Chapter 1

I don't know why I didn't notice right'd think something that obvious would catch my attention. But, noooooooo....there we sat, waiting patiently at the gate for the Scotcorde's arrival. I had resorted to my Solitaire game to pass the time. Meanwhile, Katie & Riley stood at the large window that looked out onto the tarmac, paws and noses pressed against the glass, watching the sky for the first sign of the Scotcorde and their pals.

I didn't pay much attention at first, and had tuned out the sirens and squealing tires. It wasn't until Katie and Riley began shouting, "There it is, I see it. But, what's........??" Then, they just stared, open-mouthed! I guess it was their silence that finally got my attention.....I mean, scotties are NOT, by nature, quiet. I reluctantly looked up from my game, and could only stare in amazement!!!!

I had never seen so much activity!!! Police cars, military vehicles, 3-4 humvee's, and several truckloads of TROOPS were spreading themselves around the perimeter of the runway! The gate was also a hotbed of activity! The sound of so many running feet drew my attention to the gate, where a crowd was gathering. Then Katie began tugging on my sleeve, telling me the plane was landing ! "LOOK, Mam!!! Ya GOTTA come SEE!!!"

That's when I got the shock of my life. I've HEARD about them, but had never seen one in person, much LESS 4 of them!!! The Scotcorde, indeed, was landing.......only, it was surrounded by a flight of Air Force F-117 Stealth fighters!! As the Scotcorde gracefully touched down and began to taxi toward the gate, the fighters continued to scream past, circling, keeping a close eye on the slowing Scotcorde.

Katie, Riley, and I could only gape open-mouthed at the spectacle unfolding in front of us. As the Scotcorde eased up to the gate, the troops on the ground quickly closed in, surrounding the plane. Behind us, more running down the gateway, to the door of the plane.

It was about this time that the blinding camera lights, the microphone in my face, and the rapid-fire questions of the reporter drew my complete attention. "Yes, this is a private plane.....Yes, this group has been invited here AGAIN.....No, they are not hooligans!........No, they do NOT have prison records!!!.....YES !! They are quiet, well-behaved pupper youngsters!!!!!" At this point, Katie and Riley closed on the reporter and began showing teefers, taking "dibs" on which leg to grab first. The reporter backed away fearfully, and was heard telling his live audience,"Once again, this sleepy suburb is to be overrun by these hooligans.....this 'Wild Child Gang'..... it doesn't look good. We'll stay with this developing story, Bill......back to you in the studio."

Turning, we watched the gate open. Expecting scotties and friends, we were surprised to see Hulk Hogan exit the plane, swaggering across the waiting area to the lights of the camera. "No, we had no trouble," he said. "The pilot had hired my services, and I spent an uneventful flight patrolling the aisle of the plane and sitting wayward youngsters back in their seats." Then, with a surprised look, he added," And there were these big guys......uhhhh, think someone called them Ty and Dom.....actually wanted to take me ON!! Said something about not messing with their wee ones!!
Can ya believe that!!!!"

Pushing to the front of the crowd, Katie and Riley began demanding to see their friends. The Marine captain ordered everyone back, opened the door, and gave a brisk command. Immediately, the crowd quieted, as two lines of Marines filed down the gangway to the plane's door. The noise that exploded up the gangway was deafening!!! Shouts, threats, growls, snarls, snapping teefers, and much barking reached Katie and Riley's ears. What emerged from the gangway was the ANGRIEST group of puppers anyone had ever seen!!

The Marines escorted the defiant and argumentative pups to the concourse, ignoring scotties' "LOOKS" that would have melted lesser men! One bedraggled Marine staggered forward, dragging BenRiley Barfield, Emmitt Bad Boy, and HapiJack Turner, each with a death-grip on the marine's boots. Another stumbled out, uniform ripped ...followed closely by Alexander Bradberry, Webber Riches, and Dugal Thomas, each with a mouthful of torn uniform. Katie and Riley raced over, whispered to the defiant youngsters,who gave one parting snap of their teefers, before hurrying back to their friends. Katie and Riley hurried their pals to the parking lot, where furry heads huddled together, as plans of retribution began to fly!

