Chapter 1
And So It Begins

As Bash adventures go, this one began no differently. I sat in the waiting area at the airport, quietly reading...which is my way of trying NOT to think of what lay ahead.....Katie and Riley stood at the window across the room, their noses pressed eagerly to the glass as they watched the sky. They kept putting their heads together, whispering excitedly...they they'd snicker gleefully. That was suspicious enough, but it was the LOOKS they kept throwing my way, that told me things were going to get out of hand.

Sighing, I turned back to my book.....they were scotties....they lived for adventure, they loved "pushing the envelope" of life, and I didn't want to KNOW what was in their furry little heads !!!!! Still, I couldn't help but watch those two little muzzles, so close together, whispering and giggling.

None of us saw the Scotcorde as it arrived...we HEARD it!!!! It streaked over the terminal, barely cleared the tower...then, with a sudden, radical left turn, the Scotcorde dropped almost immediately to the runway. It taxied back toward the terminal, as Katie and Riley grabbed their bags and raced toward the door.

I reached the door just in time to give each wee scot an ear scritch and a kiss on each furry muzzle...then jumped back as the door burst open!!! There must have been a dozen scotties pouring through the door...all shouting for "Katie and Riley" !!! Sofy grabbed Katie by the paw and began tugging her toward the plane. Stuart Lyons and Huck Finn Bugle came racing up to Riley, where they began pushing him back toward the Scotcorde.

"Come're gonna MISS it!!!!!" they kept telling Katie......and "HURRY, Riley...ya GOTTA see this!!!" But, it was the noise that I heard coming FROM the Scotcorde that had my attention!!!!

The laughter and gaiety was obvious......the scotties and their pals were, indeed, letting the good times roll. Smiling to myself, I knew that these furry ones were winding up for a really rowdy week-end. But, my mood suddenly changed...for just as they closed the door to the boarding gate, I distinctly heard... "PEEL it!!!" Then, a male voice hollered, "Get that OFF!", followed by another saying, "All RIIIIIIIGHT!!!" ...then a chorus of "arooooooooooooooo".....and the door slammed shut.

I sat, stunned, as I watched the Scotcorde back out of its gate, and begin taxiing toward the runway. My "Mam" instincts had just kicked in...and those wee ones were up to no good. I watched the Scotcorde streak down the runway, then saw the nose lift gracefully, as the sleek jet tore skyward.

I rose, and was walking back down the concourse toward the parking lot, when my cellphone rang. I quickly answered it, and found Katie on the other end, shouting... "HEY, MAM...LOOK...come LOOK!!!!!...Quick, Mam...come LOOK!!!!"

I'd hate to have been a witness to MY racing back through the concourse and back to the snuzzle-covered window where Katie and Riley had stood waiting. I looked out the window.

Ohhhhhhhhh, my word !!!!!!!! The Scotcorde was making one last pass over the airport before it headed toward New Orleans...but there was one minor difference. The Scotcorde was INVERTED !!!!! The "Sleek ONE" was flying Mach 1 over the runway upside-down!!!!!!! Katie was still screaming into the cellphone... "Can ya SEE us, Mam? Can ya SEE??" ...with squeals and screams in the background, as she finished with, "Don't worry, Mam...we'll be GOOD!" The last thing I heard before the line went dead was laughter...loud, rowdy laughter !!!

Chapter 2
Mardi Paw Lessons

Katie quickly boarded "Sleek One", and seeing Webber's paw waving, she trotted down the aisle, and settled in the seat he'd saved for her. Riley sauntered down the aisle, smiling devilishly at the pretty lasses as he passed. He moved to the rear, where he found Bucky, Alexander, Angus Maddux, Brewster, and Connor Bruce deep in conversation. He smiled as he saw Huck Finn, Stuart Lyons, and Emmitt Bad Boy hanging over the seats, taking in every word. He joined the group, as they continued to make plans.....occasionally looking around and giggling.

None of the scotties or their pals noticed as the Scotcorde once again took to the air. They had complete confidence in their Captain "Scotty", so activity in the cabin continued as the plane began climbing. Only when Captain "Scotty" came on the intercom, saying only "HOLD ON", did any of them react.

