Riley's 13th Birthday BASH

Sir Riley Rambunctious, my Handsome Hunk,
celebrates his 13th birthday on January 19, 2013!!

UPS Delivery


HOPE you're all PACKED 'n ready!!!

JUST wanted to give you a 'heads UP'...... EACH of you will be receiving a PLAID box this morning, delivered by all of our favorite vehicles, the trusty, brown UPS man!!!

WHEN you receive your box, be SURE to check the contents IMMEDIATELY! You will have NEEEEED of this garment when the ScotCorde makes its run, LATER TODAY!!!!!!!!

Inside the box, you should find --
** one bright orange flight suit
** a very detailed harness assembly, to be worn OVER the flight suit
** a plaid FLIGHT watch, pre-set to ALARM at 'LIFT OFF' this afternoon.

MAKE certain your harness is worn CORRECTLY, see the 'harness tutorial video' that will accompany the package, to help you attach it correctly!

WHEN your FLIGHT WATCH alarm goes off, run OUTSIDE, and watch for the ScotCorde! You'll need to be in an OPEN AREA, or up HIGH somewhere, so the ScotCorde will SEE you!! And, be CERTAIN that you're dressed in your FLIGHT SUIT WITH THE HARNESS !


PARTY is IMMINENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NOTE - Guardian Brigade: You'll be picked up FIRST!!
PUNCTUALITY is crucial!!! ;-)

Alice & ECMick model the orange flight suits!

Chapter 1

Evangeline was excited! She'd read the BASH journals, over and over..... she knew the LEGENDS that surrounded those adventures. She had spent hours, sitting at Riley's side, listening to him regale her with the tales of bold exploits and wild, exciting happenings.

They weren't just 'tales', he told her.... they were documented FACT. Vangie KNEW, she'd heard it as a wee babe, from the Wild Child's own lips...the passing of the torch. She had big pawprints to fill, but she was tense with excitement, eager to get this party started!

THIS was her FIRST BASH as the PARTY ORGANIZER, she was "Lass in CHARGE".... and she was determined to make her mark!! Riley would have a 13th Birthday celebration for the AGES.... she'd SEE to it!!

She clapped her paws together, and with a fierce nod of her head, she sprinted across the backyard, through the tall, wrought iron gate, and onto the enormous concrete tarmac. She cut around the helicopter, dodged behind a fuel truck returning to the garage, gave a passing pat to the side of the old bi-plane sitting in the bright, morning sun, and continued on, never slowing, never looking back.

Ahead, she saw the giant hangar. She KNEW what was inside, and excitement spurred her onward to even greater speed. The huge hangar doors had been slid back, allowing the warm sunlight to stream into the deep recesses of the massive building. Vangie grabbed the edge of the door as she turned the corner, using it as a pivot point, to swing around into the open building.

She skidded to a stop....staring, breathlessly... there it was..... the LEGENDARY ScotCorde!

It stood gleaming in the sunlight, white, sparkling, sleek... it WAS "Sleek One"!! Vangie had read about it, she'd seen the photos... but this beast was powerful! She saw the ScotCorde as a wild creature, poised and ready for action, sitting back on its haunches, ready to spring... this beast screamed POWER!

Evangeline's grin broadened, she couldn't help it, the ScotCorde made her happy CLEAR THROUGH!


And, with that, she sped across the hangar, to the stairway that led up, up, up, to the doorway just behind the cockpit.... the doorway onto the SCOTCORDE!

"BREATHE, just BREATHE!" she reminded herself, as she took the stairs 3 at a time, eager to step INTO the LEGENDARY plane. Reaching the top step, she halted abruptly.

"Hello, Beauty!" she said to the jet as she placed a wee paw against the sleek fuselage, patting it softly. Her breath caught in her throat... the shiny, silver Beast was exquisite, tasteful, elegant... SCOTTISH in the extreme!

Gingerly, carefully, she stepped from the stairway INTO the ScotCorde. She knew that the jet had been completely remodeled, having been grounded for an extended period of time. She'd even seen the itemized bill that had come in the mail.

She had heard Mom commenting on what SWEET Scotties CHER BEAR, Jaimie, Dewey, and the DUKE were, to step up and happily volunteer their Moms, Rosanne, Sue, and Linda, to pay the $18.3 million bill for the upgrades and remodeling for the ScotCorde.

Eager to see these latest changes, she stepped into the entranceway, and gazed down the length of the enormous, exquisitely appointed plane.

Thick, wool carpeting extended as far as the eye could see, a soft tartan plaid. She wiggled her toes into the thick pile, giggling in delight at the luxurious feeling on her paws. The interior wasn't just lined with rows of seats, as in a 'normal' plane.

The ScotCorde had cozy seating areas, small groupings for quiet conversation, each luxurious chair was covered in butter-soft leather, tufted, plush, and pillow soft for furry tushies. She peered around a bulkhead, and found an enormous movie theater, equipped with surround sound, and 'action-packed' acoustics.

Farther back, she located the 5-star galley, equipped with every appliance necessary to serve scrumptious meals to the ScotCorde guests. She gazed in awe at the luxurious Venetian marble that covered the entire galley floor.

She was surprised to encounter a tall man in a white jacket, busily working. She peeked around the end of the counter...

"Hello, there!" the man said, smiling, wielding a long, sharp knife in one hand,  pushing his white hat back with the back of his hand. "I'm Emeril ! You must be Vangie. Would LOVE to chat, but have shrimp that need to be peeled, and lots of garlic to mince! Have 90 guests coming for lunch, dontcha know! Later, Sha."

Evangeline backed out of the galley, and was about to continue her exploration.... when she heard a soft cough. Turning around, she walked straight into a very tall uniformed man... well, she was looking at his KNEES, mainly!

Her gaze rose, knife-edged creases in his uniform, spotless.... her gaze continued upward, dark hair, and sky-blue eyes...

"THIS is HIM!" Vangie thought to herself.... Captain SCOTTY!!! She watched his face, his eyes alert, he casually leaned against the bulkhead, his mouth breaking into a broad smile.

"Good MORNING, Evangeline Faire! It's an honor to see you again, Lass! I understand you have quite an adventure scheduled for us... I can't WAIT to hear what 'quiet' journey we undertake THIS TIME!"

He extended his huge hand downward. "Captain Scott Terry, your PILOT, at your service!"

Vangie smiled, extended her paw. Enjoying the 'formalities' of this re-introduction, she responded. "Hello, Captain! I'm Evangeline...... or, just Vangie! I met you, briefly, for my 'short' birthday flight....THIS time, we'll do it up RIGHT!"

"This IS my first BASH with ME in charge, so THIS is what we're going to do....." Vangie pulled out a notepad, and began reading off an itemized list of activities and events. "I want to put my OWN mark on this adventure, so let's give our guests some EXCITEMENT when we PICK THEM UP!!"

Vangie took Capt. Scotty's hand in her wee paw, and together, they strolled back up the aisle toward the cockpit, Vangie excitedly sharing her plans with the famous pilot.

Vangie's plans MUST have been eye-popping, as even the experienced PILOT stopped in mid-step, turned and STARED at the Scottie Lass beside him.

"WELLLLLLLLLL, now!" Capt. Scotty was impressed. "THAT will MOST ASSUREDLY be a FIRST! I can guarantee you the GUESTS will be in for QUITE an adventure... just ARRIVING, will be a feat, in itself!!" NORMAL, it's NOT!"

"Oh, GOOD!" Vangie smiled happily. She now had the blessing of the ScotCorde's famous pilot.... so it was ON!!!

"YOU go get us in the AIR! We have GUESTS to collect!" Vangie announced. "And I have a LOT of phone calls to make, I think the guests might want to know what their IN FOR!!!"

Captain Scotty watched the wee, Scottie Lass as she sauntered to a nearby leather chaise, climbed up and propped her paws up comfortably. Pulling out her iPawPhone, she began 'warning' her guests.

"WELL NOW," the wise Captain commented softly. "Looks like we are about to begin a NEW generation of adventures! THIS is about to get INTERESTING!"

Whistling softly, the Captain strolled to the cockpit, and settled into the pilot's seat. With years of experience, he deftly prepared the sleek jet for take-off.

Within minutes, Captain Scotty had the ScotCorde out of the hangar, speeding down the runway, leaping skyward... off to collect dozens of unsuspecting GUESTS for a new ADVENTURE!

He smiled wickedly... shaking his head, his smile broadened. He couldn't WAIT! In all his years piloting the ScotCorde, he'd NEVER had instructions to collect guests THIS WAY!!

THIS was going to be FUN to WATCH!!!

Chapter 2
On the Fly!

Vangie was so busy calling her Guests, she'd not even noticed that Captain Scotty had the ScotCorde in motion. It was only when he had the plane at the end of the runway, its engines roaring, gearing up for take-off, did she HEAR the change.

Putting her iPawPhone in her lap, she leaned over to the nearby window... THIS was the BEST part!! She LOVED the power as "Sleek One" leaped into the air!!

She waited, her eyes ablaze, her mouth open in anticipation...

Captain Scotty didn't disappoint. He pushed the throttles forward, and the ScotCorde tore down the runway.... the intense power of the custom-built engines pushed the sleek jet ever faster.... then, the great silver BEAST LEAPED into the air, climbing dramatically, in a sharply vertical take-off!

