Chapter 1

With the reputation that the Bayou Bashes have, I've learned to dread the arrival of the Scotcorde. You just never know what to expect with this group. But, I've become suspicious enough to recognize trouble when it RANG. Katie, Riley, and I were awaiting the plane's arrival when I got a call on my cellphone. After answering, I turned to Katie and said, "It's for YOU!" She grabbed the phone, and listened for a moment, then began giggling and nodding her head eagerly. "Brilliant!" she exclaimed, then ended the call. She nodded to Riley, grinned innocently, and sat back down to wait on her friends. She and Riley sat huddled together, heads close as they whispered intently, snickering occasionally. Then, they sat back and waited. That was all the proof I needed.....something was afoot! I hurried to the gate, spoke quickly with the gate attendant, and was directed to the Dispatcher's office. I explained my dilemma.....funny thing, the Scotcorde and it's reputation were well-known ! He picked up the phone, spoke hurriedly to an airport operator, and handed me the phone. They had contacted the Scotcorde.....I spoke to the head Flight Attendant and asked how the passengers were conducting themselves. She said that things were eerily quiet....all passengers were sitting quietly in their seats.....very little conversation, no boisterous activity of any kind......but she did report that there were MANY notes being passed, much signaling, nodding , and winking.....and that this had the attendants very uneasy....having heard of the past flights. I told her to keep a close eye on the pups, as they were masters at deceit, and ended the call. Reassuring the Dispatcher that things were quiet on the Scotcorde, and that it was on final approach, I returned to the gate to catch......errrrrrr, greet the arriving party pups.. As usual, the gate was crowded with media- tv cameras, photographers, and reporters...waiting for the latest Scotcorde scandal. They waited eagerly as the Scotcorde pulled up to the gate and opened its great, plaid door. The scotties and their pals exited their private jet, heads held high, and with quiet dignity, they smiled serenely to the crowd. Katie and Riley hurried to greet their friends, and after much hugging and kissing, they all calmly proceeded through the airport. Airport security, accustomed to the wild behavior always seen at the Scotcorde's arrival, could only stare in amazement as the group walked sedately down the concourse. I guess it took a Mam's eye to notice that Ty had a death-grip on Huck Finn 's collar and was literally dragging him through the airport......or that Jubilee had her paw around Pagan's neck and was whispering furiously into his ear.....or that Dom was pulling Emmitt , Midget, and Cammster along by their leashes.....or that Connor , Brewster, and Charlie Helander kept looking behind them and snickering! I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the pupper brigade reached the parking lot, where they were greeted by two well-polished swamp buggies. Lucy and Bucky Sheets waved from the driver's seats...the party puppers raced over and greeted Lucy and Bucky warmly. After much hurried whispering, the entire party crowd lined up along the sidewalk, turned away from the terminal, and "mooned" the airport with their furry fannies!!!!!! Then, shrieking with glee, they scurried into the swamp buggies, and with a final aroooooooo in my direction, they sped off into the night!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh, no.......not again!!!! I'm afraid that the media may have caught their little "parting" gesture!!! Just pretend you don't KNOW them!!!!!!!

