Chapter 7


Jubilee and Callie both converged on the small group, glaring at the terriers.

"OOPS?? OKAY, guys....what happened???"

Stokie Poges, Captain Eddie, Sherman, and Emmitt just stood there, trying to look contrite, but having trouble stifling the smirks.

"Well," Sherman began, "it was an accident, really. Bentley Friend and Maggie Reyner were in one of the ferris wheel gondolas, and Bentley saw us down here and hollered down for us to 'turn it UP'! Now, WE didn't want to do anything that wasn't RIGHT, so we just stood here, and shook our heads 'NO'!"

"Yeah," Captain Eddie agreed. "We weren't about to do that, but Clancey Brewer, Jaimie Sugar, and Sera Battson, in the next gondola, told us to 'quit being so squeamish' and to 'TURN IT UP'!! Squeamish.... US!!"

"Now we ASK you," Emmitt added, "would you call us SQUEAMISH?? How were we supposed to react when Agnes Donnelly, Dottie Smith, and Clio van Dulken call us 'girlies' for not 'turning it up'!! But, no ma'am, we stood our ground..... we shook our heads NO!"

The four suspects lifted their chins proudly. Stokie Poges sneaked a look at Sherman and Eddie, to see if Jubilee and Callie were buying this bag of sushi.

Warming to the tale now, Emmitt began to embellish..."when we saw Cassierose and Henry Stewart swinging their gondola wildly, holding their paws high over their heads, we got REALLY worried. We actually were concerned for their SAFETY! THAT was when 'WE' decided to protect them..... to save them... we were looking out for their best INTERESTS! 'WE' quickly moved over to the control panel, with the sole intention of SLOWING the ferris wheel DOWN..... for their own safety! Imagine our SURPRISE when we turned the knob 'lefty loosie' and discovered that it was wired BACKWARDS! The ferris wheel actually LEAPED forward, speeding up until it LOCKED the controls and we were totally HELPLESS to stop it!! We were truly agrieved to find that our efforts had been for NAUGHT!"

Emmitt peeked out from beneath his thick eyebrows, checking on Jubilee's reaction to this woven web of exaggeration. He almost groaned out loud as he saw her roll her eyes heavenward. It wasn't gonna work!! He was just about to admit to himself that, just perhaps, he was losing his touch.... when Alistair Knaub and Bonniedoone walked up, paw in paw.

Alistair stood for a second, watching the ferris wheel speeding around, and listened to the yarn being spun by the four terriers in front of him. A quick look around was all he needed.

"Excuse me," he said as he stepped between Callie and Sherman. Moving to the edge of the control panel, he leaned over, grabbed a thick, black cord in his furry paw, and UNPLUGGED the ferris wheel.

Immediately, the ferris wheel began to slow, taking only seconds to come to a full stop. Jubilee and Callie quickly began emptying the gondolas. The passengers who exited the ferris wheel looked bedraggled and windblown. Eyebrows and beards were plastered back against the scotties' faces. Fur and furnishings were matted and wildly out of place. They had to hold onto the railings as their tried to regain their equilibrium. Many were bleary-eyed, and at least two were in danger of being sick right there on the spot!

And ALL of the ferris wheel riders were looking to the foursome standing at the gate, determined to have their revenge........ until Tosh II skipped off the ride. He raced up to the 'ferris wheel four', his eyes dancing with excitement. Placing his young paws on his hips, he announced loudly, "Okay, that was who's ready to GO AGAIN?!?!?!"

The terriers immediately scattered... the younger adventurers raced BACK to the ferris wheel, to claim their gondola for the NEXT round. The other BASH puppers headed up the midway, ready for FRESH fun!

Chapter 8
A LOT of Bull!

It didn't take long for the terriers to find more excitement, in all shapes and sizes. Diamond Fones, Scooter St. John, Molly Reyner, Cassierose, Connor Bruce and Pagan Marie, Maggie Sugar, Karey Lawrence, Lucy Smith, Robin Baillargeon, Mickie Meghan and Shiloh Quarry, Hamish MacBeth, Zack Burks, Razzy Musial, Duncan Lyons, Zoe, Angus and Nessie Brewer, Clio van Dulken, and Trevor Friend had stumbled upon a fun-time bonanza at the far end of the midway, near the livestock pavilion.

A huge, brightly colored tent stood just off the midway's main thoroughfare, and would have gone totally unnoticed... had it not been for the intense NOISE coming from inside the tent!