Captain Scotty smiled to himself. Yeah, he knew, the angle at lift-off WAS a bit extreme, but he could tell, by the loud, joyous "ARROOOOO" coming from the lounge area told him that he'd delivered!

Getting down to business now, Vangie picked up the 'phone' that nestled in the arm of the plush, leather lounge chair, and pressed the 'cockpit' button.

"Okay, Captain, let's circle around. We're picking up RILEY, first! He's standing out on the tarmac, waiting..... or, at least, he SAID he'd be there. I TOLD him to!! Let's get STARTED!"

Captain Scotty had been looking forward to this! He hadn't used the 'Fulton Recovery System' since leaving the Air Force. It was a VERY impressive recovery technique, albeit, a tad FRIGHTENING for the one being recovered!

He'd spent last night doing some VERY EXPENSIVE re-fitting the ScotCorde just for THIS procedure. He was EVER so grateful for the "MONEY IS NO OBJECT" mindset of the Scotties' deep-pocketed parents! There seemed to be quite a LIST of credit cards available for use at ANY time, for ANY perceived need.

Nothing was too good for their Scotties' comfort and entertainment. Captain Scotty just hoped they'd ACCEPT this 'Recovery Tactic' without panicking! He chuckled, as he checked the equipment.

The retrieval system was 'green light' on the board, all working perfectly.... hook, winch, all in perfect working order.

He'd even added a pivoting 'belly camera' system on the undercarriage of the ScotCorde, which would display 'real time' views of the 'retrieval subject' on his overhead display monitor, to provide him with 'eyes' on the 'subject' as he reeled them into the cargo bay. Thinking of the Guests, he'd also enabled the option to display the live 'belly camera' feed directly to the huge movie screen in the ScotCorde lounge, for the BASH'ers to enjoy!

"Vangeleen," Captain Scotty drawled, "systems are ready. We're lined up, and descending on Riley now... YOU stay in contact with each GUEST via cellphone. I have you on 'speaker', so we can coordinate each 'pickup'... coming in on Riley, NOW!"

Vangie had her Bluetooth in her furry ear, for paws-free conversation.

"RILEY! BRACE, brace! We're making the run NOW!!!!!! PAWS UP! Coming.....coming!"

She stared INTENTLY at the monitor on the bulkhead on the far wall. The 'belly camera' had swiveled around, and she saw Riley ahead, watching the jet close on his position. He spread his paws and braced.....

ZAP!!!! The skyhook grabbed the harness system and JERKED Riley off his paws. Immediately, the 'belly camera' pivoted, following the hooked harness system. Vangie watched eagerly. She smiled as she heard "ARRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOO" on her cellphone!!

"YOU OKAY??" she asked urgently.

"SUPER! JUST SUPER!" Riley shouted over the roar of the wind in his beard. He spread his paws wide, angling his body to soar and bank turns as the winch pulled him up into the cargo bay of the great jet.  Even being dragged through the sky, the lad maintained his suave demeanor.... Vangie shook her head in awe.

Captain Scotty had put the ScotCorde on auto-pilot for this first recovery, and had sprinted down into the cargo bay to pull Riley in. Grabbing the winch, he'd easily swung Riley into the cargo hold, and quickly unbuckled the distinguished elder Scotsman.

He smiled as he watched Riley give a brisk SHAKE, to rearrange his lush furnishings, that'd taken quite a beating in the wind.

"Follow me, Riley," Captain Scotty instructed.

Returning to the main lounge, Capt. Scotty settled Riley comfortably next to Vangie, put a tasty filet mignon strip in his paw, then glanced over at Vangie.

"Guardians, now, RIGHT?" he asked.

With Vangie's affirmative nod, Captain Scottie hurried back to the cockpit, returned the jet to manual mode, and made a wide, graceful turn. Pushing the engines, the jet quickly ate up the distance.

Within the hour, the ScotCorde was in Illinois, circling LBF, to collect the Captain of the Guardian Brigade and his team. Circling the farm, Vangie and Riley watched Jake on the monitor, organizing everyone in the field beyond the barn.

Again, Vangie communicated to the ground via cellphone. "We'll take YOU first, Jake.... he's coming in NOW! BRACE!"

Captain Scotty's attention darted from the instrument panel to the large display monitor overhead. His ability to 'see' below made the retrieval much simpler. He watched carefully, descending slightly, maneuvering the grab hook....

"GOTCHA!" Captain Scotty announced, as the hook snatched Jake off the ground, and quickly reeled him into the cargo bay. Jake grabbed the cargo bay door and with one paw on the winch easily swung himself into the plane.

Deftly unhooking from the winch, he released the hook, to be re-deployed.... then reached over on the nearby bulkhead and grabbed the safety line. Hooking that to his own harness, he could now safely stand in the cargo doorway without any danger of being pulled out if something happened.

He reached over to the intercom on the nearby bulkhead. "I'm ready, let's get the others," Jake told the Captain.

The hook lowered again, a wide arc in the cable, as the ScotCorde made a graceful, sweeping turn to line up and come in again over the field.

Vangie, on the ScotCorde's intercom, announced, "Brindie and Tana are both ready. They want to come in on a TANDEM! Double 'em UP!"

Jake shook his head.... typical, he thought... but he quickly grabbed the 'back up' winch system and swung it around, locking it into the master control, he was able to simultaneously maintain control of BOTH winches, maintaining a safe margin for the 'recovery'. Jake's attention was on the cargo bay doorway.

Captain Scotty maneuvered the ScotCorde around, made the second run. With Jake now in the cargo bay to man the winch, and Vangie to communicate with the ground... they had the system in place... 1-2-3, easy as pie!

"Brindie! You and Tana stand right beside each other! HOLD ON, we're coming IN!! PAWS OUT!! NOWWWWWWWWWW!" Vangie called.

The hooks caught, jerking both Scotties off the ground with amazing speed. The squeals and arrrrooooooo's coming from the two Scotties as they STREAKED skyward had apparently startled the nearby farm livestock.

Captain Scotty watched the monitor as the sheep and horses stampeded across the field, nearly trampling Lady, who quickly side-stepped the panicked farm animals.

"OOOPS!" Captain Scotty chuckled. "Guess that'll give FarmWoman something to DO in her free time!"

Down in cargo, Jake's paw steadied the winch line as it reeled Brindie and Tana into the speeding jet. Grabbing each lass in a paw, he easily swung them into the cargo bay, quickly unhooked the winch line from their harnesses, and sent the winch lines back to the ground,  as he directed Brindie and Tana up to the Main Lounge.

Tana and Brindie, fur windblown, trotted into the Main Lounge area, and eagerly sprinted to greet Vangie and Riley . They congratulated Riley on his birthday, gave him birthday hugs, then plopped down in nearby chairs, to watch the spectacle on the display monitors.

Lady was next, and the retrieval went without a problem... well, except that she'd had to RUN to catch the hook, as the sheep were still in panic mode around her. Jake was glad to have an extra set of Guardian paws down in the cargo hold now, to make retrieval easier.

"ALL here," Jake called on the intercom, as he unhooked Lady from the winch. "Bay door closing, for flight to next location."

Captain Scotty pushed the jet, racing through the sky, eating up the miles.

Next stop, more Guardians....

Captain Scotty, Vangie, and Jake had the system running like a finely tuned watch now. Reaching Chicago, they retrieved Hans and Grace in a tandem hook, pulling BOTH large Guardians in together.

Jake smiled as the two new 'retrievals' reached the cargo bay, eyes shining with excitement. He had to agree..... this was a SUPER COOL ride into the ScotCorde, just SUPER COOL!!

The ScotCorde circled, lined back up, and descended... with exact precision Bijou was 'retrieved'.

As the winch began reeling her in toward the plane, Vangie and her pals began laughing, as they watched the monitor.

Bijou had her paws spread wide, but suddenly, had pulled them in, tight to her body, and with a lean, had begun twirling. The TIGHTER she held her elbows to her body, the faster she twirled!

The observers in the Main Lounge were DULY impressed! Clapping, they watched.. and laughed!

Down in the Cargo Bay, however, there was NO jubilant laughter...... only frowning Guardians, eyes squinted in concerned anger.

"That lass is gonna HEAR from me when she sets paw down in this plane!" Hans threatened, holding onto the winch cable, TRYING to steady it with Bijou's wild maneuverings.

But, as Bijou reached the Cargo Bay doorway, her dancing eyes, and broad smile ended any question of a lecture from Hans. He reached down, swung her over into the hold, unhooked the winch line from her harness, gave her an affectionate pat on her shoulder, and pushed her gently toward the Main Lounge.

"WELLLLLLL, hopefully, THAT will be the LAST we see of THAT kind of nonsense!" Jake predicted, HOPING that would be true.

HOWEVER, the MINUTE Bijou joined the party up in the Lounge, she was greeted by clapping and cheering as she settled into a nearby chair to JOIN the growing RETRIEVAL PARTY.

It became HOT NEWS on every cellPawPhone on the plane!! SUDDENLY, it was "OUT-DO BIJOU" !!!

Maybe, it's just as well that the GUARDIAN BRIGADE NOT know about this!!! VEG


At the next stop, Katie Placer was ready! She'd answered her cellPawPhone on the first ring.... had excitedly told Vangie that she was ready.... on her ROOF!

"Come and GET ME!" Katie P. had shouted.

Vangie relayed the location information to Captain Scotty, who grunted, then muttered to himself... "sooooooo, now it begins! The ONE-UPS-manship!"