Chapter 2

Well, the good news is that Katie and her Birthday BASH bunch stopped by the house to let me know that they were okay...and to clue me in on their plans! Believe me, Moms, I had no part in was their idea. They're headed ...I shudder to even THINK about it...they're headed for Bayou Dorcheat to the swamps!!!!! They have made up their minds to have a SURVIVAL week-end!!!!! I have to admit, I TRIED to change their minds! They devoted a lot of energy to winning me over to their way of thinking...and I held out...I really did. But, that many innocent looks, that many sweet expressions...I didn't have a chance!!! Now, I DID enjoy watching the preparations for the week-end adventure ! All suitcases were left in MY living room.....but not without some effort! Sophie Donnelly and Heidi Delli Carpini wanted to take their make-up cases...Megan Bruce wanted to know if they could call for pizzas from the swamp...Bonnie Hoffman and Millie Phillips were caught trying to smuggle bottles of Evian water under their jackets...Charlie Mathison and MacDuff Arzani insisted that NO food provisions be taken with them and made Tucker Warner put BACK the Twinkies that had been smuggled into his pockets...BenRiley Barfield, Maxxie Meverden, and Ali Riches kept unpacking the bags of Cheetos and chocolate chip cookies that Quincy Knuckles kept trying to slip into the swamp buggies...and Webber, Ace Graves, and Duffy Hoffman had to PRY the credit card out of Spoiled Stormy's paw...and it was only after Fergie Grant and Heather Tracey promised her a mall trip before they left Shreveport, that Stormy finally agreed and threw her support into the adventure. They all began talking excitedly about the coming adventure....eager pups ready to get on the road ! I DID make Katie promise to take the Palm Pilot and the cell phone...and insisted that she make regular reports to me. Finally, after reassuring me again that they'd be okay, they all piled into Lucy and Bucky's swamp buggies and , waving wildly, they sped off into the night. Oh, my goodness...our babies are going to spend the night in the swamp with snakes, and 'gators, and mud, and bugs, and crawly creatures, and mosquitoes, and the SWAMP MONSTERS !!!!!!!

Chapter 3

A call from Katie does not make me feel any better about this, but from the the sounds I heard in the background, they were definately having FUN!! Katie reports that they parked the buggies down at the end of a dirt road that ran along Bayou Dorcheat Swamp, then the entire BASH bunch trotted across the field and down into the swamp. It seems that Ty, Dom, Jubilee, and Gracie definately had their paws full keeping the group together. Duffy Barfield, Wren Archie, and Sherman Mathison raced ahead of the group promising to rid the swamp of the evil SWAMP monster!! Maggie and Georgia were trotting from cypress tree to cypress tree, pasting NASCAR decals on each tree and had Mac Tracey and Ali Riches' complete attention with their promises of free rides in racecars when they got home! Jubilee and Gracie kept dashing off to grab a wandering wee one and returning them to the group that Ty and Dom were guarding. Riley stepped up onto a fallen tree trunk, arrooooo'ing loudly to get the attention of his friends. He explained that their goal was to find their way through the swamp, and that the PRIZE was hidden somewhere in the old, abandoned Beau Rivage plantation home at the far end of the swamp. He told the excited adventurers that there were hidden treats along the way, with bonus points for the pupper who could find the most disgusting swamp souvenir! Cheering loudly, the scotties and their pals turned to begin their trek through the thick, smelly mud....only to find Gracie paddle up in a sleek, graceful canoe. Smiling, she carefully helped Linus into the front of the canoe, handed him a huge flashlight.....then turned and offered the middle seat to Judge Brimley and Fergie, who eagerly climbed into the comfortable canoe. Gracie offered the last seat to Charlie Mathison and Charlie Helander, but the two said they'd come too far to ride in a boat.....they wanted to feel the mud in their paws, and eagerly began stomping through the thick mud ! With their wee ones organized, Jubilee, Ty, and Dom took their positions at the edge of the group.....hoping to stay one step ahead of the wild, adventurous scotties and their pals. The group joyously trudged through the belly-deep water, mud covering their fur. They eagerly turned over logs and searched under overhanging branches for the hidden treats. A squeal from the front of the group got everyone's attention. They raced forward to find Ty and Jubilee forcibly holding Midget Wion in their large, strong paws. She was loudly demanding to be turned loose. When Riley and Connor trotted over to see what the problem was, Ty simply pointed to the bank and said, "She saw a 'gator! She wanted a REmatch!!!!" Laughing, Riley promised Midget some alligator gumbo when they reached their destination. Midget realized that she was not going to be allowed to fight another alligator, and showing her teefers, gave the 'gator a scottie growl as they walked past. Jubilee smiled at Ty, glad that they'd managed to avoid a crisis. The two huge dogs walked quietly along, enjoying each other's company. It was Dom who raced up, telling them to go get Piper Almindinger, Agie Donnelly, Wart Archie,Emmitt Nuckles, and Duffy Tracey.....they'd found a rattlesnake and had dared the others to a "snake tug-of-war" !!!!!! When the three guardians reached the scene, they found the tug-of-war already in progress....with Billy Delli Carpini, Maggie Nuckles, Duffy Hoffman,Lucy Sheets, and Mackenzie Quigley on the OTHER end of the snake!!! Ty raced up, and loudly barked, "DROP it!!!" The wee ones looked up innocently.....what'd WE do??? Ty watched as the snake made its escape....knowing that the Snake was the one in the greatest danger! Just then, Jubilee trotted up, telling Ty and Dom that trouble had started at the BACK of the group. Sighing, they raced back to find Katie Wild Child, KayCee Donnelly, Mac Tracey,Angie Riches, and Heather Arzani handing huge, crunchy BUGS out to everyone.....saying that REAL survivors ate off the land!!! Amazed, Ty and Dom watched as the scotties wrinkled up their noses, closed their eyes, and began crunching the large, disgusting insects. "ENOUGH!!!!" Dom shouted. All movement stopped, as the surprised wee puppers looked up at their large protectors. "What'd we do?" Connor asked his older brothers. Rolling their eyes, the large dogs walked over to the spreading branches of a large cypress tree on a grassy bank ....and announced that it was BEDtime! Ty, Jubilee, and Dom began rounding up their wee adventurers and safely placed each gently on a branch of the great tree. When all were safely nestled into the branches of the tree, Ty, Dom, and Jubilee curled up in the soft grass at the base of the tree. With a loud sigh, the great guardians at last relaxed, knowing that their wee treasures would be safe through the night.