"Watch OUTTTTTTTTT now!!"

"HOLD ON!!!!!!!!"


The terriers couldn't STAND it..... they HAD to know what was causing the excitement. They were pulled toward the tent as surely as if they'd been led by the leash. Once through the tent opening, everything became crystal clear.

THIS was PERFECT!!! It was MEANT to be experienced by scottish terriers!!!

The interior was completely bare, except for a hay-covered area in the center of the tent, around what looked like a boxing ring. But, it was the contraption in the center of the ring that had the scotties' complete attention....


"All RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!" Scooter, Robin, and Zack said, as they began pushing forward, all of them eager to be the first into the ring with "THE BULL"!!

"Whoa there, short stuff!"

The scotties wheeled around, prepared to challenge an offensive puhdul. Instead, they saw a grizzled old cowboy, leaning against one of the ring's corner braces. His jeans looked as though they'd been around for years. His boots had long since lost the luster of new leather, having taken on the color of the earth over which they trod. A sweat ring lined the brim of his ancient, worn stetson that was cocked back on his head. His face wore the lines of a hard life, a life in the open air, dealing with nature and all its challenges. He was chewing on a short stalk of hay, but when the scotties turned and approached, he pushed himself away from the corner post, and stood with legs braced. He reached back with his hand, and pushed his stetson forward on his head.

"They call me Ole Ben.....Ben Tyrie. What can I do for ya, little 'pokes?" he drawled.

Connor, Karey, and Nessie stepped forward, lifted their chins, and announced, "We're going to ride your bull!"

The old cowboy didn't say a word, but the wrinkles of his face deepened, revealing his humor with the situation.

"Well, now......ya don't SAY! Okay, little 'pokes... you know how to RIDE a bull, do ya???"

The scotties, totally enthralled with this wizened old cowboy, didn't answer, but merely shook their heads 'no'.

The cowboy smiled, and stepped up onto the edge of the ring, and with one fluid movement, swung himself over the ropes, and was standing in the ring.

"Okay, little 'pokes, let's get to it, then! Now, close in here....we've gotta make sure ya know how to HANDLE this ole bull!!" He smiled as he saw the eager faces of the little ones, all hanging on his every word.

"Ya hafta make sure your legs wrap around the barrel of this ole bull. Keep your legs tight, to hang on. You'll have your ridin' hand wrapped into the rigging... and as you terriers are all 'big dogs', I 'spose you will want to use the 'deadmans wrap'. That'll guarantee that it'll take an awful LOT to get ya OFF that ole bull's back. NOW, you're all set to ride.....but you'll want to keep your FREE paw loose so you can keep your balance. Now, be SURE ya don't TOUCH that ole bull with your free paw, but wave the paw overhead, to help ya keep your seat. Well, I reckon that's all ya need to know to ride this ole bull...... ya ready, little 'pokes?"

"YES SIR!!! Let us AT 'im!!!" The terriers were absolutely trembling with anticipation.

The old cowboy hoisted Razzie to the back of "THE bull". The other terriers backed away, they eyes locked on their friend, whose face was grim, his attention focused totally on the horns of the great beast beneath him.

Ole Ben called out, "ya ready, little 'poke?"

A quick nod of Razzie's head was all it took...

Then with a "let 'er RIP!" from Ben, the bull sprang to life!!!

Razzie's eyes widened, and his mouth formed an OOOOOOO.... as he was jerked forward, then backward. His paws began scrambling desperately, trying to maintain his balance. After a mere 4 1/2 seconds, he found himself flying through the air, to land on the softly cushioned floor beneath the bull.

"WAY to GO!!! Good RIDE, Razzie!!" the terriers cheered!

The room then was filled with "me now!", "ME!!ME", as the impatient terriers all crowded forward for their turn.

"Take it easy, little 'pokes! You'll get your turn!" Ben spent the rest of the afternoon giving 'bull-riding lessons'and hoisting each wee terrier onto the back of the great beast. He smiled as he watched their tenacity, their determination to ride the huge animal, even though their wee legs were completely unable to grip such massive power.

The terriers, not wanting to admit defeat, eagerly moved to the back of the line, and waited their turn for a RE-ride.