Ohhhhhh, they don't know who they're dealing with when there's Scottie retribution!!!!

Chapter 2


I tried, I really did!! They just kept patting my hand, tsk-tsking, and telling me NOT TO WORRY!! I kept reminding the angry group that they were dealing with MARINES!!

"Not to worry, Mam", Riley said spiritedly. With that, they ushered me to a bench outside the terminal, told me to relax and enjoy myself!! Finally accepting the futility of arguing with terriers, much LESS a battalion of terriers, I plopped down on the was gonna be quite entertaining!

Scotties and friends immediately began scattering in all directions. Ace Graves, Agie Donnelly, Bridie and Duncan Nixon headed toward the tarmac, where they began to joyously spray shaving cream on all the military vehicles parked there. Duffy Hoffman came along behind, painting PUH-DUL faces on each truck!

The tv crew had a field day recording the mahem, only to discover that they were also targeted ! Molly Reyner, Brindi Arzani, and Tiger Schaus calmly stepped over, UNplugged the network feed, and proceeded to cut the cable into small, bite-sized morsels!

When total chaos had been achieved, Katie put her fingers to her lips and whistled. Out of the darkness sped two very shiny swamp buggies, driven wildly by Lucy and Bucky Sheets. Careening around a slathered truck, the buggies screeched to a halt. Pups came from all directions, laughing and snickering. They all piled eagerly into the waiting buggies, slapping each other on the back, already comparing daring deeds. As the buggies sped past, they waved gleefully, lifted their furry snouts to the sky, and arooooooo'ed happily! The party had begun!!

The last I saw of the "Gang", they were headed for PetCo, with Spoiled Stormy waving her credit card over her head, and shouting that the gifts were on HER !!!!!!

Chapter 3

Well, we had a wonderful evening! Truly! Thanks to Spoiled Stormy Kubicek, every pup here at the Bash was given a brand new foam bed, with custom upholstery! It seems that when they descended on PetCo, Stormy told all the pups to FILL their buggies....HER treat! As I heard it, this group cleaned the shelves......there wasn't any merchandise left in the Store!! All I can tell you is that we have enough foam beds here to do Olympic high-jumps! Between the beds, the Kongs, the Jumballs, and the woobies.....we're pretty much hip-deep in puppy purchases around here!

Then, there's Tucker Warner. He is blissfully happy! Stormy bought Tucker a personalized Speedo suit. He is strutting around here, flexing muscles, and has promised Stormy her own Porsche!!

Billy Carpini pulled out his Dad's guitar last night and the pups had a great time, lounging on their foam beds, singing along to such old favorites as "Stand by Your Dog".......and "Puppy Love".

Ohhhhhh, and that SMALL matter with the police. Around 1:30 this morning, I heard a commotion outside. I stumbled over foam beds and Kongs, reached the door, and opened it to discover a looooooooong, black stretch limousine with "Joisy" plates parked out front. Climbing out of the limo were three of the toughest thugs I'd ever seen......two dobermans and a Rottie, dressed in expensive Italian silk suits. I could tell by the bulges under their jacket that they were packing "heat". After a scan of the area, they returned to the limo, opened the door, and stepped back. I was amazed to see the MOB ALLIANCE step out of the car......Skinface and the Scotsman, a.k.a. Wart and Wren Archie !!!!! The "Mob Alliance" has had a long-standing agreement with the "Wild Child Gang" to combine their forces for the purpose of taking over the world, Scottie ( AND bulldog! ) style!

The youngsters poured outside, and gave Skinface and the Scotsman......errrrrr, Wart and Wren a warm greeting! The youngsters were obviously impressed by the show of force that surrounded Wart and Wren. W & W motioned to the wee ones, and after several minutes, Riley, Brewster Wynne, Tanner Thomas, MacDuff Arzaniu, and Mackenzie Quigley piled into the sleek, black limo. My shouts to "get BACK here" were useless as the long car sped away.