Chapter 4

The quiet, early dawn in the swamp was shattered by an unearthly scream that echoed from the depths of the swamp. Scotties and their pals, who had been peacefully sleeping among the cypress branches, jumped to their feet.....and forgetting where they were, the scotties began tumbling down through the branches of the cypress tree. Jubilee, Ty, Dom, and Gracie had also leaped to their feet to face this new, unknown danger. But the gentle guardians had a more immediate problem - they were being "rained" on by dozens of wee pups from the branches above ! All four suddenly found themselves grabbing falling terriers.......they poured out of the tree, some landing ON Ty and Jubilee. Dom and Gracie raced around, catching the elder wee ones before they could be injured in the fall. In seconds, it was over. Cautiously looking up, Dom saw that all of their friends were out of the tree, and were shaking themselves off from the rude awakening! Then, the eerie sound came again.....a long, high-pitched scream!!!! As ONE, the scotties and their pals "assumed the position"...feet braced wide apart, tails erect and stiff, faces turned TOWARD the danger, lips curled back to reveal teeth of gigantic proportions for such wee animals! Riley, Brewster, Webber, Connor, and Bucky led the charge as they tore across the grassy knoll back into the dark, smelly swamp! Emmitt, Huck Finn, and Pagan tried to race past into the lead, only to find Ty moving them back into the pack. Jubilee ran up, her concerned for the safety of the terriers obvious on her face. Dom smiled, " This is ONE time that they're NOT in any danger! These terriers LIVE for the chase....they'll take this creature to fact, it's US who are safest in the MIDDLE of this pack of enraged terriers!!!" Laughing, he continued to concentrate his energies on keeping the younger scotties in the rear of the group, next to Gracie and the elders of the pack!! The group charged deeper into the swamp, stopping occasionally to raise their muzzles in the air, searching for their quarry. Then, one would arooooooo loudly, and the entire gang would dash off again in the new direction. It was Willow Donnelly and Angie Riches who noticed the tracks in the thick mud.....and announced their discovery to the excited pack. The chase became even more intense, as the group realized that they were gaining on the creature. Mud flew high into the air, as short legs thrashed through the thick goo. The pack scurried over fallen logs, and around deep pools of water...intent on the chase. The pups at the back of the pack never knew who saw it first.....all they knew was that the entire group had suddenly stopped, and that the terriers had raced headlong into whatever furry fanny had been ahead of them. Cautiously, they spread out in a single line.....hoping for a glimpse of this unearthly swamp creature. The growls from the terriers at the front of the group were heard first......then became louder as other terriers spotted the quarry. Ty and Jubilee could only stare in astonishment as they watched their wee terriers transform into fierce, snarling beasts !!! And, then it happened..........................