Passers-by on the midway heard "YEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAA!" and "ARRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOO", and wondered at the fun that was taking place in the brightly colored tent. They would have been totally amazed to see the terriers, waving stetsons over their head, 'fanning' the mechanical bull as they spent the afternoon riding the bull, talking to Ole Ben Tyree, and living out the fantasies of "cowboy wanna-be's" everywhere.

We won't disturb our little John Waynes... we'll leave them to their fun.

NOW..... what'd they do with those SHEEP?????????

Chapter 9

Sheep-Judging -- Scottie Style!

Billy Delli Carpini and Jozie Friend, Rose Battson, Bailey Doud, Bo'sun Howatt, Maggie Nuckles, Heather Sue Devine, Lilly Gilmore, Reilly Nuckles, Murphy Williamson,McGyver, and Lucy Sheets had been VERY busy since their arrival at the fair. They'd herded the "Lawrence sheep flock" the entire length of the midway, then cornered them just outside the livestock pavilion.

Along the way, they'd been joined by other terriers who'd decided that the sheep would provide some thrills and excitement. Mason Bruce and Megan Wilson, Baylor Thrasher, Gingerina Velez, Alexander Bradberry, Annie Musial, Duncan Brewer, Sunny Sieber Quarry, and Bert Williamson eagerly joined the herding expedition.

Jake had been VERY glad that the terriers and their flock of sheep had finally decided to stop. He'd had a lot of trouble keeping up with them, as he'd had to constantly stop and explain what the rucus was about to the many curious security officers they'd raced past.

As Jake reached the "Lawrence flock", he heard the scotties and their friends... making plans.

"Yeah!" Rose said. "Let's enter them in the sheep judging! That sign right there says it begins in an hour. That'd give us PLENTY of time to spif 'em up!"

Bo'sun wondered, "What do we do to prepare for sheep judging? What do we know about sheep beauty contests??"

"Oh, PIDDLE! There's nothing TO IT!" Megan replied. "We just fix them up, give them a 'cool' haircut, put some 'bling' on 'em....and let the JUDGES decide which sheep has the best costume!"

Annie and Duncan began to warm to the idea, although their idea of just HOW to do it varied greatly. Annie wanted a 'Cinderella' theme, while Duncan and Billy were convinced that a 'scottie sheep' just HAD to be powerful and assertive.

"KING KONG!! THAT'S what we'll do!" Billy announced excitedly.

"Ohhhhhh, that's SILLY!" Gingerina retorted. "Who ever heard of a KING KONG sheep!"

Mason put his paws on his hips, stuck his chin out defiantly, squinted his eyes devilishly and came back with, "OH YEAH???"

Reilly rolled his eyes, then joined the fray. "Well, I can sure see how a Cinderella sheep makes a LOT of sense, yessiree!"

The squabble continued to escalate. It was Lucy who finally came up with the PERFECT solution.

"PUHDUL sheep!" she said, a satisfied smile on her face.

The rest of the terriers quickly agreed that it'd be a PERFECT costume for 'their' sheep! They spent the next hour hurriedly preparing their sheep for the beauty contest. All paws were busy, clipping, combing, cutting, dyeing... their sheep were SURE to win the contest!!

The terriers escorted/shoved/forced/pushed the sheep into the sheep arena as the loudspeaker announced that the sheep judging would now begin.

"What's WRONG with these silly sheep??" Baylor asked. "You'd think they didn't WANT to be here!!!"

"Beats me," Billy replied. "Maybe they just don't want to outshine the OTHER sheep. Maybe they don't want to make the others feel inferior!"

The "Lawrence flock" was, indeed, balking. They had their hooves dug in and had to be DRAGGED into the judging arena. No self-respecting sheep would be caught DEAD appearing in mixed-flocks looking like .......THIS!!!

They saw the other sheep staring and pointing... snickering and laughing.... and heard the whispers, "Girlie sheep!", "PUHDUL pom-poms", and "Show-off SheepOODLES"!

The "Lawrence flock" was absolutely MORTIFIED!!! Here they stood, in broad daylight, in the middle of a state fair livestock arena, at one of the MOST important sheep judging events of the YEAR.... and this is how they're presented for the judges?????

A SCOTTIE was standing behind them, a large can of hair-spray held in her paw, SPRAYING the red and orange pom-poms on their COIFFURED tushies!! They shook their wooly heads in shame. The INDIGNITY of it ALL!!!!