I don't think they were gone more than half an hour, at most. But, when they returned, they were laughing and snickering.....there was much black-slapping and congratulating. This did NOT look good......I mean, after so many BASH adventures, ya can SMELL trouble coming!!! Yep, it the form of no less than SIX Shreveport patrol cars-lights flashing and sirens blaring!!! Out stepped a police Lieutenant, madder than heck! The officers behind him spread out, and began to line the scotties,westies, and friends up for searching.

Out of the group of scotties stepped Judge Brimley, Maggie Belvin, Ty, Dom, and Jubilee.....and behind them, the three Mob thugs. The Judge asked the Lieutenant what the problem was. The lieutenant turned and said, "Sometime in the last half hour, someONE got into the police communications room and changed the settings on all radio frequencies. Now, when people call the police for help......all they're getting is the PSYCHIC HOTLINE !"

At this, Wart, Wren, Riley, Brewster, Tanner, MacDuff, and Mackenzie broke out in laughter......great guffaws of belly-shaking laughter. The lieutenant stormed over, ready to put the cuffs on the entire group. Ty, Dom, and Jubilee stepped between the policeman and the "mob" who were holding their sides as they laughed. The large guardians stood their ground, protecting the "innocents" behind them......uh huh!! Judge Brimley turned to the lieutenant and began arguing their case. Maggie stepped in, and the three began serious deliberations. After much arguing and several loud "Yeah, BUT's........" the Lieutenant turned to his officers and ordered them back in the cars. He gave the group of "delinquents" one last look, shook his head, and drove away.

The scotties and their friends raced over to the Judge, who was talking hurriedly to the Mob Alliance and their "gang". Begrudgingly, the "Gang" agreed to no further shenanigans.......the Judge even checked BEHIND the pups to make sure there were no crossed paws behind their backs. He then turned to the group of curious pups and stated, "The Lieutenant agreed to drop the charges. And, in return, Wart, Wren, and their "gang" will guarantee the Lieutenant a PRIVATE reading by the famed psychic, Sister Chloe!!!"

Cheers erupted! Wart and Wren were escorted into the house, where the party continued long into the night. The scotties and their friends were reassured to know that the Mob Alliance thugs were on patrol OUTside.

Finally, around 4:15 or so, everyone fell asleep, each curled on their own, comfy foam bed. After only 3-4 hours sleep, the group awoke. Eager for the day's events, they quickly dressed.

As they left the house a few minutes ago, Katie told me they were headed for the airport for their skydiving lessons. Then, the two swamp buggies sped away, tires squealing, and pups aroooooooooo'ing!!!!

It scares me to even THINK of what's gonna happen next!!!!

Chapter 4

Katie kept TELLING me they were going through with it.......I just didn't believe she'd actually DO it!! I mean, who expects 80+ scotties, westies, labs, dals, bulldogs, and pals to go SKYDIVING! I shiver just to THINK about it. But, she called from the airport......said all arrangements had been made. Katie wanted me to bring the Digital for "posterity", she said.

The next thing I knew, I was racing across town to the "Downtown Airport", where mostly private planes are housed. I wondered how I'd locate the "gang", but I shouldn't have been concerned. They were a show in progress!! I've never seen such an odd collection of "aviators" in my life!!!! They were all dressed in various colors of flight suits which molded to their short, blocky bodies. Fur peeked out from the sleeves and collars of the suits, and beards were askew as the adventurers tried to adjust their goggles. Huge parachutes were strapped to their backs, weighing down the enthusiastic youngsters. Heather Arzani, Mitzi Turner, Maggie and Mandi Reyner, KayCee and Sophie Donnelly all giggled happily as they admired their brightly colored suits, bragging about the coming adventure.....and making their final decisions as to which handsome fella they were going to throw their paws around in "mock terror of the coming adventure". They snickered gleefully, sighing loudly, as they imagined the captured fellows bravely consoling and protecting the wee lasses. Cammeron and Maxxi Meverden, Duffy Barfield, Angus Wynne, and Connor Bruce trotted around to each daredevil, checking the chutes, and making certain that all equipment was secure.