Chapter 5

Another piercing scream.......this one from directly in front of them. Standing in the dappled sunlight streaming through the trees, stood the largest cougar anyone had ever seen!!!! A huge, tawny cat.....he stood there, staring defiantly at the large group of terriers. Billy Delli Carpini and Duffy Hoffman raced forward, eager to face the fierce cat. The huge cat took a step forward, tensed, and issued another scream.....which sent shivers down the backs of the terriers. From the back of the BASH bunch, Huck Finn and Emmitt stepped forward, and smiling evilly, they began calling, "HEREEEEE, kitty, kitty!!!! HEREEEEEEE kitty, kitty!!" Spoiled Stormy grabbed Huck's collar and jerked fiercely. "HAVE you lost your MIND???" she whispered to him between clenched teeth. "You're not OLD enough to handle THIS kind of kitty, just back off!" Jubilee trotted up and escorted the grumbling, muttering youngster to the back of the pack, occasionally having to offer a strong paw to push the beligerant pup AWAY from the huge beast. Meanwhile, at the front of the pack......the terriers were closing in on their quarry. Terra Warner and Angie Riches were showing their teefers, pressing closer to the great cat. At their side, Ace Graves and Sherman Mathison were barking furiously, pushing closer to the cornered cat. Katie Wild Child raced to the front,eager for combat. At her side stood Webber Riches, a fierce resolve in his gaze.....if this was the way the date was to go, then so be it. There was much snarling and barking, and a great show of teeth from all combatants. The huge cougar, now cornered and threatened by so many terriers, snarled savagely.....ready to face the angry pack. Suddenly, from the center of the pack of enraged terriers stepped Cammster Meverden. He boldly leaped to the front, and whirled around to face his friends. "STOP!!!" he shouted. The entire group immediately became silent, stopping the cries of battle. Cammster took another step back, placing himself between his friends and the cornered cougar. In his clear, strong voice he explained that the terriers were in the cougar's territory and were guests. Glancing behind him, Cammster pointed to the shocked cougar, telling his friends that they had better things to do than chase a matter the SIZE of the cat. In final emphasis, Cammster added one final comment......."Remember the hidden treats.......FOOD!!!" The terriers roared their approval.....their stomachs had won out!!! FOOD ! Turning, Cammster waved the cougar away......and not needing any further encouragement, the great cat leaped into the cypress tree and disappeared among the spanish moss. The terriers looked at Cammster.....with one of those "okay, so what do we do NOW?" looks. Smiling, Cammster pointed toward the far side of the swamp.....and told them to look high up in the branches. Peeking out over the top branches of the trees, was the immense roofline of the abandonded plantation home, Beau Rivage!!!! "That's our destination!!!" Cammster shouted, and began running toward the old home. Over his shoulder, he added...."Last one there is a PUH DUL!!!!" The response was immediate!!! Every dog in the swamp began racing toward the great, old home. Water foamed, mud flew, scotties and their friends pushed, shoved, and grabbed furry whiskers......trying to gain an advantage on their friends. Suddenly, Gracie swept past in the sleek, shiny canoe, paddling rapidly...Judge Brimley, Linus, and Fergie waving happily from the boat as their Gracie furiously paddled past the wading terriers into the lead. The terrier group smiled happily to see their elders having such a grand time....until they realized that now THEY were the BACK of the race!!!! Their reputations on the line, they raced forward through the thick, clinging mud.....their short legs furiously clawing forward. The group that reached the far end of the swamp and tore across the deserted, overgrown garden of the old plantation was covered with smelly mud, brambles, with kudsu vine tangled in their fur. But, as they collapsed onto the grass in front of the huge columned home, they were laughing happily. Katie Wild Child stepped forward and arooooo'ed loudly. Everyone turned to see what Katie's next adventure quest would be. Smiling, she gestured toward the great plantation's huge columns standing guard at the front of the's door standing ajar, revealing the inky darkness inside.....the huge windowpanes on the second floor broken with the tattered cloth fragments of what once were graceful draperies now waving through the broken windows.....the home had none of the elegance of its past.....only emptiness and eerie darkness. Confused, they looked at Katie. "This is tonight's challenge!! We're going to spend the night the most famous haunted house in the swamps of Louisiana....Beau Rivage!!" The response was as expected......"bring it ON"......"all RIGHTTTT"......."NOW we're gonna have FUN" !!! The terriers were ALWAYS up for a challenge. Smiling and patting each other on the backs, they trotted up to the door of the great home. Who noticed the last, hesitant steps as they cautiously stepped across the threshold into the total darkness of the old home......or the paws that were suddenly grasping the paw of the terrier nearest them.....and NONE of the wee ones saw the ghostly apparition that appeared at the broken window on the third floor of the old home....then disappeared back into the blackness . As the last of the courageous terriers entered the home, the silence of the swamp was interrupted by the sudden sound of the huge door closing sharply behind them. Did THEY close the door? Are they ALONE? Will they survive the loooooong bayou night?????????????