Without missing a beat, the wee ones simply cinched their seatbelts tighter, or grabbed the first solid object they could put their paws around. Huck Finn, Stuart Lyons, and Emmitt Bad Boy proclaimed themselves "invincible" and boldly stood in the aisle, feet braced wide apart. The other wee ones laughed at the youngsters' bold statement, and smiled as "Sleek One" began rolling to the right. Huck felt the floor moving under his paws, and tried desperately to maintain his footing. Emmitt's paws began reaching for solid footing, and finding none, he began tumbling into the seat nearest him.

As "Sleek One" continued its roll-over, the bold youngsters found themselves rolling around on the ceiling, with the loose bags . Stuart was scrambling to climb back down to the seats, and reached for the first furry object he could grasp. His mistake was that the "furry object" happened to be Moby the Cat's tail !!! Stuart pulled on his furry rope, hoping to return to a seat, where he could strap himself in. He looked up to see that his furry rope was none other than Moby the Cat, who was quite indignant. Moby took one swipe with his paw...and Stuart immediately turned loose. As Stuart rolled away, Moby gave the lad's furry fanny a parting swat, just to insure the scottie's rapid departure...then he turned around and smoothed his ruffled fur.

As "Sleek One" completed its roll and returned to level flight, Huck Finn, Emmitt, and Stuart found themselves dumped unceremoniously under Ty and Dom' s feet. The youngsters scrambled to their feet, dusted themselves off, and assured their laughing friends that they had PLANNED it to happen "just that way" !!

Captain "Scotty" came on the intercom and with a loud "Happy Mardi Paw!" reassured the wee ones that the remainder of the flight would be smooth and peaceful . Smiling, the wee ones began unbuckling their seatbelts. They moved into the wide aisles, where they began dividing into groups. Katie took Bonnie Boo Hoffman, Abby Gamble, Carlene and Sarah, Molly Blasche, and Heather Tracey to the rear, where she began showing the girls the most effective maneuvers for attracting "beads". She showed the girls how to smile seductively, then proceeded to instruct them on just HOW much fur could be get the most beads!

Lucy had Cassie Timm, Ginger Flewharty, Molly Brewer, Heather Sue Devine, Avery Murphy, Katie Janis,McKenzie Sue Barfield, Heather Arzani, and Midget Wion in another corner, where she was showing the girls how to pick up beads without losing a paw, and demonstrating how to twirl an umbrella seductively.

Riley and Bucky drew everyone's attention to the center aisle, where they explained "second-line" tradition. They explained the excitement and love that people in Louisiana have for their music, and that they show this love by dancing along behind the jazz band, usually twirling gaily-decorated umbrellas wildly above their heads . Riley, Bucky, and Alexander began yanking the wee ones out of their seats...and soon the aisle of "Sleek One" was crowded with scotties and their pals, as they skipped around, laughing happily as they practiced twirling their umbrellas.

Some say that it was Robbie McGillivray who started the melee. Others swear that Angie Riches was the instigator. But, many furry ones saw Robbie whispering to Angie just BEFORE Ace Graves was "thwacked" over the head with a second-line umbrella!! Ace whirled around, and smiling widely, passed the "thwack" on to the terrier next to him. Suddenly, the entire cabin of "Sleek One" was transformed into a colorful umbrella fight ! Angus D'Ascenzo, Murray Reyner, and Floyd Johnson didn't help any when they began shaking up the bottles of cola and spraying the entire group of 'umbrella battlers' with cola !!!

Honey Bear, a huge Malamute, hurried over to Ty, asking if this should be stopped. Ty laughed, then patted Honey Bear on the back, adding "This is NOTHING. It's going to get MUCH worse. I suggest we just let them get rid of some of this eneregy. It'll make it a little easier on us later!!"

Then, Dom smiled and told Honey Bear that these wrestling matches could always be quickly stopped. Honey Bear looked doubtful as Dom turned around, and reached into a large bag. His paw emerged with a handful of warm, sugar-covered beignets, which he tossed into the crowd of flying umbrellas.

The change was immediate! Umbrellas were dropped as the terriers discovered the new interest...FOOD !! Ty, Dom, and Honey Bear began serving dinner to the happy terriers...beignets, plates of jambalaya, shrimp po-boys, crawfish ettouffe, and bananas foster.

After all terriers had been fed, Piper Almandinger and Katie strutted down the aisle, aroooooo'ing, and waving something shiny and sparkly over their heads. They set down a huge box filled with all sorts of Mardi Paw masks. Eager paws reached into the box, as each scottie grabbed a mask. The scotties soon discovered the dangers of masking a scottie, though, as shouts of "Where'd everybody go?" and "Who turned the lights out?"