I tried one last time to dissuade the group, but Katie assured me that all was well. I asked her about the others.......those who chose not to fly with the "wild ones". She smiled, and said that they would have their own adventure. At that moment, I heard a huge roar, and turned around to see the largest hot-air balloon I'd ever seen!!! The gondola was huge....capable of holding at least 20 passengers. But, it was the balloon that captured my attention. Not the usual, ordinary balloon shape.......but a GIANT scottie balloon, brindle-colored, sporting a bright plaid tartan kilt!!!!! Scottish bagpipe music blared from the gondola.

The balloon pilot stepped out of the gondola and announced, "The Scottie ALTERNATIVE Air Adventure will NOW begin!!" The entire group stood rooted to the spot, until Katie and Riley stepped forward. The two Wild Ones told the group that they could't bear to leave any of their dear friends "earth-bound" while the others had their air adventure. So, they had arranged for those who hadn't wanted to share the skydiving adventure, would still experience the "wind in their whiskers".

The entire gang exploded into thunderous applause, cheering loudly !!! Judge Brimley stepped forward, with a blushing Fergie Grant clinging to his paw. They eagerly climbed into the scottie airship. Following closely behind were Ali and Linus Riches, both eager to get started with a flying adventure and still have their paws firmly planted on solid footing. Linus had the beautiful Bonnie Nixon's paw draped across his arm. The two elder westies whispered quietly to each other......heads bent close together. Close behind came Pagan's border collie guest, Gracie, who stepped eagerly into the huge, swaying gondola. They all smiled widely, thrilled to have an adventure of their own.

"ALLLLLLLLLL aboard!!!!!" the balloon pilot shouted. The balloon adventurers hung over the sides of the gondola, beaming from ear to ear, waving madly, as the huge scottie airship began to rise slowly into the air. The strains of the scottish bagpipes could be heard across the airport, growing fainter as the balloon climbed higher into the sky.

The still earth-bound youngsters continued to wave wildly to their respected elders who were disappearing into the brilliant blue sky. Finally, when they could no longer see their friends, Mackenzie Quigley exclaimed, " Let's get on to OUR flying adventure!!!" Everyone agreed, and immediately began asking Mackenzie about his expert knowledge of skydiving ---an avowed expert after leaping off the dryer as a pup!!! He began to give advice and share tales of daring-do. The Wild Ones chatted excitedly as they walked across the tarmac, headed to the hangar where their OWN adventure awaited.

I could only issue one last, pitiful plea........ "wouldn't y'all rather try some nice knitting???"

Chapter 5

I had tried......really, I had ! Dejectedly, I plopped down on the concrete, next to a sleek, private jet, and propped up against the wheel. Then, I began to reason it out........well, they would have a professional pilot........AND a large, safe plane..........AND there would be supervision........AND the equipment was tested and reliable.

THERE.......I felt much better. Welllllllllll, I tried to tell myself I felt better.......and was in the midst of convincing mySELF, when the "gang" came out of the hangar with their transportation.


Out of the hangar rolled the most pathetic excuse for an aircraft.......a small, dirty, bi-plane crop duster!!!!! Scotties, westies,dals, labs, bulldogs, scottie pals ALLLLLL were clinging, hanging, clutching, and dangling from every possible hand-hold!!! And, trust me......there weren't many!! In one of the ONLY two seats on the plane sat an old, grizzled fellow, in a filthy, tattered flight suit. His goggles sat crookedly across one eye, leaving the PATCH exposed over the other eye!!! He smiled broadly, and opened his arms wide to showcase his grand aircraft. The furry youngsters squealed with glee, paws desperately seeking a better hold on the aged, rusting "air"craft.