Chapter 6

The BASH bunch had barely crowded into the immense foyer of the old building when the door slammed behind them. Wheeling around, they saw that not one of the puppers had been anywhere close to the door. The darkness was complete. The sudden, indrawn breaths revealed their nervousness....although none were willing to admit to any fear. Silence in the room was deafening.....not one of the group moved. Judge Brimley stepped forward, and spoke to the group. "We need to get organized, here", he said. "Guys, find us some light.....candles, lanterns, lamps...anything we can use for light." Paws were heard scurring away in the darkness, with sounds of "ouch" and "owwww" as furry bodies bumped blindly into decaying furniture. "Ladies," he continued. "Clear this front drawing room out. We can use it as our headquarters." More paws hurring off into the first room....only the barest moonlight making its way through the trees to make their work a little easier. Charlie Helander returned......a small candle clutched tightly in his paw. Piper Almindinger stepped forward, took the candle, and placed it on a table by the door. Maggie and Georgia found two twigs lying near a broken window, and returned to the candle, where they began to rub the sticks together. The others were amazed, as the two quickly drew a spark, put the candle to the spark, and brought the candle to life. Amazed, the others breathed a huge sigh of relief as a slim glow brought some comfort to the dark room. They continued arranging the room for the night....Bonnie Hoffman took the cushions off an old sofa, threw them onto the floor for better sleeping. Millie Phillips was clearing the debris from the fireplace, hoping to have a warm fire there before the night was over. Maggie Nuckles was pulling down the old draperies, shaking them free of the cobwebs and dust, and laying them in piles next to the cushions. Sounds in the hall drew their attention. Anxiously they waited as the sounds drew nearer......then, into the room trotted the guys...lamps, lanterns, and a box of matches in their paws. Everyone cheered....this was going to be a cinch!!! They quickly cleared a table in the center of the room, where they placed the lanterns. Once lit, the lanterns cast eerie shadows on the walls of the room. The group could, at last, get a look at their surroundings. The room was immense, and the ceiling was over 15 feet high.....the wallpaper was peeling from the walls, but the past elegance of the room was unmistakable. Everyone began settling down, locating their spot to curl up for the night. Once everyone had settled down....Bucky and Brewster made their presentation. They proudly showed their find to the group......potatoes and carrots they'd found in the garden out back. Eagerly, the terriers brushed the dirt away and began crunching on their gourmet dinner. The friends had had a great day, with much adventure and excitement, and the night was promising to be an easy challenge.....with comfortable bedding for curling up on, good friends to keep each other was good. It was Lucy, Midget, and Stormy who noticed first........"Where's Brimley?" asked Midget. "Come to think of it.......where are Linus, and Fergie???" The group immediately came to full alert......some of their friends were NOT with them.....they hadn't noticed in all the excitement. Taking a quick headcount, they suddenly realized that there were SEVERAL of their pals missing........Linus, Fergie, and the Judge, Charlie Mathison, Wart and Wren Archie, MacDuff Arzani, KayCee Donnelly, Megan Bruce.....and more frightening.....Ty, Dom,Gracie, and Jubilee were also missing !!!!! They'd been there one minute.....then, gone the next!! Fully one-third of their group had disappeared.........into thin air!!! They closed ranks, pulled the cushions and draperies into the center of the room, nearest the lanterns. Then, they lay down....side by side, facing the doorway......tense and braced for action.....ears alert and listening to the intense silence in the darkness beyond the lanterns' glow. Where were the others??????????????