And got worse!! The judges walked up, expecting to evaluate.....well, normal SHEEP! Instead, they saw a circus! Scotties were scurring around, fluffing, combing, and tying bows on multi-colored sheep!!! The air around the sheep was literally a cloud of hair-spray, as one scottie continued a non-stop barrage with the can of spray held firmly between furry paws.

The judge opened his mouth to speak, then clapped it shut again. He just didn't know WHAT to say! Never, in his 34 years of judging, had he EVER seen a sight such as THIS! And if he didn't KNOW better, he'd SWEAR the other sheep were snickering behind their hooves!

Deciding it was a good day to do a good deed, he merely nodded to the smiling scotties as he walked around the obviously humiliated sheep. He made a show of inspecting the sheep, then nodded again, and walked off to the judges' table, where he scribbled quickly into his logbook.

Turning around to the assembled crowd, he announced his 'blue ribbon champion', the 'reserve champion', and then, after a LONG pause, he added, "and for Most obvious use of spray and color in wool, the ribbon goes to the 'Lawrence flock'!"

The scotties broke into loud cheers and arroooooooo's, slapping each other on the back, and congratulating themselves for their brilliant sheep-styling technique.

"Boy, we're GOOD!" Lilly announced proudly. "Now, Jake, aren't ya glad ya came with us??"

Jake shook his head in disbelief. No one would ever believe this. How was he to explain THIS to Kathie? Then, looking around at the sheep, the crowd, and the OTHER herding dogs, he wondered how he'd EVER be able to show his face at a herding event again!!

He thought to himself, "hmmmmmm, I've heard of COMBAT pay. Wonder if there's BASH Guardian pay??? We SURE earn our kibble on these adventures."

And with that, he began herding the scotties and the embarrassed sheep out of the arena, determined to turn the first water hydrant he could find into a SHEEP SHOWER!

"Yep, I'm gonna have to suggest BASH Guardian pay!!"

Chapter 10

Gyppsy Rose Kitty, Jordan the collie Guardian, and Charlie the scottie cart boy, had been wandering the midway for what seemed like HOURS.... looking for a mouse or SOMETHING with 'kitty snack' written on it! They'd seen foods that a scottie would drool over...well, that wouldn't be hard, they'd drool over ANYTHING that didn't eat THEM first.... but nothing that stirred Gyppsy's kitty juices.

Mandi Reyner, Chevy, Alex, and Miss Sassy Williamson had just finished watching the Vegetable Magic-Slice demonstration for the fifth time, when they saw their friends walk by. They had happily joined the small group in their search for kitty snacks.

The group had wandered farther down the midway, inspecting each food tent they encountered, but nothing seemed to interest Miss Gyppsy Rose Kitty's taste buds.

The sound of huge, powerful engines nearby drew their attention. The group entered the blue striped tent, to find Stewart Almandinger, Aggie Bruce and Laddie Ziegler, Margie Mae Velez, Sofy Bradberry, and Clio van Dulken crowded around an enormous plaid "Just Don'tThinkSo" tractor. The salesman was reciting a long list of virtues that made THIS tractor the best on the market.

"It's wheel-base is 85 feet, it has a pulling capacity of 197 tons, and carries an engine with 3,594 horsepower. It, frankly, outworks any other tractor on the market. And no scottie should be without one."

Turning quickly, the smooth-talking salesman pointed a bejeweled finger toward Mandi Reyner, saying, "YOU, young lady, need a "J D" tractor in your life!!! Step right UP here and let me put the WORLD in your paws!!"

With one swoop, he lifted Mandi up and placed her gently in the center of the enormous tractor seat. Her short legs didn't even hang over the EDGE of the seat, she couldn't REACH the monstrous ignition switch, much less wrap her paws around the gear shift! She could only SIT there, trying to peer beneath the huge steering wheel.

Chevy quickly climbed aboard the huge tractor, and leaped onto the edge of the steering wheel. He was very careful to balance his rear paws on the bottom of the steering wheel, using his front paws to hold onto the top of the wheel.

"Okay, I'm ready!" he announced, a proud smile on his face. "Just don't expect to turn too QUICKLY, as it'll take me a minute to step around the wheel to get it to TURN!"

Warming to this new challenge, the rest of the group quickly "took their positions" on the huge tractor. Stewart sat down on the floorboard, near the clutch, and propped both rear paws on the gigantic pedal.

"Just holler when ya want to change gears, I'll be ready!!" he said, as he propped himself comfortably against the nearby wheelwell.

