Terri B.
Mam to Campbell, Carly Rose, and Murphy

Ricky and Beth S.
Dad and Mam to Lucy and Sherman

Janis D.
L to R: Hoagy, Fala, Haley in her lap and Heather Sue

Linda W. with "D.H." and Meg
Mam & Dad to Hamish MacBeth ,The MacDughul & Megan Daisy MacTavish

Beryl G., recovering BEAUTIFULLY
Mam to Haley

Karen Mc. with Robbie and Dunc

Susan R. with Ali
Mam to Ziggy, Ali, Webber, Angie, and Polly

John and Kellie
Mam and Dad to Maggie, Katie, Laci, Noel, & Jordan

Joan D.C. with Billy
Mam to Billy and Heidi

WCGang's Mam

Carole B. in her FAUX fur... :-)
Mam to Bravo and Maggie

Julieanne B. with Mackenzie Lee MacDuff

Rosanne K., with Spoiled Stormy

Lisa Q., hiding behind her Mom, Vera(Sunny Sieber's Mam)
L to R: Daughter Veronica with her Schnauzer Hilly,
daughter Jessye (Shiloh's mam), Lisa Q., Vera

Karen D., Mam to Campbell & Agnes
BASH illustrator extraordinaire

Rosemary D. with Bailey

Karen & Finn M.
Mam and Dad to Sherman & Alex

Linda B., with Elle and Duncan

Dayna & Randy W., with Bert & Sam E
Mam & Dad to Bert, Sam E, Miss Sassy & Mr. Murphy

Melanie B., a.k.a. "Mel"
Mam to Spencer, Rosie, Sera, Wiggins, & CRICKET

Ruth W., Mam to the MainLine Scotties

Michelle & Bobby N.
Mam & Dad to Maggie, Emmitt Bad Boy, and Reilly

John M., center, holding Bonnie Belle
L to R: Terry(SWMBO), John & Bonnie Belle, daughter Vanessa
Mam & Dad to Bonnie Belle & Nicholas

Brad B., with Alexander & Sofy

Audrey & Len N.
Mam & Dad to Baxter Arthur & Bridget Ann

Dennis and Kathryn S., with furchild, Sharkie
Editor's COMMENT: Good LUCK getting Sharkie to WEAR that hat!! LOL

Kathy G., Mam to Lilly

Gina S. and husband, Scott,
Mam and Dad of ScottiesGoneWild

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