Chapter 7

Katie had no idea what had awakened her. She'd been sleeping so soundly, exhausted from the day's trek through the swamp. She reached out her paw, expecting to feel Riley and Webber curled next to her.....only to find empty cushions. Opening her eyes, she was shocked to find the room totally EMPTY !!!!!!!!! She was alone!!!!! She immediately took stock of the situation.......let's see......I came into the swamp with 54 pupper, they were ALL gone!!!! Without a trace! She carefully searched the room, using the dim glow from the lanterns. The draperies were rumpled, where the puppers had rearranged them to make their cozy nests......but no puppers. "How can 54 dogs just disappear?" she asked herself. She saw no signs of struggle, nothing !!!!! Determined to locate her missing friends, Katie decided to search the house. She opened the door to the hall, where she stopped and stared in amazement ! The entire length of the hallway was lined with tall candelabras, lit with glowing candles.....the candles cast a warm glow down the hall. Sensing an adventure, she eagerly followed the candles down the long hallway, cautiously looking into each doorway she passed, searching for her friends. Reaching the grand, circular staircase at the far end of the hall, Katie stopped to take her bearings. The candles continued UP the stairs. So, up the stairs she went.....following the candle trail. As she carefully followed the candles upward, she began to hear music!!!! She moved faster, hurrying up the stairs to the second floor. When she reached the second floor landing, she was amazed to see a pair of double doors....light pouring from underneath the doors, and music coming from the other side of the doors. Curiosity took control, and she grabbed the doorknob and pulled it open. "SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" All her friends were there........every single one of her beloved friends......even Maggie and Simon Livingston had driven into the swamp for the event......they were all smiling happily, throwing confetti into the air......aroooooooo'ing wildly!!!! "Happy Birthday, Sis!!!!", Riley announced, as he sauntered forward through the crowd. "How'd you.......? When did you........?" Katie was so confused, she couldn't imagine how he'd managed to pull this off!!!! "Ohhhh, this little party?" he said, proudly gesturing to the smiling furry faces around them. "We've been planning this for WEEKS ! Everyone knew EXCEPT you!!!!! Happy BIRTHDAY, Wild Child" !!!!!!! Loud Cheers erupted, as they all ran to embrace the birthday girl !

Chapter 8

This message was just delivered to me here in Shreveport. It comes from Karen Donnelly. The message reads: Agie had been getting up every night around 3 am. She wasn't fooling me. She would tippy toe down the stairs, quiet as a mouse until her little paws hit the wood foyer floor. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, I could follow her movements into the office. I could hear the whir of the computer booting up and the cadence of the dial up connecting her to a chat room. I saw no harm in it, she never woke anyone else up. Well, little did we ever suspect that she was talking and fast becoming enamored of Mark Anthony's Chihuahua, Ricky Martin. That's right, his name is Ricky Martin. Ricky told Agie that in fact he was the push behind the seemingly talented Mark. Ricky not only wrote the lyrics but choreographed the "moves" as well. He even sent a video email to strut his stuff and wow he could really shake that booty. Ricky also told Agnes he had been a Chippendale Chihuahua as a young pup and that's how he got into the business. When Agie finally told me about this cyber flirtation I thought this in kanine kookie talk. Karen ends her message with this warning: Kookie, I hear rumors about strange happenings at Beau Rivage plantation, down in the Bayous. Ricky Martin has disappeared......and Michael Jackson's backup dog act from the video Thriller is also missing !!!!! Could we be talking "conspiracy theory" here??