Aggie and Laddie quickly took charge of the accelerator and brake, deciding to share those responsibilities. Within minutes, all systems had been claimed for 'terrier duty'. There had been a minor skirmish over who got custody of the HORN, but Charlie and Sassy decided to SHARE those duties.

The smooth-talking salesman stood open-mouthed as he saw his beloved plaid "Just Don'tThinkSo" tractor literally covered in furry beasts. He was just about to tell them to GET OFF his expensive machine, when, from the middle of the pile of fur popped one furry paw.....HOLDING a CREDIT CARD!

"Ohhhhh, well then, little lady. It seems you're going to get to test drive this monster tractor AFTER ALL!!"

With one smooth motion, the salesman reached up, and turned the platinum ignition key. The powerful engine sprang to life, causing the very ground beneath their feet to vibrate.

"WOW!!! Listen to that RUMBLE!" Laddie marveled. "Step on the GAS, Aggie! Let's see what she'll DO!"

Aggie immediately leaned into the accelerator, pushing with all her might.

The startled terriers suddenly found themselves in motion. They grabbed desperately to anything they could reach, as the tractor leaped forward, gaining speed with every second.

"TURN IT, CHEVY, TURN IT!" Gyppsy Rose Kitty screamed. "We're heading straight for the.... ohhhhh, well..... never mind, it's toast NOW!"

Margie Mae gasped. "We're going to....EEK!!! We just took out the main tent pole! We're dragging the entire tent behind us, Chevy!! MANDI, DO SOMETHING!"

Mandi swung around. "What do you MEAN, 'DO SOMETHING'?? I can't SEE anything...I can't REACH anything, yeah, I can SURELY fix this problem, now CAN'T I!!!?"

The tractor continued onward, taking out food booths, exhibit tents, several park benches that'd miraculously emptied in the nick of time, and at least 1 security golf cart... as Chevy desperately tried to master the steering wheel. Sassy had climbed to the top of the tractor, and was acting as the 'eyes' of the tractor troupe.

"LEFT, Chevy, take two steps LEFT on the wheel. That's perfect.. RIGHT, RIGHT... three, no, four steps to the right! Hold it right there," Sassy instructed, as she guided the tractor between the roller coaster and the Himalaya.

Mandi leaned down. "Aggie, get OFF the accelerator...get OFF it!!"

The tractor reacted instantly, slowing to a stop on top of a caramel apple stand. The tractor troupe peered over the sides of the huge, plaid tractor.

"SORRY!" they called to the shocked caramel apple vendor, who was scrambling out from beneath the debris that USED to be his booth. He shook his fist angrily at the terriers, then bent to the task of retrieving his supply of apples.

Mandi and the terriers looked around the midway at the path of destruction they'd left behind them as the tractor had plowed its way through the fairgrounds.

They had begun discussing how to solve this new problem when they heard the whistling. Looking around, they saw Riley, Dughul, Bart, and Callie racing toward them.

Riley slid to a stop near the massive rear tire of the tractor, and stared up in wonder. "Where'd y'all get THIS thing?" he asked. "Never mind, we can use it!!! The gang and I have a PLAN! We need y'all to come help us with a SMALL MATTER!"

"Sure! No problem!" Sassy proclaimed proudly. Within minutes, they had the tractor on the move again, this time with Riley sitting atop the tractor, guiding them ever closer to the prize. The fact that four more food booths had been reduced to kindling, along with the nearby pinball game,was only a minor glitch.

No one was surprised when Riley had them pull to a stop next to the Cinnamon Roll trailer. It took only a couple of minutes to maneuver the tractor around, then back up to the trailer.

It DID bring some surprised looks from the baker inside the trailer when the tractor drove away, pulling the cinnamon roll trailer along behind it!!!

Callie, Dughul, Bartholomew, and Riley cheered wildly at their success. Seeing the crowd chasing along behind them, Riley suggested that the group might want to head for the gate.

"You know, it might be a good time for us to call it a day!" Riley announced, as he glanced at the total devastation left behind them on the midway. There was not one booth or tent left standing. Several of the rides were tilted precariously, teetering in the wind, and the police seemed to be gathering at the far end of the midway.

"OOPS! Time to LEAVE!!!" Callie announced as she noticed the approaching crowd.

Aggie leaned into the accelerator, and Chevy began dancing back and forth on the steering wheel, following both Sassy's and Riley's instructions.