Piper and Katie laughed as they began tucking in stray beards and eyebrows for those who had never put on a mask before!!! Sophie Donnelly and Maggie Reyner, Audrey Maddux, and Heather Tracey pranced up and down the aisles, swishing wildly, patting the heads of the smiling lads....asking, "Ya having fun, big boy?"

The lads responded gleefully, paws reaching toward the masks on the strutting vixens...only to be batted away by the lasses as they sashayed on down the aisle. The fun was beginning...the terriers were ready to party!!!

The noise and activity in the cabin was about to get out of hand, when Captain "Scotty" came on the intercom, announcing their arrival in New Orleans.

"Be seated, youngsters. It's party time !"

The Scotcorde pulled up to the gate, and Captain "Scotty" stepped out of the cockpit, opened the door, and gestured toward the exit. "Your party awaits, youngsters."

New Orleans may not be prepared for it.....but the Wild Child Gang has arrived, and they're ready to party.

Laissez le bon temps roulette!!!

Chapter 3
A Scottie Tribute

The terriers piled off the Scotcorde, but stopped in the concourse to whisper mysteriously. Then, they raced to the waiting limousines, and headed towards the French Quarter. Arriving at their hotel, they hurried to their rooms, brushed out their furnishings and beards, changed and raced back to the lobby.

The group of terriers that returned to the lobby looked nothing like the ragtag group of wild ones that had arrived. These terriers were well-groomed, dressed in their tartans and kilts, regal and proud. They stood quietly, waiting for everyone to return, then they quietly returned to the limousines. Riley whispered to the lead driver, and the limousines slowly pulled away from the hotel, heading for the French Quarter.

The limousines pulled to a stop at Jackson Square. The chauffeurs opened the doors.....the terriers silently emerged and began quietly walking toward the river.

They continued walking toward the Moonwalk along the Mississippi River. Arriving at the banks of the great river, they stood quietly together, looking out across the mighty river at the red-gold sunset shining on the water.

Katie stepped to the riverbank, and motioned for Judge Brimley. His dignified appearance was a testament to his years as a scottish gentleman, and he looked regal in his kilt and tam. As the Judge moved through the group toward the bank, he located Simon Livingston, and placing his paw around the lad's shoulders, pulled him along toward the riverbank.

The terriers watched quietly as the Judge placed Simon at the river's edge, next to Katie. He began to speak to the group, " Lads and lasses, we have come here to say our final farewell to a gallant lass. We have lost our wee Maggie Livingston much too soon. We all know that feeling of loss when part of our heart crosses the Bridge, leaving us behind to grieve and mourn their passing. We come here today to give Maggie a final tribute, to tell her that we miss her, and think of her often."

Judge Brimley turned to Simon, and patting him on the arm, turned toward the river. Katie stepped up to Simon, and placed a wreath of red, white, and blue flowers in Simon's paws. Across the wreath was a plaid bow, its streamers billowing in the breeze. In the center of the wreath, a picture of Maggie gazed out at the gathered terriers.

Simon said nothing as he took the wreath in his paws, but the tears streaming down his furry cheeks needed no explanation. He turned to the river, and placed the wreath upon the lapping waves at the shoreline. As the group of terriers watched quietly, Billy Delli Carpini stepped forward, and lifted the bagpipes to his shoulder. Soon, the melancholy strands of Tears of Heaven could be heard across the mighty river.

The terriers watched as the sun slipped below the distant shore, saw the changing colors painted in the sky, and watched the wreath begin its journey down toward the Gulf. Katie and Judge Brimley escorted Simon over to their friends, where he was surrounded by wee ones who understood his pain, and felt his grief. Simon looked back at the river one last time, to watch the wreath disappear in the distance. He watched the red-gold sunset change to dark purples, then to a growing deeper black.

The terriers gathered Simon close, surrounded him with their love, and together, they left the edge of the river. They moved back toward the limousines, and were soon headed back toward their hotel, thinking of the fun that was to come.

The river continued its work, speeding Maggie's wreath onward in her journey.......the wreath that was filled with love and sweet memories of a loving scottish lass who would be forever remembered.

Farewell, Maggie............

Chapter 4
Out of Control

The Wild Child Gang burst through the front door of the hotel, looking for excitement and adventure. The large group of terriers, along with their Guardian Brigade, took possession of the sidewalk closest to the parade route. The noise and laughter coming from their terrier homesteaded sidewalk attracted the attention of nearby partiers, who were amazed at the intense enthusiasm of the VERY vocal wee ones .