Chapter 9

Katie's smile was radiant as she greeted all of her friends gathered in the huge ballroom. She saw the candelabras that surrounded the room, casting a warm glow throughout the enormous room. She wondered at the stage that had been set up at the far end, and at the laser light show that was being shown onto the walls.....then, as she listened, she heard the rumble of a huge generator, apparently parked outside the plantation home. She was again amazed at the planning that had gone into the evening! It was then that she noticed that all her friends were freshly groomed, and perfectly coiffed. Shyly, she looked down at her mud-covered furnishings....the twigs and leaves that were tangled in her fur. Immediately, Stormy Kubicek, Lucy Sheets, and Maggie Nuckles stepped up, and led Katie down the hall, where a warm, scented bath sat waiting. In an amazingly short period of time, the girls had Katie bathed, brushed, and coiffed....sweetly smelling, and ready for her party. They raced back down the hall to the ballroom, where they joined the dancing and partying. A long table was set up on the far wall of the room.....filled to overflowing with all sorts of gourmet treats. The music blared, the dancing was fast and furious......happy aroooooo'ing was heard as the wee ones and their pals "let their fur down" as they celebrated their friend's birthday. The latest tune ended.......and the lights dimmed in the great ballroom. A spotlight shone on Agie Donnelly, standing alone on the stage, at the far end of the room. Everyone rushed across the room, to crowd the stage.....eager to see what would happen next. "We have, tonight.....several surprises for our Wild Child", Agie began. "First, we will hear from BenRiley's special guests....Brady and Fritz Borders." The Bash Bunch quickly located chairs, and drug them near the stage, where they sat down to enjoy the show. The crowd watched as two handsome westies stepped into the spotlight, located Katie Wild Child sitting in the seat of honor, and began singing. Katie smiled happily when she heard the strains of "Pretty Woman" the two westies sang, they winked broadly, and smiled seductively at the party girl. The crowd burst into applause as the song ended.....then invited Brady and Fritz to join them for the rest of the evening. More chairs were pulled up.....and all eyes eagerly returned to Agie on stage. "Our next performer is Bruce Gibson, a scottie friend of BenRiley's." More loud applause greeted Bruce as he boldly swaggered into the spotlight. The room quietened as the music began. Katie gasped when she heard Bruce begin to sing "Unchained Melody" !!! The guys rolled their eyes heavenward as the girls swooned and sighed......enamored by the rich tones of Bruce's song. As he reached the final notes of his tune, the girls leapt to their feet, cheering wildly. With a bold bow, Bruce swaggered off the stage, and claimed a chair among the giggling girls seated with Katie. Webber began to scowl fiercely at the newcomer, until Riley stepped up and patted his shoulder......not to worry, Riley said. And with the reassurance, Webber sat back for the rest of the entertainment. Again, Agie stepped into the spotlight. "Katie, we have come here tonight, to celebrate your 3rd birthday. Now, the Donnelly clan presents our present to you. We have the distinct honor, tonight.....Michael Jackson's backup dog band from the video Thriller is here with us tonight.....they are accompanying our feature performer for the evening.....we are pleased to have Mark Anthony's Chihuahua, Ricky Martin, with us!!!! He is a legendary Chippendale's Chihuahua!!!!!" The Thriller band erupted into a slow, sensuous rhythm.....the lights dimmed, and onto the stage stepped Ricky Martin. Although small in stature, he radiated confidence as he slowly began to move with the he danced, the music tempo increased.....he moved closer to the edge of the stage, then leaped onto the floor in front of Katie and began dancing just for her! Bedlam broke out!!! The girls squealed encouragement, eager for MORE gyrations from the sensuous chihuahua! The guys gathered on the far side of the room, arms crossed in irritation......mumbling under their breaths, bragging that THEY could dance better than that LITTLE guy..... as the girls surged even closer to the sweating chihuahua. As the music ended, the girls were screaming wildly, Katie was blushing furiously..... and Agie again took the spotlight....."Happy Birthday, Katie" she announced. All her friends roared their approval as they sang Happy Birthday to the wild one. The Thriller band again broke into song.....this time a slow tune. Webber crossed the room, took Katie by the paw, and took her into his arms, to dance the night away. Suddenly, paired pups began to take to the dance floor......Brimley and Miss Fergie.....Millie and Brewster.......Ty and Jubilee.......Charlie Helander and Spoiled Stormy....and so many others who wish to have their liasons kept secret. Dom and Gracie sat quietly in the corner of the room, visiting with Linus, and munching on the lucious treats from the nearby table. Suddenly thinking about Huck Finn and Emmitt and the possibilities of trouble that those two could get into, he jumped up......only to find the two young scotties sitting next to Wart and Wren Archie, listening intently to whatever the Canine Nostra was telling them. Deciding to leave well enough alone....Dom returned to Gracie and Linus, where they spent the evening in festive conversation. The phone call that I received a short time ago from Riley said that they were going to "Party the night away".....that they'd send the band home at dawn, and will be in my kitchen in time for the biscuits, gravy, and pork chops. So, last I can tell you, that they're all safe and sound....partying.....dancing......singing......and eating the night away down in Bayou Dorcheat Swamp at the Beau Rivage plantation. We can all sleep soundly until the morning light........when I must feed this bunch !!!!!!!!!