He chuckled, then concentrated on maneuvering the huge jet around through the suburbs, and the obstacles. It was quite a needle-threading feat to get the winch hook right onto that roofline, avoiding the old growth trees that surrounded the house. With amazing finesse, Captain Scotty managed, and was perfectly lined up....

"Coming in, NOW, Katie P!" Vangie had said into the cellPawPhone. Then suddenly.... "KATIE, turn LOOSE of the...... never mind!"

The party guests laughed. Katie Placer had been holding onto a large exhaust vent on the roof, in an effort to maintain her balance. When the winch hook grabbed her, Katie had been so excited, and SO focused on being in JUST the right position to be 'retrieved'......that she'd forgotten to TURN LOOSE of the vent....... and had ripped the ENTIRE metal vent off the roof.

"SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY, MOM!!!!!!!!!!" Katie P screamed, as she STREAKED skyward, the vent still gripped tightly in her paws.

Reaching the cargo doorway of the ScotCorde, the Guardians acted as if nothing was wrong. Grace grabbed Katie P, while Sugar pried the large, metal vent from Katie's clenched paws.

"Just another day on a BASH," Jake chuckled. He watched Sugar toss the vent across the cargo bay, into a far corner. "We'll just have to send it HOME with Katie when she returns AFTER the BASH. Dunno what Mz Sue is gonna do 'bout that big HOLE in her roof in the meantime!"

And so it went, BASH guest after BASH guest...... jerked off of roofs, out of trees, two were grabbed from atop town WATER TOWERS....

D'Arcy, Striker, and Marigold had planned AHEAD!!! They'd been waiting in the parking lot of the Alamo Cafe in San Antonio... and were taken as a FOURSOME TANDEM..... the fourth 'catch' being an enormous COOLER filled with hot, spicy enchiladas, fresh guacamole, and sopapillas!

The entire party moved to the CARGO BAY for THAT arrival, where they CHEERED the Scottie food delivery service, then spread out the delicious feast in the back corner of the cargo bay.... easy access for the Guardians, and each new arrival!

The news of THIS new feat quickly spread via cellPawPhones, spurring Hunter and Sunny to even GREATER challenge.

They had their Mom drive them up to the Bar D Chuck wagon ranch, where they packed down 40 lbs of brisket, and chuck house biscuits... another MULTIPLE tandem pick-up there... with MORE FOOD arriving up in the cargo bay.

As Hunter and Sunny set paws down onto the cargo hold, depositing the still-smoking meat... MORE cheers were heard.. as the BASH'ers stormed the new additions to the growing menu... The ScotCorde lower hold was now FILLED with the wafting smells of hot, delicious 'local' fare.

EACH new arrival was met with loud greetings, paw-clapping cheers, and waving napkins, as they joined the picnic in the belly of the great jet!

The rest of the day consisted of windblown Scotties and their friends, fur sticking up and out, all sitting cross-legged on the floor of the cargo hold, dipping chips 'n salsa, slathering guacamole, slurping up steaming hot chicken fajita enchiladas, eating brisket slathered in barbecue sauce, and topping it off with dutch oven biscuits smeared with fresh honey!!

Ya know...... we just might not HEAR from 'em for a while.... they're too busy smackin' and munchin'!!


Fulton 'Skyhook' Recovery System- VIDEO

Chapter 3
Breakfast and an Easy Job!

Their first morning down on the Bayou had started off ABRUPTLY! Just after sunrise, Evangeline had tip-toed outside, to the porch that stretched across the entire front of the historic old Creole bungalow.

Standing at the edge of the wide, fan-shaped steps, she watched the sun rise across the bayou. She stood quietly... with a 'dinner triangle' in one paw, and a crowbar in the other. She listened to the peaceful sounds of the Bayou as it awakened to a new day.

"Okay, enough PEACE & QUIET for one day!" she whispered to herself, a wicked gleam in her eyes. "Let's get this shin-dig started!"

And, with that, she raised her triangle out in front of her, scooted her paw farther UP the rope, away from the triangle. Her other paw shoved the heavy crowbar into the center of the triangle...... and, gritting her teeth, she began BEATING the crowbar around the inside of the triangle, as HARD as she could, for ALL it was WORTH!!

Raising her muzzle skyward, she shouted, "UP AND AT 'EM!!! RISE & SHINE! HIT THE DECK!" Her smile widened. This was FUN!!

Inside the bungalow, bedlam erupted!! Scotties FELL out of bed with the cacophony of racket echoing throughout the house. Jake, the head of the renowned GUARDIAN BRIGADE, took the stairs 3 at a time as he raced downstairs toward the perceived danger. Alice and Lady were close on his heels. As new Guardians, they were following Jake's lead. They'd HEARD tales, but surely those were exaggerated, SURELY they WERE!

Knocking the front door OFF its hinges as he plowed THROUGH, Jake skidded to a stop, back-pedaling abruptly, to keep from running straight into the source of the noise. He blinked sleepily, staring.

"GOOD MORNING, JAKE!" Vangie smiled broadly. "BEAUTIFUL MORNING for a party, don't you think??"

Lady and Alice had slammed into the back of Jake, followed closely by Hans, his lips curled in a full snarl, prepared to face a dastardly foe.

Through the front door poured the Scotties... crowding onto the wide veranda, sleepy-eyed and bed-bearded!

"GOOOOOOD MORNING, Party pals!!! Where's Riley?" Vangie stood on tip-paw, looking over furry heads, searching. Finally, Riley appeared in the doorway. A paw lifted, to negligently push a stray strand of beard back into place. He casually moved forward, through the crowd, to stand beside Vangie.

"WELL, m'girl. I see that you have the entire household Up and Going, already! Sooooooo, what's our first order of business, hmmmmmmm???" Riley patted his growling tummy, a sure sign to Vangie that the lad did NOT intend to begin ANY adventure that didn't include BREAKFAST!

Vangie laughed. Knowing Riley as well as she did, she merely nodded.... and with a wide sweep of her paw, she gestured to the well-groomed front lawn, where an enormous table had been placed. Filled to overflowing with Eggs Benedict, Biscuits and Milk Gravy, Steak & Ham, Chicken & Waffles, Fruit compotes..... and GRITS! HEAPING bowls of creamy, steaming GRITS, dollops of home-churned butter melting into the mixture.

"Breakfast is SERVED!" Vangie led Riley to the head of the table, and with great ceremony, seated the Elder Scotsman and filled his plate to over-flowing with some of every dish on the table. The Guests slid into the nearest chair, and reaching paws soon had the food disappearing onto plates... beards became covered in grits, as Scotties, unfamiliar with such texture discovered the new dilemma.

Evangeline hurried the crowd through breakfast, then stood. Grabbing Riley by the paw, she tugged mightily, finally getting him up out of his chair.

Motioning to the guests at the table, she announced, "Come on! It's time to PLAY!"

Everyone bolted out of their chairs, and crowding Vangie and Riley, they all headed back across the wide lawn, around the house, through the backyard, to the tall wrought-iron gate nestled in among the tall shrubbery that lined the property.

Evangeline paused at the gate, lifted a key hanging on a chain around her neck, and quickly unlocked the huge gate. Swinging it wide, she trotted through, still tugging on Riley to follow. The guests poured through the gate, all curious now, all eager to see what Vangie had up her sleeve.

Jake had the Guardians hanging back, bringing up the rear. "Watch carefully," he warned. "It's these moments that are the CALM before the STORM!" The Guardian Brigade, composed almost entirely of new members for this BASH, listened carefully, scanning the surrounding area for any possible danger. Hans and Grace fanned out, patrolling the rear of the large group. Lady took the left side of the group, while Alice and Sugar veered to the right. The group was being 'herded' nicely in the right direction.

Newbie Guardians thinking... "this is a cinch! How hard could this BE!"

Chapter 4
Cardboard Capers!

Vangie led the entourage on, across the enormous tarmac, toward the hangar that sat at the far corner of the 10 acre facility. She could hear the curious chatter behind her. The Scotties were now totally focused, and she had their full attention.

As they neared the enormous hangar, the Scotties spotted the ScotCorde, parked out on the tarmac in front of the hangar, gleaming in the bright, morning sunlight.

"OH, we're GOING SOMEWHERE!" Motley shouted. "COOL!! Wonder where? Where are we GOIN', Vangie?"

"Wait and SEE!" Maddie replied, thumping Motley's shoulder. Laughing, they hurried along with the group.

The eager throng of Guests reached the hangar, all determined to barrel on into the building. Vangie held up her paw. "WHOA, Sportsfans! Hold it a minute!" she warned.

Vangie still held a firm grip on Riley's paw, and turning to him, she tugged, bringing him close. Standing on tip-paw, she whispered into his ear.... for what seemed a LONG time! They watched as Riley's eyebrows shot up, his eyes widened... then, everyone grew very NERVOUS when a wicked gleam appeared in Riley's eyes!

They watched anxiously as Riley trotted off toward the back of the building. He stopped about 20 feet away, turned, and called out, "HEY, Heidi....Bran.....Holly.....Ivy! Come with ME! We're going to have some FUN!"