The noises from the approaching Krewe of Scotticus parade drew everyone's attention. It was as if someone had fired a starter's pistol....the terriers began racing in all directions.....each headed toward his own adventure.

Honey Bear looked at the terriers, who had divided into small groups, and were disappearing into the crowd. "TY !" he shouted. "They're getting AWAY!!"

Ty realized that the terriers were in the throes of full-frap mode ,were not paying any attention to their own safety, and were heading toward catastrophe. "Follow them!!!!!" he screamed, above the noise of the parade. KayCee, Dom, Honey Bear, Yogi, and Ty each raced off after a group of highly excited terriers, trying desperately to keep their charges in sight. Things were getting out of control.

Chapter 5
Chaos !

Campbell Donnelly, Bonnie Gamble, Angus Maddux, Ali Riches, Brindi Arzani, Tucker Warner, Duffy Barfield, Clancy Brewer, Brandy Blasche, and Pagan raced off in the direction of the noise, with poor Jubilee hot on their heels!!

The terriers tore down through the crowd, heading toward the LSU marching band. Reaching the band, Duffy grabbed the drum major's trouser legs and shook furiously, causing him to drop his baton. Ali raced up, grabbed the baton, and began leading the band himself!! Brandy and Tucker barreled through the band, heading toward the drums. Reaching their destination, they ripped the drums out of the players' hands, and raced back to Ali, beating the drums as they went. Bonnie ripped a trumpet from another band member's hand, joined the scottie band forming in front of the shocked LSU band members. The remaining players had a desperate grip on their own instruments, as other terriers raced up to wrench other instruments from frightened fingers. Completely overwhelmed, the remaining LSU band members could only plop down on the sidewalk, staring in shock at their once-proud band, now reduced to a furry mass of frenzied terriers making very unusual and LOUD music.

At the front of the parade, there was also scottie action happening. Aggie Donnelly, Tas Flewharty, Windy Grzelak, Megan Bruce, Cammster Meverden, Mackenzie Quigley, Brewster Wynne, Parker Porter, Burberry D'Ascenzo, and Toby Pehle raced to the Scotticus King's float, where they quickly climbed aboard, tossed the riders of the float OFF, and proclaimed themselves KING AND QUEENS of the Scotticus parade !!!! Much arooooooo'ing followed, as the group of terriers turned the float into a "King of the Hill" game, tossing off anyone who dared approach their new kingdom!!!!

Meanwhile, down on the river, things had really gotten out of control ! Chak Stacy had gathered Quincy Nuckles, Huck Finn Bugle, Stormy Kubicek, Duncan McGillivray, Mandi Reyner, Sofy Bradberry, Natalie Lyons,Stoner Schmidt, Georgia and Maggie together and had stormed the Delta Queen riverboat, tied up at its moorings. The terrier squad had begun pulling the huge riverboat ASHORE, where they planned to outfit it with WHEELS and enter it in the parade as their Scottie Float !!!!

Honey Bear did as much PUSHING as the terriers did PULLING...with little success, as the terriers clenched their teeth in the mooring lines and backing away from the dock, their furry fannies raised in the air as they tugged with all their might. As the ship left the water, Bucky Sheets raced up with the wheels....and the entire group began paddlewheel modifications on the spot.

They soon had the paddlewheel float ready, and all scurried onto their new float, eager to join the parade. They quickly discovered, however, that the boat had no propulsion ...they couldn't move !

At that moment, Katie, Alexander, Hoagy Devine, and Riley trotted up.....dragging the legendary water cannon behind them. The entire group cheered, as Riley and Alexander hoisted the cannon onto the float, where they pointed it toward the ground behind the paddlewheeler.

When all the terriers were aboard and ready, Riley reached down, and flipped the switch on the legendary cannon. The water pressure was intense, and the movement of the paddlewheeler was immediate ! The boat flew across the grass, onto Bourbon Street, where it careened off a lightpole, before turning toward the oncoming parade.

Ty and Dom watched the disaster, almost in slow motion......the paddlewheeler headed directly TOWARD the kidnapped King's float, plowing down barricades, two police motorcycles, and one firetruck that had the unfortunate luck of being parked in the path of the paddlewheeler.