Chapter 10

The BASH bunch cruised into town around 6:30 this morning.......still dancing!! They did their best NOT to wake the neighborhood, but what can you expect from two swamp that ROAR into the driveway, filled with partying puppers aroooooooo'ing at the top of their lungs!!! They were excited, having a ball, and starving to death!! So, the biscuits and gravy were served, along with the porkchops and homemade plum jelly. At least, with the food on the table, calm was restored.....somewhat!! Everyone was concentrating on getting as much food into their mouths as possible.....and the smacking and schlurping was deafening! After breakfast, the group seemed to finally collapse completely. The living room was filled with exhausted terriers and their pals, curled up in every possible space. Only Huck Finn, Riley, Brewster, Bucky, Emmitt, and Connor were still in motion. I finally located them outside, trying to corner the squirrel that had fled to the lone tree in the front yard. We finally got everyone up, and packed to leave. Katie and her friends said a fond farewell to Skinface and the Scotsman.....errrrr, Wart and Wren, as their stretch limo drove up to return them to their Canine Nostra headquarters in NJ. As they drove away, we loaded the swamp buggies for the trip to the airport. I couldn't help but notice......the wee ones were CLEAN, but they still had the distinct aroma of "eau de swamp mud" on them. Ignoring that, we headed for the airport. The airport was braced for the return of the BASH bunch, but the group of wee ones that casually walked down the concourse was quiet, reserved...totally worn out, but refusing to give in to the exhaustion, their heads were held high and proud. Only an experienced Mam noticed that Emmitt was being closely escorted by Dom, or that Huck Finn's collar was tightly clutched in Jubilee's paw. Gracie was walking next to Linus, ready to offer support if needed. Charlie and Sherman Mathison, along with Charlie Helander stopped at the souvenir counter and spent all their remaining cash on Crawfish hats, Mardi Gras beads, and Southern Accent Dictionaries. Katie, Riley, and I watched as the last of the Bash Bunch entered the Scotcorde. Only minutes later, we watched the great, plaid aircraft speed skyward, taking its wee passengers homeward. We walked back to the swamp buggies with Lucy and Bucky, wished them a safe journey home, and watched them speed off toward the south. As Katie, Riley, and I turned toward our car, Katie stopped and put her paw gently against Riley's muzzle......"Thanks, brother, for the best birthday EVER!" Then, she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the nose. The big, tough boy could only blush and stammer..."aw, Kater.....that's what brothers are for!" Walking paw in paw, they walked out of the airport. I am so proud of my two wee ones !

And, .........amazingly, we survive yet ANOTHER Bayou BASH adventure. So, until the next time we hear the Wild Child Gang issue a Bayou BASH call, we'll leave this joyous world of "virtual scottie-dom" and return to our world of reality. Hugs to all of the blessed puppers who joined us for this journey into our imaginations

The END !!!!!!

This story is the exclusive property of Katie and Riley's Mam.....and may not be reproduced in ANY way without the express, written consent of the author!!!! It has been written for the pleasure of our scottie obsessed friends .

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