Out of the second seat, I could see several furry heads. In the middle of the furry mass was Piper Almandinger, laughing and waving wildly. Sharing the seat with Piper were Sophie Schaus, Megan Wynne, McKenzie Sue Barfield, and Sofy Bradberry.....all crammed into the same, small space.....all beaming excitedly, squealing with pleasure! Hanging onto the OUTSIDE of that open seat, were Angie Riches, Maggie Nuckles, and Terra Warner...desperately clutching the cowling of the plane!!!!

As I stared, open-mouthed at the spectacle, I saw scotties and friends draped across the entire surface of the plane. Midget Wion had her paws wrapped tightly around a wing-strut, her back paws dangling over the edge of the wing. Pagan had his paws clenched around Midget's back legs, as he waved in the breeze, hanging several inches below the wing! The other wing braces were crowded, as well........Katie, Riley, Connor, Brewster, HapiJack, Millie Phillips, Emmitt Bad Boy, Lucy, Bucky, Ceilidh Nixon, Bonnie Hoffman, Murray Reyner, Heidi Carpini, Annie Thomas,Molly Wynne,Stormy, Brucie......and several furry bodies whose faces I couldn't see. Wart and Wren Archie were dangling from the plane's tail, paws desperately reaching for "pawholds". Henry Turner, Meaghan Barfield, Emily Schaus, Quincy Nuckles, and Seamus Wynne sat straddled just in front of the tail section, waving madly, as though riding a bull! As I watched, Willow Donnelly scrambled out onto the farthest tip of the wing, threw furry paws around a wing strut, and smiled broadly. Mac Arzani, not to be outdone, threw his paws around the brace at the very tip of the wing, and threw himself over the edge of the wing, to dangle precariously in the wind. On TOP of the wings stood Ty, Dom, and Jubilee.....feet braced wide apart, muzzles turned upward into the wind, eyes bright and shining! The plane seemed to be a mass of wind-blown fur and waving paws!!!

The half-blind pilot began to taxi the sorry excuse for a plane down the runway, furry bodies desperately clutching whatever their wee paws could grasp. As the plane gained speed, squeals of excitement filled the air !!! What to some would be unthinkably dangerous, was merely another SCOTTIE adventure to these furry youngsters who seemed to glory in the exploits always associated with a Bayou BASH!

I watched as the fur-covered plane took to the air.....bodies dangling from every surface. I held my breath as the plane continued to climb, then leveled out, preparing to release its passengers.

Then, it happened..........every furry paw on the plane, as ONE.....released their holds and seemed to hover for a second as the plane continued into the distance. Then, the huge mass of skydivers began to streak through the sky, earthward !!!!!!

Brightly colored suits clung together as they raced downward... groups of youngsters began doing aerial acrobatics.....turning somersaults, holding paws in groups of 4-5-6. The sight was many fearless wee ones FRAPPING across the sky!!! As they dropped lower, I could see the beards flying crazily in the wind, the teefers shining with excitement, and smiled as I watched Ty, Dom, and Jubilee use their larger size to close rapidly on wayward terriers, then pull rip-cords to assure that their wee charges reached earth safely. Worrying, I watched as they dropped closer and closer.......then, with a sigh of relief, I saw one, then another set of flashing teefers grab their rip-cords, and jerk.......then smiled as the canopies of the chutes opened with a reassuring snap!!!! I giggled, as I saw what was on the parachutes. Each chute had a scottie silhouette, with the words Bayou BASH or BUST !!!

Laughing, I watched as the wee aerialists floated gracefully to earth, only to be dropped unceremoniously to the ground, and hidden by the folds of their own parachutes. Scampering out from under their chutes, they raced to the center of the field, clasped each other tightly, turned their furry muzzles to the sky, and arooooooooo'ed happily.

Heaving a huge sigh of relief, I looked the closed lens cap on my digital camera!!!! I had been so concerned about the puppers, that NOT one picture had been taken ! No proof that this event even took place! Who would believe it?!?!

Smiling, I watched as the youngsters crammed their equipment into the two waiting swamp buggies, then climbed in on top of the piles of chutes, and waved as they tore out of the parking lot!

I don't think I want to know where they're going. I'm going home to take a NAP!!!!!!