The Mardi Paw crowd scattered as the two scottie-covered vehicles raced toward each other...then gasped as the two floats came together with a crash! Ty and Dom raced forward, concern obvious on their faces. They were not surprised, however, to find that the terriers had not only survived the crash, but were rolling around on the grass, clapping each other on the back, laughing happily.

The great guardians breathed a huge sigh of relief, as they realized that the wee ones were not injured. Their relief was short-lived, for it was then that they noticed the large squad of police that now surrounded them !!!!!

Chapter 6
The Big House !

The crowd that burst through the door of the Police Station was not quiet and was chaotic ! The police herded the terriers into the central booking area, and tried to restore some order. The terriers were enraged and were NOT willing to listen to reason. In their opinion, they had done nothing wrong...they had seen something that they had wanted, and they had TAKEN they always had.

The officers were definitely having trouble calming the angry terriers. Scarlett Barfield had planted herself on top of the Sargeant's desk, sitting squarely on his booking register, and refused to budge. Millie Phillips was shaking her paw in the face of the nearest officer, her eyes blazing, as she gave the poor man a terrier tongue-lashing. Lucy and Melly had clamped their teeth onto the boot of one unfortunate patrolman, and were being drug across the floor as he tried to save his boot. Izzie Murphy had backed one officer into a corner with a fierce display of teeth, and stood there with feet braced , daring the man to move.

All around the room, it was the same...angry scotties complaining at the top of their lungs. The noise in the room was almost unbearable. The Captain in charge, tired of this disturbance, put his hands on his hips, took a deep breath, and thundered, "ENOUGH!!"

The silence was immediate. The terriers stood silently, although by the looks on their faces, the Captain knew that the silence would not last long if something weren't done . He issued orders to his officers, who quickly began lining the terriers up for booking. The terriers were just about to erupt again, when the front door of the precinct flew open.

Through the doors raced the Guardian Brigade, with Fergie, Brimley, Linus. They were followed closely by Wart and Wren. The terriers broke into wild cheering ....things would be straightened out now !!!! Midget raced over to Brimley, grabbed him by the paw, and began pulling him toward the police Captain. "Tell him we're innocent, Brim....Tell him!!!" she whispered.

Brimley, Linus, the Canine Nostra, and Fergie put their heads together, and after a lengthy discussion, Brimley stepped forward to address the officer. Brimley asked the officer what the charges were against the terriers. The officer began listing the charges...and when he turned to a second page to continue the growing list, Brimley turned back toward the Elders and rolled his eyes. He knew it would NOT be an easy task saving their furry necks this time.

Wart and Wren pushed forward and began issuing threats, telling the officer about the connections that the Canine Nostra had....and would have been arrested as well, if Linus had not stepped forward and with a raised paw, silenced the two angry canines.

Brimley had turned back to the officer to plead their case, when the door once again flew open. This time, it was Captain "Scotty" who walked boldly through the door, Champ at his side. Captain "Scotty" walked directly up to the police Captain and handed him a cellphone.

"Someone would like to speak to you, if you wouldn't mind," he said. Then, he turned to his wee ones, and flashed a devilish smile. The terriers knew then, that they were saved. Their Captain "Scotty" had come to their rescue. They crowded closer, eager to hear the cellphone conversation.

The police Captain was stammering "YES sir....well, SIR, the damages are rather extensive and...YES sir! But, there are so MANY charges, sir...YES sir! We'll do it immediately, sir! Thank you, sir!!!"

The police Captain handed the cellphone back to Captain "Scotty", a shocked expression on his face. Without another word, the officer waved the terriers away. Captain "Scotty", the Elders, and the Guardian Brigade immediately gathered up their wee ones and hurried them out the door.

Once back out on the street, the terriers eagerly surrounded Captain "Scotty"....curiosity shining in their eyes. "What happened? Who was on the phone? How'd you do that?"

Smiling, Captain "Scotty" first looked at the wee ones and announced.... the Mardi Paw parades were done for this year. He told the terriers that they would now return to the hotel, where they would have their traditional Mardi Paw Ball, but that they would NOT return to the streets this year. He looked directly into the eyes of each wee one, and one by one, they all agreed to his terms.

Then with another devilish smile, Captain "Scotty" added.....
" oh, and that phone call? Barney's Dad !"

Chapter 7
Mardi Paw Masked Ball

Balls and cotillions are held in exquisite ballrooms, with crystal chandeliers, soft lighting, and rich décor. That's the way it has always been, it is traditional, it is expected to be that way.