The Guests watched as Riley and his team trotted off toward the far end of the hangar. The remaining guests grew more uncertain as they watched the five Scottie heads huddled closely together, as Riley excitedly shared some sort of plan, all the while gesturing excitedly as they walked along. It was the perky little HOP that appeared in Heidi's gait and Bran hurrying on AHEAD of the others that drew the MOST attention.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, this isn't GOOD! This isn't good at ALLLLLLLL!" Kramer Bush warned. "We KNOW the stories. There's ALWAYS a 'twisted hitch' somewhere! Riley and his crew are ENTIRELY toooo happy!" He cocked an eyebrow knowingly. "Mark my words.. something's UP!"

Kramer poked Zip in the ribs and laughed. "This is gonna be FUN! Just watch for that TWIST in the road! It's coming!" Zip grumbled about Kramer being paranoid, chuckled, and headed off, eager to get on with the fun!

With a wave of her paw, Vangie had the entire group sprinting down the length of the building, heading toward the front entrance. Her pace allowed for no dawdling, she was in PowerWalk mode, and would tolerate NO shirkers. Reaching the front entrance, Vangie put her paw on the Office doorknob, turned, and faced her Guests.

"THIS morning, we're going to PLAY.... we have the ENTIRE hangar facility at our disposal." She spread her paws wide, for emphasis.

"We have 3.1 acres under this roof.....a tad over 136,000 sq. feet!!! ALLLLLL for US!"

She watched the eager faces..... then added the 'punch line'.

"And, WHAT are we going to DO in 3 acres of building??? Build, Play Hide 'n Seek, Have a bean bag war, whatever you can IMAGINE! This building is FILLED, to the BRIM, with ...... (sigh)...... CARDBOARD BOXES!!!!"

Vangie had everyone's attention now. She opened the door, then led the way into the cavernous building. Everyone crowded close, as Vangie reached over and turned on the lights. Suddenly, the building was FLOODED with light. Everyone gasped!

Boxes......HUGE boxes, small boxes, LONG boxes, skinny boxes... piled 20 feet high, as FAR as the eye could see!!!!

"ENJOY yourselves!" Vangie announced. "Build your kingdom, EAT your way through a box or two, have a Box battle, knock yourselves OUT!"

And, everyone SCATTERED! Homer Devine immediately began stacking boxes, one on top of another. Announcing his tower would be the highest, he soon had Brindie dragging boxes over, determined to build a TALLER tower. Feverishly, the two Scotties dragged boxes over, lugged them up, struggling as they discovered that even empty boxes had significant weight.

Jaimie and Dewey watched the growing box towers for a minute..... then looked at each other and nodded. "We can SMOKE 'em!" Dewey declared, as the two first-time BASH'ers raced over and began building their OWN tower over near one wall.

Farther ahead, Cher Bear, unable to control herself any longer, leaped into the boxes, followed closely by Morley Reyner. Together, they began working on a castle, grander and bolder than any box castle ever built.

The more mature Scotties in the group looked at each other questioningly. They saw no reason for such exertion. They HAD, however, located a sumptious buffet, set up next to the open doorway and had eagerly homesteaded the site, dragging nearby boxes over to create lounge chairs and long benches. Settling in, they munched on yummy treats, as they watched the excited chaos going on among the boxes.

The 'New Generation' was GIDDY with excitement! There was a flurry of activity, Scotties racing around, building, throwing, eating, ripping holes in ..... boxes! Scarlett began dancing and twirling, making tight circles in her excitement. Making herself dizzy, she accidentally stumbled into ECMick, who was planning and plotting what he was going to do with HIS boxes. He quickly turned, and reached out, managing to steady her just as she began to fall.

"Careful there, Sunshine," Mick commented, still holding her paw in his own. "Ya don't want to hurt that pretty paw of yours." He smiled pleasantly as he continued to hold her paw. Scarlett blushed, then smiled coyly. Mick's brown eyes made her knees weak... then she got hold of herself, shook her head to clear the fog, and tugged gently, trying to reclaim her paw. No luck, Mick held it fast, as he began to share his Box strategies with her.

One thing led to another, and a Team was formed. Mick and Scarlett would build a box fort, strong enough to hold invaders at bay.

Scarlett and Mick were busily rounding up team members, when Jake strolled up, and stood, tapping his paw.

"Mick, m'lad, I think you could get a LOT more done with your building project....... if ya TURNED Scarlett's paw loose!" Jake tried not to smile, he worked hard to maintain a neutral expression... and hopefully, Mick wouldn't see the twinkle in Jake's eye!

ECMick gave Scarlett's paw a pat, then released it. The two scotties were soon busily constructing their box fort, as they were joined by Mac Delli Carpini, Teddy Sheets, Black Jack Fones, Megan Daisy Wilson, and Truman Huckstep. The construction immediately became the center of activity, with boxes being hurled and slung, creating an ever-growing wall of boxes.

Meanwhile, way back in the middle of the cavernous hangar, surrounded by hundreds of boxes, Vangie was happily and joyously entertaining herself with one very LARGE refrigerator box. She'd climbed up, scrambling over boxes, to locate JUST the right box. This one was PERFECT! She'd climbed up a neighboring box, found the top of "THE" box open, and LEAPED inside....

It was the NOISE that attracted Hunter Riches' attention. Scratching, LOTS and LOTS of SCRATCHING, LOUD scratching. He cocked his head, trying to focus his ears toward the sound. Following his ears, he wound a circuitous route through the mountain of boxes. The scratching was louder now, more determined.

Turning a corner in the trail through the box maze, he found the source of the noise. Up ahead, stood an enormous refrigerator box, that seemed to be pulsing! Walking up to the box, Hunter laid a paw against the box, it was WIGGLING, vibrating, and BOUNCING!! The scratching was from the INSIDE!

Thinking that someone must be trapped INSIDE, Hunter scrambled UP the nearby boxes, leaned WAY over, and peered down into the deep refrigerator box. His eyes widened at what he saw!

Instead of a trapped Terrier, he saw Vangie, rolling and rooting, grunting and snorting! He watched as she rolled over on her side, her paws up against one side of the huge box, where she began 'digging' excitedly, both front paws flailing wildly at the cardboard.

Hopping to her feet, she advanced to 'hole digging' at the bottom of the box, her paws making staccato rhythms as she feverishy dug at the bottom of the box. With one final stomp of her paw, Vangie paused to catch her breath... and heard the chuckling.

She looked up, to see Hunter leaning over, watching. "Looks like FUN!" he commented, smiling. "Want some help?"

"Sure! The box is surely large enough! You like to dig?? Jump in, the cardboard is perfect!" Vangie gestured to the bottom of the box, then stepped back to give him room.

Hunter launched himself off into space and managed to slide down the far wall of the box, to land with a thud next to Vangie.

"Okay, so what's the plan?" he asked, as he gave a great shake to rearrange his furnishings.

Vangie glanced around at the wide base of the giant refrigerator box. "Okay, it's a RACE! YOU dig on THAT side wall, I'll dig on THIS side wall.... first one to dig an ESCAPE hole through the box, WINS! READY, GOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Not giving Hunter time to react, or even comment, Vangie dropped down onto her side, and began frantically digging at a side wall of the tall box, just at 'paw height'. Hunter laughed, and followed suit, began an intense paw assault on HIS side wall.

Both scotties were totally focused, the noise inside the box was deafening, the box was pulsing and vibrating with the damange being inflicted to its stability. Happy as clams, the two Scotties continued their attack on the box, determined to bring the enormous cardboard structure down around their ears.

Jake, Sugar, and Alice patrolled the far end of the huge hangar, keeping an eye out for any 'extreme box' antics that might need to be reined in.

They noticed Taylor Burks, Hobbes Devine, Odie Liske, Mason Bruce, Maggie May Bailey, and Clio van Dulken, all lined up atop a large stack of boxes, each one taking a turn to LEAP off into a smaller pile of boxes below. Apparently, the goal was to flatten the entire PILE of boxes, although, new boxes were constantly being added to the landing zone, and the Terriers were now disappearing into the pile with each jump.

"They'll be fine," Alice predicted. "They actually have pretty good FORM, ROLLING when they hit the box, to reduce impact!"

The Guardians continued their patrol, when....

Suddenly, Jake paused... and spun around. Looking at Alice, he blurted, "Where's Adelaide? The BABY? Where's the Scottie PUP? She's only 3-4 months old, 5 tops! Where IS SHE!?!?!"

"Last time I saw her, she was following along behind Phoebe Bruce and Marigold! Let's spread out and find Addie!" Alice suggested.

Jake pulled out his iPAWPhone, and hit speed dial. Immediately, Hans answered. "We've lost Adelaide pup! Spread out... locate the wee toddler! Alice saw her tagging along with Phoebe and Marigold earlier. Find the baby!"

"Got it!" Hans replied. "We'll start from the north end and work our way toward the center of the hangar. You start from the south. We'll find her."

The large dogs spread out across the hangar, and, at a fast trot, began a thorough search of the building... hampered by the thousands of boxes that would dwarf a very small Scottie pup.

Grace's 'all call' to the Guardian frequency stopped the Guardians in their tracks. "FOUND HER! Northeast quadrant, about half way in... you HAVE to come SEE this!" Grace's chuckle reassured the Guardians that the pup was fine, but now their curiosity was aroused, so the Brigade quickly closed on Grace's location.

They located Adelaide, the center of attention, a large crowd of Scotties circling her... all clapping, all bouncing with the rhythm of some tune being played on an iPawPod that Adelaide had swinging from her collar.

"What in blazes is she DOING?" Jake asked.