Chapter 6

I was so ready to get comfortable, kick my shoes off, and find some peace and quiet. It was looking really good......until I drove up and saw the swamp buggies parked by the curb. Ohhhhhhh, swell.......they're HERE!!!!

As I barged through the front door, I saw the entire "wild gang", wind-blown and bedraggled, talking excitedly. Looking around, I saw Webber come into the room holding his Colorado "guest", little Mikey Marmot!! Mikey's were wide with fear, as he saw the terriers stiffen, and noticed the bared teefers.

Just as several youngsters began slipping closer to the terrified marmot, Webber lifted a paw, saying, "WHOA!!" Mikey has agreed to come to this BASH to HELP us." He laughed as he saw the doubtful looks on the terriers' faces, and began to explain. "Mikey's going to give us EARTHDOG digging lessons!!" The shocked faces of the terriers were wonderful!!! Webber ushered the entire group outside, found an open area , and put Mikey Marmot down onto the ground. The terriers eagerly closed in, wanting to see what the marmot would do. Mikey took one look at the terriers, and began digging furiously! He immediately disappeared from view, throwing dirt out behind him. Bravo Belvin was the first to respond.....paws flying, as he too began to tunnel, with Connor, Riley, Bucky, and Cammeron close behind. Molly Nixon and Megan Bruce decided to dig a "double-wide" tunnel as they furiously began to dig side by side. Others soon gathered round, cheering the digging terriers on, clearing the tunnel behind them as the two teams continued to dig eagerly!

It didn't take long for the Battle of the Sexes to begin. First, Maxxie Meverden and Alexander Bradberry began adding extra paws to the guys' efforts. Seeing this, Millie Phillips and Lucy Sheets raced over to the girls' tunnel and began digging furiously. It was as though someone had blown a whistle......every terrier chose sides......and the tunnels began to grow dramatically! As all the pups disappeared underground, dirt flying out behind them, sly Mikey Marmot lifted his head out of his barely-started tunnel and peered around. Seeing that his "friends" attention had moved to the tunnels, he quickly leaped out of the tunnel and brushed himself off. Seeing one of the terriers' cellphones lying on the ground, he ran over, and dialed a number. Then, he walked quickly to the curb and waited. It was only minutes before a Yellow Cab drove up. The marmot hopped in, closing the door behind him.

"Where to, pal?" asked the cabbie. "Shreveport Regional Airport, and STEP on it!!!" Then, the marmot sat back, put his paws behind his head, and smiled broadly. Those terriers are still out there digging ......SILLY dogs, he thought. Giggling to himself, he sat back and enjoyed his all-expenses-paid trip home.

And the terriers????? Well, let me put it this way........the City doesn't have to expend any city funds for the new drainage system. They were quite happy when I called them and told them that they could use the 3 miles of "PRE-dug" tunnels for their drainage pipes....... courtesy of Terrier Terra-Diggers International!!!!!

How'd I finally get them outa the tunnels????? Scottie Mam skill, perhaps???? Nooooo, I went for OUTBACK Steak House take-out!!! All I had to do was put the hot, steaming, juicy sirloins next to the tunnel entrances and step back. It was only seconds before furry heads began popping out of the tunnels! The filthy terriers pulled the steaks under the shade of the great oak, and hungrily tore into the sizzling steaks, stopping occasionally to take huge bites of the butter-slathered baked potatoes.

When all tummies were finally full, they sat back on the grass and sighed. It took only a few moments before the breeze through the trees lulled the exhausted terriers into peaceful naptime. As the wee lads and lasses dozed peacefully in the shade of the oak, Ty, Dom, and Jubilee...with the help of Gracie border collie.....took their stations against the trunk of the great oak, preparing to once again stand guard over these wee warriors. As the little ones slept, the great guardians quietly discussed the day's events, each trying to outdo the others with their tales of bravery.

Me???? I'm going to nap, too!!! I'd better rest up....they're planning to go OUT tonight!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh, mercy!!