Enter the Wild Child Gang- they are NOT traditional, and they are experts at doing the Unexpected. So, it was that the Mardi Paw Masked Ball was held NOT at the Marriott, or Riverwalk Hilton....but at the Super Dome !!

The Wild Child Gang, all dressed exquisitely in their tails and ball gowns, chatted happily as they arrived at the Super Dome. They entered the huge "ballroom", eager to begin their party. As they entered the huge stadium, they were amazed at the transformation.

There was no trace of the stadium or ballfield....there was only a huge, midnight blue tent in the center of the field. The peak of the tent was suspended from the roof of the Dome, with the sides gracefully draping down around the building. As the terriers stepped through the blue velvet drapes at the entrance of the tent, they gasped in awe. Parked around the sides of the tent were the Blaine Kerne floats from the Endymion and Bacchus Parades, placed end to end as ornamental decorations for the scotties cotillion ball !!!!

The terriers were further impressed when they looked at the roof of the "tent" to find the largest chandelier they'd ever seen....150 feet across and at least 75 feet high. It cast a soft glow on the blue velvet drapes, the entire effect giving the room a most regal appearance.

As the terriers moved to the center of the room, a drape opened at the far end, to reveal the music for the evening..." Three Dog Night" ! The terriers broke into wild cheering as the band began playing "Celebrate"!

The first onto the gigantic dance floor was Judge Brimley, who had a paw draped around Fergie's waist. He twirled her onto the floor and began a very stately waltz, despite the definate rock and roll rhythms of the band.

Mac Tracey took Lucy Sheets by the paw, and took her breath away as he twirled her around the dance floor. Terriers quickly found dance partners for the evening....Stuart Timm and Piper Almandinger turned their paws to break dancing, as Haley Devine and Duffy Hoffman danced the evening away in each other's paws.

Heidi Delli Carpini, exquisite in her pink gown with the plunging neckline, was spending time with Butch and Max, regaling them with past Bash adventures.

MacDuff Arzani and Abby were demonstrating their skills at jitterbugging, and drew quite a crowd. Soon, Duncan Brewer had Terre-Belle Warner by the paw, as they joined the jitterbug crowd.

Audrey Maddux and Duffy Tracey boasted that they could outdance anyone...and a dance contest was begun. Linus was chosen as the judge for the dance contest, with Moby the Cat as his assistant. They sat on the edge of the stage as they watched the terriers dancing around the room, their paws tapping to the rhythm of the music.

Midget Wion and McGee Janis drew loud applause as McGee threw Midget high into the air, then set her down gracefully, to twirl around the floor.

Alexander Bradberry had swept Maggie Johnson completely off her paws with his suave, romantic whisperings in her ear. She giggled daintily, as he swept her across the floor.

Brewster had his paws full , as he danced first with Milly Phillips, then the other lass watched closely.

Megan Bruce was giddy in the paws of Branson Grzelak, as he complimented her strapless black silk sheath, then kissed her gently on the muzzle.

Sara Grzelak, in her gorgeous silver gown, was laughing gaily in the paws of Angus Brewer, as they gracefully circled the floor.

Meaghan Barfield, Molly Reyner, Maggie Blasche, Maggie Doodle Nuckles, and Avery Murphy took turns dancing in the paws of Champ. They soon drew quite a crowd as the lasses all asked to have their turn dancing with the gallant shepherd.

Katie sighed happily as she circled the room in the paws of her they stared into each other's eyes the outside world disappeared. They were alone in their world.

Duncan McGillivray had Stormy Kubicek by the paw, twirling her around the room. She was breathless as they danced faster and faster.....both looking deeply into each other's eyes.

Prince Maxxie smiled broadly as he swept his Princess Mandi around the room...kissing her softly at every turn.

Huck Finn, Emmitt, Stuart Lyons, and Branson Grzelak were busy making the rounds of the floats...painting scottie faces on every available surface of the expensive floats. If the Guardian Brigade saw the mischief, they said nothing.

Riley , Simon Livingston, Pogo, Connor Bruce, Robbie McGillivray and Tavish Pehle were concentrating their attentions on the velvet drapes around the room. No one noticed the rope that hung mysteriously from the ceiling. The scotties smiled wickedly as they stood quietly, waiting for midnight.