"Making cardboard confetti!!" Hans answered. "She seems to be DOING it well!"

Grace laughed, and poked Hans in the side. "Silly boys! Look at it this way, she's expending TONS of energy, a VERY good thing for a youngster HER age... she has 2 dozen babysitters surrounding her right now..... this glass is half FULL!"

More shoulder shrugging from the Guardians, as they watched a few more minutes. Spotting Phoebe in the circle of Scotties, Jake sauntered over, and whispered into Phoebe's ear.

"You and Marigold keep an eye on Addie," he said. "Make sure SOMEONE is watching over her."

Phoebe nodded, then turned her attention back to the group, just as the 'watchers' joined the action and began fiendishly shredding boxes of their own. Suddenly, it was 'snowing confetti'.... cardboard shreds flew everywhere, which only served to spur the Terries on to more feverish tearing and ripping and shredding!!

The Guardians backed off, however, when they saw Marigold, Morley, Malleagh, and Sunny ROLLING a 50 drum barrel over to the now enormous mountain of cardboard confetti. Guardian eyebrows rose dramatically as they read the label on the rolling barrel.... "blackstrap molasses"!!!

"GREAT IDEA, SUNNY!" Marigold shouted, as the group began working to unscrew the lid of the barrel. "This will make a SUPER "SYRUP TRAP" for anyone coming through this end of the hangar!!"

The Guardians began their retreat.... quietly and hopefully, unobserved! Jake actually shivered at the thought of molasses covered cardboard shreds embedded in his collie fur.

"NOPE!" he said quietly to the other Guardians. "We'll just leave THIS for someone ELSE to clean up! And, with that, the Guardian Brigade made a strategic withdrawl.

Across the huge hangar, chaos reigned. Jake and the Guardians stood for a moment, listening to the racket. Obviously, the Scotties and their friends were having a GRAND time... if the NOISE level was any indication! Boxes being shredded, boxes collapsing in great, rumbling avalanches.... followed by gales of laughter.... It was the "Okay, pile 'em back UP! Let's DO IT AGAIN!" comments that worried the Guardians.

"Okay, Guardians..... let's go earn our kibble!" Jake said, rolling his eyes ever so slightly. "Spread out and make sure they don't KILL themselves!"

Laughter echoed through the cavernous hangar... everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves. The Guardians maintained a close watch on the partiers, who didn't NOTICE Riley, Heidi, Holly, Ivy, and Bran easing quietly into the hangar, through the executive offices. The BASH'ers didn't SEE the Elder Scotties quietly begin climbing....

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, whatcha think?? COULD THIS BE THAT "Twisted Hitch" that Kramer WARNED us about????????

Chapter 5

Elders PlayTime!

"SHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Riley warned the team as they tip-pawed up the steel 'service stairs' to the narrow catwalk that spanned the entire length of the ScotCorde hangar. He re-adjusted the weight of the large burlap sack he was lugging.... and turned to check Holly, Bran, Heidi, and Ivy.

They, too, had large sacks, and some were clanging on the metal stairs with each step. They'd quietly seen that Heidi's bag had the least weight, but its sheer bulk was creating a challenge for the Elder Scottie lass. Riley was about to go help her, when he saw Bran slip behind Heidi, and with a paw on the back of her sack, had steadied her bag enough to make it easier to climb.

Riley smiled. He glanced over the flimsy railing, at the chaos below. No one would look up, no one would notice them..... his gaze quickly scanned the enormous hangar, and located Jake, far below. Jake's attention was on the Elders... he'd warned them to be careful, he'd WANTED to send a Guardian with them, but Riley had put his paw down.... "no, indeed! TOOOO large, tooooooo noticeable!"

Jake quickly surveyed the Terriers, totally focused on their Box Games.... taking NO NOTICE of anything happening overhead. Jake gave Riley a quick "Paws UP" signal. Keeping one eye on the Elders' ascent, Jake returned to his Guardian duties on the floor of the Hangar... yet, managing to back as far AWAY from the area as possible.

Climbing.... climbing.... so many stairs! Riley made a mental note -- ELEVATOR NEEDED TO REACH CATWALK!!

FINALLY.. after what seemed DAYS, the Elder Scots reached the VERY narrow catwalk. Looking down the length, it seemed to run on forever.... it's WIDTH, however, was only about 18 inches wide... quite narrow for blocky, Scottie cinderblock bodies!!

The Team was glad to have reached their destination.....and plopped their burlap sacks down on the clattering metal walkway...

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Riley warned again. "Okay, unpack!!! Let's have some FUN!"

Locating a prime spot along the catwalk, Riley motioned for the burlap bags to be set down. Heidi's curiosity was aroused, as she peered over Riley's shoulder as he began unloading the sacks and lining the contents along the walkway.

Bran and Ivy's noses began twitching. SOMETHING in all of that....smelled GOOD! They watched as Riley laid out several large buckets... each filled to the top with colored sprinkles... red... blue.... green.... yellow. Farther down the walkway stood two 20 gallon buckets of sweet, golden alfalfa honey.

"OHHHHHHHH, we're going to have a PICNIC up HERE!!" Holly assumed, her mouth watering.

"Well, not really.... just wait a second, and I'll clue ya in!" Riley replied, as he reached into another sack and pulled out a massive package of large, fluffy marshmallows.... a restaurant-sized jar of crunchy peanut butter.... and the biggest bag of 'M&M's they'd ever seen!

Their brows furrowed, they watched Riley move to the last sack... producing a dozen plaid 'BEAN BAG LAUNCHERS'!!

Bran's eyes lit up first! He SMILED BROADLY!!! Turning to Ivy, Heidi, and Holly.... he relayed his assumptions, "We're gonna have a FOOD FIGHT!!! I ASSUME we're gonna go up against those YOUNGSTERS down below! SURE is a shame, they don't even know we're here.... we have the 'high ground', and the advantage of 'line of sight'!!

Everyone grinned, eagerly anticipating the coming fun...

Riley's attention suddenly moved to the stairs.... he glanced over, seeing Hans directing Noots, Molly Cleveland, and The Duke up the stairs toward the catwalk. With a salute, Hans turned back and headed off to patrol the hangar floor.

Riley greeted the new members of the TEAM, quickly brought them up to speed, then explained further. "NOW, the 'bean bags' today, will be YOUR CHOICE! YOU will either select a MARSHMALLOW, dip it in HONEY, then roll it in colored SPRINKLES!!! ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, you can get a paw full of peanut butter, roll it into a ball, dip THAT in M&M's, then dip into HONEY, and lastly, into one of the colored sprinkles!!!"

Everyone's eyes sparkled at the idea......

"REMEMBER," Riley cautioned.. "the MORE you layer it, dip it, the gummier it'll be!! The better it'll "SPLAT"!!! THAT is our goal.... SIGNIFICANT SPLAT!!"

Reaching down, he grabbed the plaid 'Bean Bag Launchers', handing one to each Scottie.

"Watch it when you load.... if you PUSH the glob in too quickly, it'll just JAM up the launcher. Be SURE to 'slide' your glob in gently. The sprinkles, IF YOU COVERED it thoroughly, will prevent the glob from jamming in the launcher, and keep your glob intact...... UNTIL it hits the target.... at which time, it'll turn into a squishy, sticky, ewwwy, gooey, mess!"

Noses crinkled at the prospect of having one of the 'Bean Bag GLOBS' embedded in thick, lush FUR!!! EWWW!

They grinned fiendishly..... Dusting their paws, they were EAGER to begin!!!

"Okay," Riley said. "I've spread the GLOB goo out so we can all get to it without knocking each other OVER the EDGE! We'll each construct 3-4 globs and set them down beside us on the walk.... when we start, we will have enough GLOBS to create a LOT of GOOEY mess before the youngsters can respond!!"

At Riley's signal, the Elders trotted over and began pushing their furry paws down into the icky, ewwy GLOB goo.... carefully rolling balls, dipping, sprinkling, dipping again.... and setting them gently along the walkway.

Within minutes, the Team was ready.

Far below, on the floor of the hangar, the youngsters were having a grand time. Darby and Ceilidh had started building a cardboard swimming pool, filling it with some of the molasses-covered cardboard confetti. THIS, then, drew the attention of Hot Rod Rammbler, Callie and Mandy H, Duncan & Maggie Mae K., Jake & Roxy H., Cooper and Caileigh Fones, Zip B, D'Arcy, William Murdoch, Mason and WCMick, Holly D, Misti, Minnie, and Mitzi R, Alanagh and Monty W, all just ITCHING to leap into the 'ooey gooey cardboard pool'!

Holding up a paw, Ceilidh announced a DIVING contest. "BEST dive wins!" she declared.

"HOW do we know who WINS?" asked WCMick.

With a wicked gleam, Ceilidh glanced down at the contents of the cardboard swimming pool and replied, "EACH diver, upon exiting the pool.. will have a committee to COUNT how many sticky bits of cardboard confetti they have stuck to their fur. MOST bits of confetti, WINS!"

THIS drew wild applause.

"THINK of it as DIGGING in your backyard!" Darby suggested.

"NOW, everyone will jump in at the SAME TIME!" Cedilidh added. "THAT'll give you some COMPETITION!"

Without a pause, she shouted, "READY, SET, GOOOOOOO!"