Chapter 7

Katie was the first to wake from the shady afternoon nap. She quickly nudged the others, and soon they all were stretching......wee bottoms raised high in the air as the front ends stretched downward, mouths opened wide in noisy yawns. Katie told the group to get cleaned up and dressed. They were going to a private concert!!

Squeals of delight were followed by scurrying paws as they all raced to wash away the dirt and grime. The house was soon filled with frenzied preparations, all party pups eager to attend the mysterious concert. After much juggling for places at the mirrors, and sharing of brushes, the Bash Bunch reappeared....neatly coifed and well-dressed. They eagerly piled into the swamp buggies, the engines roared to life.....then Bucky turned to ask Riley, "WHERE are we going?"

Laughing, Riley stood up on the seat, and spoke loudly to the group. "My friends, you will have the distinct pleasure.......the great treat of attending a PRIVATE concert at the famed Municipal Auditorium !!" Seeing the blank stares, Riley added, "Ahhhhhh, maybe you'd know it better as the birthplace of the Louisiana Hayride, that began the careers of such entertainers as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and so many others.......ohhhhhh, maybe I should add another young fellow who began his career here.......Elvis Presley!" Gasps of delight were heard as the Bash Bunch began talking excitedly.

Bucky put the first buggy in gear and followed Riley's instructions to the famed auditorium. The swamp buggies raced across town, turning onto Elvis Presley Blvd., then pulled to a stop at the front of the imposing building.

Piling out, they scampered up the steps and into the historic site. The attendant at the door greeted them warmly, saying that they were expected, then showed the group to their front row seats. As soon as the Bash Bunch was seated, the lights in the auditorium dimmed. A hush fell over the pups, as they stared at the huge, rich, red velvet curtain lit by a single spotlight. The drums started slowly at first, a slow,steady rhythm.....gradually increasing the tempo, increasing the excitement of the Bash Bunch with their crescendo. When the drums reached a fever pitch, the curtains were swept aside to reveal.......the entire cast of Riverdance, with the famed leader, Michael Flatley standing front and center!!!!

The Bash pups leaped to their feet, cheering!!! Loud aroooooooo's were heard echoing through the hall, as the pups showed their enthusiasm for the entertainment that was about to begin. Then, they nestled into their seats, ready to enjoy a thrilling performance. What followed was a 2-hour spectacle ! The wee lasses became more and more entranced by the handsome good looks of Mr. Flatley, with more than one girl commenting on the fact that the man looked exquisite without his shirt! The lasses eagerly watched the performance, waving wildly each time the star neared their seats. Giggling, they increased their efforts to gain his attention, earning sly winks from the handsome dancer. Midget squealed, then leaped from her seat and joined Michael onstage, her paws tapping rapidly to the rhythm of the drums. Not to be outdone, Katie, Sophie Donnelly, Heather Arzani, Mitzi Turner, and Molly Nixon joined Midget onstage, paws keeping time to the cadence of the music.

The dancing on stage became more frenzied as the tempo increased, paws and feet flying and tapping. Unable to restrain themselves any longer, the remaining lasses joined the group on stage, where they danced gleefully. The young dogs rolled their eyes at the silly behavior of the wee girlies, but, then realizing that the girls LIKED this dancer fellow, they soon began unbuttoning their shirts, allowing some fur to show. Then, they too jumped onstage.

What followed was nothing short of amazing. The scottie lads and their pals glared at the dancer in challenge, then stretched into a line across the front of the stage, boldly facing the Riverdance troupe. As the tapping of the scotties' paws increased, the drums desperately tried to keep pace with the incredible pups!! The lasses stopped dancing, to stare in amazement at the incredible dancing being done by their own friends!!!!

Finally, the drums stopped, no longer able to maintain the blistering pace being set by the lightning fast paws. With a nod of his head, Riley signaled.....and as one, the scottie guys and their pals stopped, put their paws on their hips, and stared boldly at the wee lasses. The girls burst into wild squealing and applause, then raced over to their friends, and showered them with praise......and more than a couple of kisses!! The Riverdance cast, dejected in defeat, left the stage in a huff, vowing never again to challenge terriers to dance !!