The evening was perfect, the terriers danced the night away, happily dancing with all their friends. The Guardian Brigade sat near the buffet table, quietly discussing the day's events. Ty shook his head, amazed that they had survived at all !! As he glanced around the room, he noticed the suspicious group of scotties, standing in the corner, holding a rope!!!! Ty 's gaze followed the rope upwards to its source......then gasped!!!!

"Those Scotties !!!!" he muttered. Then, calling for Dom and Honey Bear, they raced toward the group. Dom realized they wouldn't make it in time, as Connor and Simon actually smiled and WAVED, just as the scotties gripped the rope and gave one huge TUG !

The room went DARK!! Blue velvet fell everywhere......the entire velvet ceiling had fallen onto the partiers!!!! Scuffling and scrambling, the terriers crawled toward the edge. Occasional slaps were heard from scottie lasses, as some paw ended up where it shouldn't.......always followed by much giggling and snickering.

Jubilee and KayCee managed to reach the edge of the velvet and escape, followed closely by Champ, and the rest of the Guardian Brigade. Worriedly, Yogi asked if the little ones would be okay. Ty looked up at the great chandelier, still securely attached to the ceiling.....then, he listened for a second....and hearing the slapping paws and the giggling, he rolled his eyes and reassured the Guardians that these wee ones would, indeed, survive this as they had survived all their other adventures.

The Guardians sat back, propped against a nearby bleacher, as they watched the blue velvet that covered the floor of the Super Dome....with small, round bulges moving around under the velvet...bumping into other bulges, then turning to find the exit again. Honey Bear laughed...this would take the tickle out of their toes!!!!

The entire group finally emerged from their blue velvet shroud, very scruffy and unkempt, but laughing and arooooooo'ing loudly. Furnishings and whiskers askew, tuxedos and gowns crooked, torn and twisted. The Guardian Brigade gathered up their wee ones, and escorted them back to the hotel. It was time to leave....New Orleans couldn't take any more of the Wild Child Gang's adventures this year.

Smiling, the Guardians escorted their little terriers out of their "ballroom".

This, too, had been an adventure!!!!!

Chapter 8
Home Again

Katie was not surprised to see the police escort to the had been expected. After all, the Wild Child Gang had a legendary reputation for adventure. Departures were usually very public,very memorable and very welcome.

She smiled at her friends as she watched them pile out of the limousines, waving boldly at the large group of police officers. The officers shook their heads and sighed...such wildness for such small bodies!!! They would be glad to see this group of partiers leave...they would have an entire year to prepare for their next arrival.

Lucy, Sofy, and Riley escorted everyone onboard "Sleek One", making certain that no one slipped past, to stay behind. Sofy smiled as she saw the extra boxes and bags being taken back to the terriers' homes...she knew...she was taking extra boxes home herself...memories of her Mardi Paw.

As the last terrier climbed onboard, Champ closed the door securely...then turned to Captain "Scotty" , telling him that the "wild ones" were all ready to go.

Captain "Scotty" smiled, patted Champ on the shoulder, then as he turned toward the cockpit, he told Champ, "I'll have them napping in minutes."

He was as good as his word. The Scotcorde streaked down the runway....the great, silver wings catching the air as it lifted off the ground. "Sleek One" tore through the sky as it reached its cruising altitude, then Captain "Scotty" began....every so gently... weaving the great plane from side to side, as if rocking a baby to sleep.

The Guardian Brigade breathed a huge sigh of relief, as they watched the last, reluctant eyelids close in slumber. The terriers were all curled up, fast asleep....happy in their world.

Honey Bear looked at the innocent faces curled up in the seats, and shook his head. "Are they ALWAYS like this?" he asked.

Dom laughed softly. "Yep, this is just about normal....for THESE guys!"

Champ smiled...he knew how hard it was to get used to this much enthusiasm for life from such wee beasties. Sighing, he and the other guardians also found comfortable places to curl up.

Soon, the only sound heard on "Sleek One" was the soft humming coming from the cockpit, as Captain "Scotty" escorted his wee ones home again.

His eyes twinkled as he said to himself, "Well, one thing's for sure......Bashes are never DULL !"

"Sleek One" streaked on through the clouds, taking each wee one wait for another Bash call.

And once again, we survive Terrier Excitement and, until next time, dear friends.....


This ORIGINAL story was created and written by Carol Johnson .
It is NOT to be reproduced in ANY way
without the EXPRESS written consent of the author !!!

(c)Copyright 1999-2010 All rights reserved.

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