The Divers were all caught off-guard. With shouts and squeals, the huge mass of furry contestants LEAPED off the side of the shipping crate that was acting as one side of the 'cardboard pool'. With a giant 'THWAMMMM', 17+ bodies plopped squarely into the large, gummy mass of molasses-covered cardboard confetti.

From that point, it became anyone's game. SOME decided that ROLLING across the mass of goo would acquire the most cardboard confetti. OTHERS chose to make 'Cardboard angels', laying down and waving their paws up and down, frantically working to work as MUCH molasses cardboard as possible into their fur.

Mason and WCMick decided that digging would provide them with the greatest option for success, so began digging straight DOWN into the enormously, gooey mess.





For a split second, everyone on the floor of the hangar FROZE, STUNNED!

SPLAT!!!!!!!!!! Harmony took a 'glob' right on the tushy.

PLOPPPP!!! Striker got a green 'glob' in the ear.

Caileigh Fones was the first to react.... "DUCK! It's coming from UP THERE!"

Everyone's eyes followed her paw, pointed toward the roof of the hangar.

With mouths agape, the youngsters stared up at their Elders, who'd paused their assault for a moment.

With great dignity and decorum, Riley shouted, "FOOD FIGHT!!! Eat our DUST!!!"

The Elders gleefully and arrogantly waved down at the stunned youngsters, throwing some creative 'trash talk' into the mix.

"GET 'em, ELDERS!" Heidi called, swept up in the game now.

SQUEALS and shouts were heard from the floor as the youngsters, immediately congregated, to throw up a haphazard overhead shelter from the globs of goo!

Finally managing to create a very flimsy shelter, Nancy Ann Bush raced out from under the shelter, grabbed a gooey glob and boldly THREW it skyward, aiming for the catwalk. The glob, warm from body heat now, only managed to soar laterally, striking Maddie Liske squarely on the shoulder.

And with that..... it was EVERY Terrier for themselves!!! The Elders, overhead, were sending sticky 'globs' down into the throng of furry Terriers, gooey globs striking tushies, backs, tummies, heads... the youngsters were grabbing the globs and using them against anyone and everyone.

And...... WHERE...... you might ask..... is the GUARDIAN BRIGADE???

Well...... pshaw! They're in the OFFICE, watching through the large, plate-glass window!!!

Now..... amid all this chaos, bedlam, and icky, sticky GOO... we have some CREATIVE THINKERS to check in on!!!

WAY up on the catwalk, Riley and his team were happily launching globs of marshmallow/honey/peanut butter/sprinkles/M&M/ "GOO" down onto the hangar floor. With their attention focused on the youngsters below, Riley and the Elders failed to notice the 'Creative Thinkers'......

Gromit, Mac Delli Carpini, Allie Graves, Sirius Mathisen, and Clio van Dulken had quickly discovered that the incoming 'gooey globs' were, in fact, QUITE TASTY!!

After snacking on a couple of globs, the 'Creative Thinkers' had looked up at the catwalk, and decided that the best place to get MORE 'tasty globs' would be UP there ON that CATWALK!

Using boxes to cover their progress, they'd made a wide circle around the center of the action, and had approached the catwalk from the far end. Climbing the stairs had been rather 'iffy', as their paws were slathered in sticky, slippery, gooey GUNK... well, actually, the entire floor of the ScotCorde hangar was now a gooey, 'globby' swamp.

With fierce determination, and paws tightly clenching the railings of the stairway, the 'Creative Thinkers' had reached the catwalk, and spotted their goal.... bowls of yummy, 'globby' goodness... with no guards, no elders to watch over it.

And, onward they pressed.

Riley looked down at his 'globs' on the walkway.... deciding he needed to make some more, he turned..... to see the 'Creative Thinkers', UP on the catwalk, their heads SHOVED down INTO the Marshmallow bags, muzzles squeezed down INTO the enormous jars of peanut butter... shoveling it in with BOTH PAWS!

Riley leaned over and poked The Duke in the side. Nodding toward the 'glob' supplies, Riley grinned. He and Duke propped against the catwalk railing, and just watched. Soon, all the Elders had become aware of the 'Creative Thinkers'.

Riley strolled over, tapped Gromit on the shoulder, then leaned over, to be 'eye to eye' with the youngster. Startled, Gromit raised his head, marshmallow now ground into his once-pristine beard. He smiled broadly at Riley, although the sticky marshmallow made it hard to produce a GRACEFUL grin.

Riley and the Elders gazed down at their 'glob' supplies, bowls empty, peanut jar licked clean...

"Looks like this 'food fight' is done...." Riley commented. "Okay, youngsters, let's get down... y'all head on down ahead of us..."

Riley patted Mac on the back to get his attention OUT of the empty peanut butter jar.... "DOWN," Riley prompted.

The Elders shepherded the 'Creative Thinkers' back down to the floor of the Hangar, where chaos still reigned. The 'Creative Thinkers' had rejoined the mob scene in the sticky gooey pool... laughter echoed across the huge building.

The floor was literally a sticky MESS.... molasses-covered cardboard confetti, gooey 'globs' mixed in... there was not a single furry body that was identifiable. Goo, sticky cardboard, covered every bit of visible fur......

Riley and the Elders backed as close to the far wall of the building as possible, looking for a somewhat cleaner floor area... although, their OWN paws were caked with 'glob' makings... they tried not to get any DIRTIER!!!

Jake and the Guardians dreaded the inevitable. They had to get this mass of filthy fur OUT of this building..... they had places to BE!!!

Another glance out the office window, showed the furry partiers now rolling in the sticky mess, throwing it at each other!!!!!!! He cringed visibly.

"Well, SOMEONE has to go clear the Hangar!" Jake said. "SHORT STRAW goes out there! We have a schedule to keep!"

The Guardian Brigade all heard it at the same time..... they all WHIRLED, looking out the large, plate glass office window....

"SQUIRREL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And, with that one word....... the HANGAR emptied!!

The Guardian Brigade stood riveted to the spot.... mouths open in shock!!!

Past the large, plate glass office window streaked one wide-eyed gray squirrel,  running as if his life depended on it..... out the open hangar door, out onto the wide tarmac.

RIGHT behind the squirrel streaked 89 unidentifiable sticky, furry 'globs'.... 89 filthy tushies tore out of the hangar, paws thundering, tracking right along behind the fleeing gray squirrel...

The Guardian Brigade poured out of the office, quickly reached full speed as they raced across the tarmac.... chasing the fleeing squirrel......and 89 filthy tushies!


Looking for the first safe haven he could find, the gray squirrel spotted a perfect hole..... he climbed the limb and dove into the safety of the large opening of the silver tree.....
right into the newly re-designed, totally redecorated ScotCorde.

And....RIGHT BEHIND the gray squirrel thundered 89 filthy tushies, 'globby-pawed', and totally unidentifiable...

Ohhhhhh, now THIS won't be ANY trouble at ALLLLLLLLLLL, will it!!!!!

Chapter 6

"Road Trip"... SORTA!

The gray squirrel raced down the length of the plane. He had a definite destination sighted, and was totally focused. HEARING the chaos closing in behind him, he increased his speed. Safety was VITAL!

THROUGH the ScotCorde's doorway barreled 89 filthy Terriers. The MINUTE they touched the floor of the ScotCorde, their paws lost traction. A new plastic carpet runner had been laid down... stretching the entire length of the huge jet, creating a slippery surface that provided very LITTLE traction for filthy paws.

Scrambling, the entire mass of filthy fur managed to 'bank right', using the unfortunate lounge chair that had been positioned PERFECTLY to aid in making an abrupt change in direction.

Piling over each other, skidding into the lounge chair, stumbling and rolling, the 'Filthy Mass of Fur' managed to regain some traction on the slippery plastic runner. Maddie and Kala Liske, Asta and Maggie Cleveland, Mochreigh, and Harmony Devine managed the turn, but overcompensated and ended up in a filthy, furry pile under the expensive, velour chaise on the other side of the aisle. Scrambling, they pushed and shoved, eager to rejoin the wild-eyed chase now racing on ahead of them.

The mass of fur, their direction altered, was now headed down the center aisle of the ScotCorde, still intent on the squirrel far ahead. Frequent loss of footing on the slippery plastic runner caused numerous pile-ups, accompanied by loud grunts and OOF's !!!

Sirius Mathisen, Striker Gamble, and Finn Bailey had worked feverishly to work their way to the very FRONT of the speeding herd of 'filthy fur'... and the three saw 'it' at the same time.

Up ahead, a HUGE, gaping HOLE opened up... spanning the entire width of the fuselage!!!

Immediately, Sirius, Striker, and Finn began frantically back-pedaling. The momentum from their companions directly behind them, however, guaranteed that they would, indeed, fall into the BIG BLACK HOLE!!!

JUST as he reached the "BIG BLACK HOLE", Sirius looked up, one last time.... to see Captain Scotty standing just BEYOND the 'BIG BLACK HOLE'.

Leisurely leaning against the galley bulkhead, Captain Scotty had a mug of steaming coffee in his hand....and the gray squirrel sitting QUIETLY on the Captain's shoulder. The Captain smiled pleasantly, nodding at the frenzied Terriers, who were desperately trying to avoid the gaping black hole.

Captain Scotty didn't move. He watched as each Terrier reached the hole, expecting to fall into emptiness.... only to discover the SLIDE that extended downward, into the Cargo Hold, directly into the Olympic-sized swimming pool, that'd recently been transformed into a giant BATHTUB! Drained of most of its water, the pool now only contained 10 inches of warm, sudsy water.