The huge, plaid tractor raced away from the State Fairgrounds, headed down Hearne Avenue, loaded to overflowing with furry accomplices, dragging an enormous blue-striped tent, and pulling one cinnamon roll trailer.....with one VERY shocked baker inside!!!

Nothing to worry about, I'm SURE!!!

Chapter 11
The Getaway!

Cellphones are amazing things!!

There they were, speeding down the four-lane boulevard, dragging a careening trailer behind them... and they were on their CELLPHONES!! Well, actually, they were calling their OTHER terrier friends back at the FAIRGROUNDS. It WOULDN'T be very polite to leave that much chaos behind them.....and not warn the other half of the terriers that THEY would now become the prime suspects!!!

Nope, that wouldn't be polite at ALL!!

Katie wasn't shocked at all, when she heard Riley's voice on the cellphone, although it WAS hard to understand all of the conversation with the loud rumbling in the background.

She DID hear 'get to the plane', and from the top of the ferris wheel, she WAS able to look down now and SEE what destruction the tractor team had left behind.

It only took her a few moments to round up the rest of the BASH gang, and they quickly exited the fairgrounds through the livestock entrance, behind the colliseum, although it DID require 7 taxis and one city bus to get them all aboard.

They arrived at the airport just as the tractor burst through the gate at the far end of the runway. Chevy was still balancing precariously on the steering wheel, doing an admirable job of maneuvering the unwieldy machine. Aggie had her entire body against the accelerator, pushing against the bottom of the seat with her rear paws to increase their speed even further. Mandi was trying desperately to peer over the top of the dashboard, and Sassy was screaming directional instructions to Chevy.

The tractor finally skidded to a stop at the far end of the runway, at the rear of the Scotcorde. Amazingly enough, Captain Scotty did NOT appear surprised, nor did he look upset. It was as though this were something that occurred each and every time he was WITH the terriers on a BASH.

He merely opened the huge cargo bay doors at the back of Sleek One, lowered the gangway, and guided the tractor into the massive cargo hold of the great, silver jet.

He DID pause a moment as he watched the terriers unload their boxes from the bus, and was MORE amazed at WHAT they were loading aboard the plane.

  • 36 kewpie dolls
  • 15 Vegetable Magic Slicers
  • 3 cases of Miracle Eyeglass Cleaner
  • 54 glow in the dark necklaces
  • 97 quart-sized plastic softdrink cups with curly straws attached
  • 1 "Personalized Handwriting Analysis" machine
  • 3 hogs
  • 1 flock of sheep, DYED and CLIPPED?????!?!?!?!
  • 2 Belgian horses
  • 1 bull, LARGE.......and NOT pleased!!!!!!!
  • 74 stetsons with "Louisiana State Fair" embroidered on the brim
  • 327 "Be There or Be Square- La. State Fair" t-shirts
  • 1 cinnamon roll trailer.....??????
  • 1 aggravated baker
  • and ONE very cheesy teddy bear, seated in a place of honor

"Ohhhhhhhh, I can't WAIT to hear their explanation for THIS stuff!" Captain Scottie said to himself. He smiled as he watched his terriers hurry aboard, and after a final wave to Katie and Riley, they closed the cargo bay doors.

Captain Scotty strolled up the aisle of the huge plane, and leaned against the cockpit doorway. He watched the Guardians count heads, checking to see that all of their charges were safely accounted for. With a nod from Jubilee, the Captain smiled and turned toward the cockpit.

Almost immediately, the Scotcorde began taxiing down the runway, its powerful engines quickly taking it skyward. Within moments of take-off, the rear cabin's lights dimmed, and the BASH passengers quieted for their homeward journey.

The Guardians, as always, took up their positions in the aisles, and thanked their lucky stars that they'd survived ANOTHER one of the terriers' BASH adventures.

As with all BASH adventures, this one must come to an end. So, until the next time, we watch the legendary silver jet disappear over the horizon.

And who knows, maybe a Mam or Dad will BELIEVE the tall tales their wee furchild will spin. We doubt it, though.

After all, who'd ever believe such as THIS!?!?!?!


This ORIGINAL story has been created and written by Carol Johnson .
Original artwork is the exclusive property of artist, Karen Donnelly.
This is NOT to be reproduced in ANY way
without the EXPRESS written consent of the author !!!

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