Laughing, the terriers and their friends waved proudly as the dancers left the building......then turned their attention to Billy Carpini, who once again pulled out his Dad's guitar. Strumming the guitar, Billy broke into his own rendition of "Hound Dog", joined by Ace Graves, complete with hip-shaking !! The group of friends spent the next hour, entertaining each other onstage, with Brimley and Fergie dancing together in each other's arms, Linus and Bonnie twirling to the strains of the guitar.....and no one mentioned the off-key singing of one or two of their dearest pals!!!!

Finally deciding that they'd had enough fun for one day, the pups climbed slowly into the buggies for the trip home. It didn't take long for the youngsters to fall asleep in their foam beds, dreaming of flying and digging and dancing !!!

And I'm not ABOUT to do anything to wake the furry gang's been hard enough to wear them OUT !!!!

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sleeping wee ones !!!!

Chapter 8

The wee ones all slept IN this morning.........lazy, lounging pups sprawled everywhere. What greeted my eyes when I checked in on the Bash Bunch was quite "giggle-worthy" !!! I could tell that Katie had had her paw in it....the entire room of wall-to-wall furry bodies was sleeping on their backs, tummies shining, paws pointing upward, heads lolled back, at peace with the world.

Quietly, I managed to tip-toe through the furry mass to the kitchen, where I began preparing a true Southern breakfast for the "Wild Gang". Soon, the smells of homemade biscuits, sizzling bacon, steaming grits, and the Southern favorite, milk gravy wafted through the house, rousing the ravenous youngsters. Hungry wee ones clustered around me, eager for a taste of the South.

I don't think Cracker Barrel or IHOP could have fed the mob as efficiently as I did. Plates were prepared and passed around. Youngsters plopped down in every available corner of the one wanted to get too far from the frying pans and the second helpings that were promised. The quiet in the room was astounding......well, except for the slurping and chomping sounds that filled the room......AND the occasional slap at a wayward paw that tried to steal a fluffy, golden biscuit from a neighbor's plate.

Several pans of biscuits later, the group admitted that they couldn't stuff another bite into their mouths. I smiled as I glanced around to see grits and milk gravy covering the once-handsome beards of the scotties. Yes, the breakfast had been a could always tell by the amount of food that made it ONTO the whiskers instead of past them.

Katie got up and announced that it was time to pack. Everyone began scurrying around, gathering their belongings, making sure that they had all of their PetCo treasures. Then, they scampered out of the house, to the waiting swamp buggies for the trip to the airport.

Upon reaching the airport, they were not surprised to see the same amount of military strength being shown that they'd encountered on their arrival. Only this time, the youngsters took advantage of the situation.....they strutted proudly down the concourse between the lines of armed Marines, foam beds tucked under their arms, Kongs and woobies clutched tightly in their paws, giving "Royal Waves" to the curious onlookers who knew that, indeed, these must be very special wee ones to require such a Presidential send-off.

As they trotted onto their private Scotcorde, several wee ones smiled at Hulk as he stood braced against the cockpit door, patted him on the arm, and told him not to worry.....that PuhDul Pilot was safe......THIS time!!!! They each nestled down into a plush, leather-covered seat, turned around a couple of times to locate the BEST position, then plopped down, and were asleep almost immediately, dreaming of blue skies, dark tunnels, and tapping paws.

The sleeping wee ones didn't see the F-117 Stealth fighters escort the legendary Scotcorde into the air, didn't notice the great guardians, who once again, took their places to watch over these wee warriors.

"My heavens! Is it always like this??" asked an amazed Gracie Border Collie. Smiling, Ty, Dom, and Jubilee just nodded knowingly....realizing that Shreveport is always lucky to even survive a BASH adventure.

And, as the Scotcorde begins its homeward rounds, we say farewell to ANOTHER BASH adventure. Once again, we can say that we're "Survivors" of a Terrier adventure of epic proportions!!!!


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