Rolling and crawling, splashing and paddling.... the 'Filthy Furry' Terriers landed in the Giant Bathtub. As they scrambled to their paws, they looked up....and saw the Guardian Brigade standing around the edge of the pool... handing out long-handled kitchen scrub brushes to each Filthy Terrier.

"BE SURE to get those beards, scrub your tummies, your tushies.... and behind those EARS!!!" Hans warned. "We'll have 'Squeaky Clean' Inspections afterwards!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," Alice added. "And, you MUST pass your 'Squeaky Clean Inspection' to partake of that expensive buffet being set up now up in the Main Lounge. You WOULDN'T want to miss LUNCH, now... would you???"

Food driven, as are most Terriers.... the scrubbing began in earnest. Scrub brushes banged and clanked against neighbor's skulls and muzzles, as eager Terriers carelessly waved their brushes, trying to hurry through this... ugh... BATH!

In what must have been record time, the pool bathers scrambled out of the pool, shook vigorously, then stood dutifully for a fur inspection. As the bathers were given permission to proceed.... they sped back UP what HAD been the ladder, that had been removed, and now had been replaced by the customary stair access.

Within the hour, the pool in the cargo hold had been drained and hosed out (filthy, just filthy!!), the plastic runner down the length of the main cabin had been rolled up and moved back to the Hangar, the BASH Terriers had eaten a delicious Creole lunch, prepared by Emeril... and all had found cozy chairs, perfect for curling up for a nap.

JUST as things began to grow quiet.... they heard it. The doorway of the ScotCorde slammed shut.... BANG! Almost immediately, they heard the engines of the ScotCorde roar to life. Everyone sat up in their chairs, eyes sharp, ears pricked, noses twitching, bodies braced.. something was about to happen.

"HEY, VANGIE! Where are we GOING?" Sebastian Sheets asked. "Hope it's exciting! WHERE?? WHERE??"

Vangie stood up in her recliner, turned around, and draped her front legs over the back of the recliner.... peeking over at her friends who now watched expectantly.

"WELLLLLLLLL," she began...... "We're going to a PARTY! We're going to Riley's BIRTHDAY PARTY!"

Wild applause erupted around the huge cabin, as everyone began offering their own birthday wishes to Riley. Vangie hopped down, walked over and grabbed Riley by the paw.

Leaning well back, she tugged firmly, managing to get him up to stand beside her. She looked up into his rich, brown eyes... and smiled.

"Riley, you've had so many exciting adventures in your 13 years.... it's hard to select 'the best one'.... HOWEVER, when I began planning your Birthday celebration, Captain Scotty was contacted by some who consider you and your friends to be their HEROES!! They BEGGED us to have your 13th Birthday Banquet & Ball 'at their home'..."

"WHERE? Where are we GOING?" Roxy Henderson asked. Being her first BASH, she hadn't heard ALLLL the legends and daring tales.

Heidi Delli Carpini leaped to her paws.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she exclaimed. "WAS that, perhaps, the BASH that Great Grandma Inky made such a HUGE impression on a Gorkon?????"

Vangie smiled broadly. She had not 'experienced' it......but she knew the 'legends' by heart.

"Riley," Vangie turned to him. "Would you tell everyone WHERE you were headed, when GG Inky went 'ballistic' on the nasty Gorkon?"

A soft smile spread across Riley's handsome muzzle. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, we'd made a secret night take-off, on an emergency trip to Woobidoor, at the far end of the Galaxy. They were under attack by the evil Gorkons....and had begged for our help."

He paused.... memories flashing through his mind. He smiled, looked down at Evangeline, who was smiling gently.

"Are we going to..... WOOBIDOOR?" Riley's eyebrows lifted questioningly.

"YESSIREEEE!!! We're heading to WOOBIDOOR! They've planned an INTERSTELLAR BIRTHDAY BANQUET FOR THEIR PLANETARY HERO! They have INSISTED that we allow them to honor Riley with this special ceremony... on their home planet!"

GASPS were heard throughout the cabin. MOST of these BASH guests had never even HEARD of this Woobidoor adventure. They weren't even AWARE that the ScotCorde was fully equipped for Interstellar travel, capable of HYPER drive and able to travel at Light Speed. Vangie eyes sparkled at the coming adventure.

She looked around.... the New Generation was breathless with excitement... this was NEW GROUND! They'd never DONE anything THIS bold and Adventurous! Anticipation was palpable....

Riley glanced over at Heidi, and saw several others that HAD experienced this adventure before.... they smiled. What a wonderful place for a PARTY!!

Vangie picked up the phone in the armrest of her lounge chair. "Captain, we're all ready. You may leave anytime."

Turning to the BASH guests, Riley warned. "As we leave Earth's orbit, make certain you're tightly belted into your seats. Wait until Captain Scotty gives you permission, then you may enjoy the gravity free cabin. Ohhhhh, and you MAY want to make a QUICK cellphone call to your Moms and Dads, because we'll DEFINITELY be out of 'tower range' shortly!"

Riley took his seat, buckled his seatbelt, then stared out the large window, eager to see another interstellar flight.

Almost immediately, the ScotCorde gained speed, and sped down the runway. They felt the ScotCorde leave the ground, and the bump of the tires as they were folded neatly into the fuselage. The ScotCorde was now 'sleek' and ready for space. Captain Scotty pointed the nose of the jet skyward, and the plane climbed up.... higher, higher, higher....

Then, the blue skies disappeared.....replaced by the dark blackness of space. Stunned surprise was written on EACH furry face.... as Captain Scotty flipped the switch... and the roof of the ScotCorde slid back, revealing a ceiling wide, glass-domed view of space.

The intercom crackled. "Okay, Wee Ones. We've entered deep space, and are now traveling at 3 times Light Speed. We'll now enjoy some zero gravity, while the movie screens provide you with a history of Woobidoor and the heroic efforts of Riley and the Elders who helped the Woobidoorians! Unbuckle your seatbelts, and be CAREFUL!!!!!!!"

Sebastian, Cayenne, and Jason immediately released their seatbelts and pushed off from their seats. Popping the head of the first Scottie they floated past, they shouted, "YOU'RE IT!"

Patrick Velez took up the challenge, pushing himself off, floating after Cayenne, reaching his paw out to tag her... only to have Cayenne tuck her paws up close, and roll off across the cabin in a tight ball.

Jaimie and Maggie Sugar joined the game. Jaimie discovered that pushing off EACH chair as they floated by would continue to increase 'floating speed'. HOWEVER, it was also discovered that STOPPING was almost IMPOSSIBLE, as Maggie tried hard to back-pedal to avoid the approaching wall.... only to float straight into it with a resounding 'thump'!

The GOOD news was.... speed wasn't really POSSIBLE while floating... so bumping into objects were more a case of 'push OFF' the object and redirect your trajectory!

Gyppsy Rose Kitty joined Hot Rod Rammbler in a game 'trick floating'... challenging each other to perform the more amazing 'trick'. Hot Rod quickly discovered that GRK was MUCH more agile and MUCH more flexible... while HIS greater size and weight provided for tighter, faster loops.

Carleigh Yeager joined the game, followed soon by Jack Henderson. The foursome were soon doing zero-gravity aerial maneuvers such as skydivers performed, to the delight of nearby observers.

The great, silver Beast streaked through the darkness of deep space, into the black void... headed to a planet at the far end of the Galaxy.... a planet most of these adventurers had never HEARD of.... into the UNKNOWN!

And WHAT in the WORLD is up with these SQUIRRELS????????

Chapter 7

Riley's Birthday Banquet

The ScotCorde had crossed the galactic miles with surprising speed, having been specially equipped for events such as this. The BASH guests stared out the view portals in amazement, as Woobidoor and its three moons drew closer and closer.

Finally entering Woobidoorian orbit, the ScotCorde hovered just above the surface, then settled gently to the ground. Those who were making their first trip to Woobidoor stared through the windows at the strange, new planet. The entire sky overhead had a rosy glow, and as they looked into the sky, they could see several nearby well as three moons.

The surface of the planet was covered in thick, plush fur in shades of blue, purple, and yellow, and was blowing softly in the afternoon breeze. Everywhere were huge round furry balls, rolling back and forth around the ScotCorde.

Riley stepped over to the window to explain, "Those huge furry balls are NOT toys... or tumbleweeds. They ARE, in fact, the Woobidoorians. But, I wouldn't consider them as innocent as your woobies at home. IF you look very closely, you'll notice some very dangerous teeth inside those furry mouths. Enjoy your visit."

Riley smiled as he watched the 'Next Generation' of Terriers stare in awe at the huge furry citizens of Woobidoor.

Captain "Scotty" stepped into the cabin. "Sir Riley Rambunctious, your party awaits !"

Captain "Scotty" led Riley and the BASH partiers to the aft cargo bay, lined them up, then activated the cargo bay doors.

The Woobidoorians rolled quickly around to the rear of the huge jet, to better see their old friends as they stepped off the great plane. They squeaked loudly as Riley and the Elders marched boldly forward, followed by the awe-struck youngsters. The entire Earth contingent lined up proudly at the base of the ramp.

The Woobidoorian Fuzzident rolled forward, gazed at their old friends, then rolled over to a box on the ground, pushed a button, and began squeaking.

