!!!" Bonnie Meadows grumbled. "THAT'S no fun!!!!!!!"

"Ya want us to SPOT our prey.....then turn and RUN from it!?!?! Have you LOST your MIND!?!" O'Henry Donnelly snapped.

"P~~~~~~~~~~~!!!" spat an "anonymous" and very irate Scottie. "SPOIL SPORT!"

"Where's the SPORT in 'looking & FLEEING'?" Harmony Devine asked. "No sport at ALLLL!"

"PSSSSSSST!!! SHHHHH!" Karey Lawrence whispered loudly. "Leave Jake to me! We'll be okay!"

And with that, the Scotties and their friends quieted down, and were soon divided into small 'recon' teams, each led by a very wary Guardian. Within minutes, the teams had deployed, each group slipping quietly toward the tree line at the far end of the grassy meadow.

Jubilee stayed in constant communication with each group, the static of the paw-ky talkies maintaining constant chatter.

At the far edge of the tree line, Karey, Gyppsy Rose Kitty, Angel(almost), Maggie Sugar, Cassie Parker, Kramer the Bad Boy Bush, and their Guardian, Bear Powers were slipping quietly among the fern-like bushes. Well, not ENTIRELY silent, as Kramer, Angel, Karey, and Cassie were arguing over who would get to use the 'pawky-talky' next!

"ANDDDDDDD, ANOTHER THING," Kramer added with an evil grin, looking back over his shoulder at Karey. "You must be really outa SHAPE..... cuz you're REALLY doing some heavy breathing! LISTEN to that wheezing!!! That's PITIFUL!"

"WHAT?!?!?! That's not MEEEEEEEE! You're HEARING things!" Karey growled, as she parted the fronds of a tall bush with her paws and prepared to step through.

Her GASP drew everyone's attention, as she skidded to a halt, and stared in amazement at the enormous creature standing not 10 feet ahead. Standing perfectly still, Karey turned her muzzle ever so slightly, and spoke quietly out of the corner of her clenched teeth.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh, I think I MAY have just found your WHEEZING sound, Kramer!!! WHO was it we were looking for??? I think......JUST MAYBE..... we might have FOUND our Snarlie!"

Chapter 10

The group of Terriers stood frozen to the spot...staring, wide-eyed!

Very, very slowly, Bear eased the paw-ky talky up to her ear, punched some buttons quietly, then began whispering frantically.

"Get UP HERE....NOW!!! We're nose to nose with Lil Un's SNARLIE! I'll hold the Terriers off as long as I can, but it's going to get REALLY noisy up here any second now! Bring the entire BASH gang... we are going to need a LOT of muscle for THIS battle. HURRY!!!"

Bear slowly lowered the pawky-talky, and again began urging the Terriers to use restraint.

Angel, Maggie, Cassie, Karey, and Kramer had taken several steps forward and had assumed the famous Terrier stance... stiff-legged, feet braced, rear legs stretched out, heads held high, necks arched, ears pricked forward, and tails held well forward, quivering slightly. They were primed and ready for action.

Bear knew she had to keep this group under SOME control, at least until the others arrived. Moving with agonizing slowness, she edged to the front of the group, then told them that reinforcements were on the way.... to hold on!

It was at that moment that the enormous Tyrannosaurus began to move forward, crashing through the underbrush as it moved ever closer. The Terriers could feel the ground shake beneath the huge dinosaur's feet, could smell the stench of death on its breath, and knew that this creature would not easily be deterred.

Bear could hear the growls, deep in the Terriers' throat. Time had run out... the Terriers were about to step up and face this threat, head on. Joining her Terriers, Bear stepped up beside them, as they prepared to make this stand a memorable one.

The Tyrannosaurus lifted his head, issued a bone-chilling roar, then continued its charge toward the wee warriors.

As if on cue, the Terriers' lips curled back, revealing enormous canines. Their snarls grew louder and more threatening... they had no intention of backing down. They'd make their stand right here.... right NOW!

Chapter 11
Click HERE to read CHAPTER 11

This ORIGINAL story has been created and written by Carol Johnson.
ORIGINAL illustrations are done by Karen Donnelly.
They are NOT to be reproduced in ANY way ....PERIOD!!!!

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