Captain Scotty's Interstellar Translator began ...."We welcome you once again to our planet. We once before relied on you to come to our aid. We knew you to be loyal and true friends. Without your assistance, we would now be part of the Alliance....and that was not an option for us!"

The furry balls around the Fuzzident rolled back and forth excitedly. The Fuzzident continued, "We owe you our lives. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Today, we honor one of the original warriors who came to our rescue... This day marks a celebration of his 13th orbit..... or, in Earth terms, his 13th year."

The Fuzzident rolled forward. In one appendage, he held a large medallion. It shone with an unEarthly brilliance, neither gold nor platinum.... but some other-worldly metal. Moving forward, he gestured for Riley to lean down. The Fuzzident then placed the medallion around Riley's neck.

The Fuzzident spoke. "Sir Riley Rambunctious, we honor you this day, for your past service, your 13th Orbit Day, and this celebration honors our long-standing friendship. Please, enjoy yourselves."

As the Fuzzident stepped back, the entire group of furry citizens began squeaking and rolling around rapidly, clearly excited!!!

Captain "Scotty" stepped forward. "Okay, youngsters.....if you'll look to your right, you'll see that the Woobidoorians have arranged an enormous party in Riley's honor. Please, follow the Woobidoorians... and be on your BEST behavior!!"

The BASH Partiers broke into wild aroooooooo's, then raced gleefully across the furry meadow to the huge pavilion, laid out with all manner of treats and good things to eat. The Terriers and their friends spent the afternoon blissfully eating all manner of unusual and different edible fare.

Riley and his friends had eaten their fill, and had stretched out in the soft fur to relax and nap, when they heard it. The most unusual sounds they'd ever heard... hauntingly beautiful, softly hypnotic, and eerily peaceful.

Riley sat up, looking around for the source of the .... 'music'. His gaze settled on five Woobidoorians, huddled together in the center of the Pavilion. Each furry 'musician' seemed to be humming, but the sounds they were emitting more closely resembled a flute, some resembled an oboe.

Each creature hummed a different pitch, a different tone.... but all of the 'musicians' were tightly bunched, creating a resonance between them that created a unified 'hum' unlike anything the Earth visitors had ever heard.

Riley, Vangie, and the BASH partiers were entranced as they listened to the beautiful sounds. They were quite surprised when the Fuzzident rolled out into the center of the Pavilion and began rolling, twirling, and flipping in happy celebration.

Immediately, more Woobidoorians rolled out into the large open area of the Pavilion and began rolling and twirling.

Riley smiled. "Guess we're expected to DANCE!" he commented.

Immediately, the quiet garden party turned into a dance-fest. The Terriers heartily approved, and the center of the Pavilion was immediately crowded with BASH'ers, dancing and twirling, and celebrating.

Riley stood, and made his way through the BASH partiers, located D'Arcy, and held out his paw.

"Care to Dance, Lass?" he asked suavely.

D'Arcy placed her paw in Riley's. He led her to the center of the Pavilion, and, together, they improvised a unique dance suited to the 'harmonics' being made by the Woobidoorian quintet... dipping and twirling around the Pavilion.

Hunter sauntered over to Evangeline, bowed gracefully, and held out his paw. "May I have this dance, m'girl?"

Vangie smiled broadly. "You may, INDEED, Sir!"

Together, they joined the growing crowd out on the furry dance floor.

Riley proved to be a very busy Scotsman, as over the course of the afternoon, he was seen paw in paw with Holly Grant, and later still, Ivy Grant. Later still, the foursome were comfortably seated near the buffet, nibbling on unusual fare, and comparing adventure stories.

Anonymous sources report sightings of several more dancing couples -- ECMick and Scarlett, Sirius and Marigold, Morley Reyner and Cher Bear, to name only a few.

Meanwhile, over in a far corner of the Pavilion, Gromit, WCMick, Striker, Callie H., Zip, Katie P., Mac Delli Carpini, and Homer D. were having a very creative conversation with a dozen young Woobidoorians... with the aid of an InterStellar translator, that apparently was on the 'fritz'.

Somehow, they'd all agreed to participate in a 'cultural exchange'... of HAIR STYLES! WCMick had built some 'sheers' from 2 dinner knives he'd taken from the nearby buffet table. By the time the GUARDIANS arrived, the dozen young Woobidoorians had been trimmed to show BEARDS.... and the Scotties had begun to more closely resemble BICHONS!!!

Adelaide was the center of attention. The Woobidoorians were enthralled. They'd never before SEEN a 'YOUNG' member of this Earth species... and were intrigued watching her as she rolled among the soft fur, nibbled on treats, watched the rosy sky, then bounced off to grab a nearby furry beard in her eager mouth.

Captain "Scotty" watched Riley and the youngsters as they rejoiced in their galactic celebration. He glanced around, and was not surprised to see the ever-alert Guardian Brigade sitting on the hill overlooking the party, faithfully watching over their wee ones.

The climax of the celebration proved to be quite a shock for the Scotties and their friends. Captain Scotty moved to the center of the Pavilion, where the Woobidoorian Fuzzident stood, waiting expectantly. Captain Scotty stopped in front of the Fuzzident, setting a large case down in front of him. Opening the case, he turned to the Fuzzident.

"Earth sends its regards, and in the spirit of friendship and cooperation, we bring you four delegates from Earth. They will act as Earth's Ambassadors to the planet Woobidoor. We look forward to a long friendship between our two planets."

Captain Scotty reached into the case, and gently lifted out the first of FOUR squirrels, who eagerly hopped onto the Woobidoorian Fuzzident, chattering happily. The citizens of Woobidoor squeaked and chirped excitedly, causing the squirrels to leap from one Woobidoorian to another, barking and flicking their tails.

Captain Scotty wasn't certain how THAT bit of interplanetary goodwill would turn out.....but it'd surely be DIFFERENT!

He glanced at the sky, and seeing the rosy glow fading on the horizon, he got up....reluctant to leave this peace and tranquility.

The BASH Partiers knew, as soon as Captain Scotty got up, that it was time. They began gathering their things, telling the Woobidoorians good-bye, and heading back toward the ScotCorde.

Hans and Sugar trailed the group....they knew what to expect. And they were not disappointed. Hans snuck around a low hill, saw Marigold hiding in the deep fur, took hold of Marigold's collar and escorted the reluctant lass back to the ScotCorde. Sugar had to round up Cher Bear, who was collecting as much ground fur as her little paws could carry.

Jake and Alice made one last round of the area, insuring that all of their Terriers had returned to the ScotCorde. Back aboard the jet, a final head-count was made, and finding that all were present and accounted for, the Captain closed the aft cargo bay doors.

The legendary ScotCorde rose gently from the surface, made a final, graceful pass over their Woobidoorian hosts, and sped off into deep space.

"Youngsters," Captain Scotty said......"let's go HOME!"

The ScotCorde's enormous engines rumbled as the great jet leaped forward, taking its wee partiers home.

Chapter 8

Down to Earth

The legendary ScotCorde streaked through deep space, speeding its Terriers home. Inside, the lights had been dimmed, the Guardian Brigade had managed to settle each BASH'er in a cozy lounge chair, and enforcing a quiet time, soon had everyone contentedly dozing.

Captain Scotty had pushed the enormous engines as far as he dared, enabling the ScotCorde to gain greater and greater speed with each passing minute.

He leaned back in his seat, glanced at the instrument panel, and nodded his head in satisfaction.  He set the auto-pilot and moved to the nearby 'pilot galley'. Pouring a fresh mug of coffee, Captain Scotty leaned against the cockpit doorway, and looked around the Main Lounge. Scotties and their friends were curled up in every available chair. Soft yips and squeaks revealed that some were deep in the throes of dreams.

The Guardians, spaced out throughout the Main Lounge, had stretched out on the floor, each large head resting comfortably on their great paws, eyes closed, but ears pricked and flicking at any sound.

Captain Scotty smiled. Those Guardians had surely saved those Terriers' hides more than once... yet, with all the shenanigans, the Guardians had as much fun as the TERRIERS, although they'd never admit it!

Seeing everyone quiet and all at rest, Captain Scotty turned back to the cockpit, and eased into his seat.

On through the night, the ScotCorde raced.

Finally reaching the outer planets of Earth's solar system, Captain Scotty began to throttle back. Passing Mars, the ScotCorde altered its trajectory, and Captain Scotty eased the great jet over to prepare for re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

By the time the ScotCorde descended into a low Earth orbit, Jake and the Guardian Brigade had roused the Scotties and their friends. Beards were patted back into place, furnishings were smoothed down into some sort of order. The BASH guests had enjoyed their adventure, but now were ready for home and Mom and Dad's lap!

Captain Scotty made a point to land close to each house, making certain that RETURNING home was much less traumatic than the departure had been.

So, our Guests have now returned to their homes......each back in the loving arms of their humans, spinning tales of adventures and bold exploits.... none of which will be believed.

The ScotCorde is now safely tucked back in its hangar, everything is back as it was..... and all is well in the Scottie world.

So, until the next BASH call, we bid you a fond farewell!

We thank you for your participation, and deeply appreciate your creative 'playing along', which makes it SO much more fun, for EVERYONE!
We hope you've enjoyed this Adventure.......


This ORIGINAL story has been created and written by Carol Johnson .
Original artwork is the exclusive property of artist, Karen Donnelly.
Neither the story, NOR the illustrations are to reproduced
in ANY way
without the EXPRESS written consent of the author !!!

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