It's the SCOTTIE Olympics - 2012!!!
Scotties everywhere have gathered in Aberdeen, Scotland....
to share the Olympic experience... to compete...
to flaunt that terrier attitude!!
Let the games BEGIN!!!

"Hello to the viewers just joining us...."

"I am Scott Terry, broadcasting to you live from Aberdeen, Scotland. We're here covering the Summer Scottie Olympics for you."

"This is the ULTIMATE Scottie gathering, and is drawing Scotties from all over the world, to participate or to just ARROOOOO on their favorite team!"

"The legendary Scotcorde is even due to arrive this afternoon, adding hundreds of Scotties to the already enormous crowds here. The roads, here at our location, are lined 4-deep with eager observers, eager to catch a glimpse of the Torch...... LOOK, here it comes NOW!!"

"Oh, how exciting! This is going to be a spectacular Scottie Olympics! We KNOW you'll want to stay tuned for every moment of the action!"

"Good Morning to you, from Aberdeen Scotland! Scott Terry here, to bring you the very latest on the Scottie Olympics!"

"Last night's opening ceremony was a fireworks spectacular, with the always breathtaking lighting of the torch!"

"We're surrounded by crowds this morning, all eager to get to the individual venues to cheer on their favorite athletes. Let's see if we can interrupt someone to get their take on the atmosphere here.... excuse me, could you tell our viewing audience your name, what you've seen so far, here in Aberdeen?!"

"OHHHHHHH, sure!! I'm Marigold...... my pals and I are heading off to the FLINGING competition, we want to get a GOOD seat, way up CLOSE! VEG"

"Well, were you at the Opening Ceremonies? What did you see?"

"Oh, yes! We were ALL there! Mick 'n Brindie were super, carrying the torch in... although Brindie got a LITTLE too close to the torch.... don't THINK her Mam will notice that missing eyebrow!! LOL It's been very exciting so far! "

" 'scuse me, gotta go!! They're going without me! HEY, MAC... SCARLETT!! WAIT FOR ME!!!!"

"Well, it seems that the crowds are all heading up the hill to 'Flinging Meadow', for the first event of these Olympics.... so, we'll head up that way now.... and will bring you an update as soon as that event begins!"

"The excitement here is certainly building...... stay tuned for the very latest at these Scottie Olympics!

"Welcome back to today's premier event here at the Scottie Olympics..... the Scottish FLING!

"I am your host, Ducken Dodge, and we're expecting QUITE a display here today! A HUGE crowd has gathered here, all eager to see these Scotties compete in the legendary 'Scottish FLING'!"

"Amazingly, we've been lucky enough to find a perfect location from which we can get a 'front row' seat for this competition! Rather odd, actually... the area right in FRONT of the competition was totally empty! We're FORTUNATE to have this 'up close' vantage point, to better provide you with the best event coverage! "

"Now, let's explain the scoring for the 'Fling'. We call in our 'Fling' experts, Dickens Burghart and Truman Huckstep. Gentlemen, would you explain the scoring procedures for this very popular event. I'll admit, I've not seen this event before, so I am very eager to see the Scotties in action!"

"Well, Ducken, the first thing Truman and I would suggest is that you MOVE from this broadcast location you've chosen. You're a little tooo close to the action!"

"NONSENSE, Dickens.... in sports broadcasting, CLOSER is ALWAYSSSSS better!
Please, Truman, explain the scoring procedures for us!"

"Very well, then.... just keep your mouth closed! VEG"

"The FLING is a specialized event, form playing a HUGE role in the scoring. Experience and age come into play here, with the more seasoned Scots seeming to have the most elaborate extensions."

"Viewers today should be watching for rear paw elevation. The rear pad of the kicking paw should face skyward, the leg should be fully extended, and for the MOST experienced Scots, often includes a toe perfectly pointed.... just gorgeous form!"

"Variations in form may include a more staccato rhythm, alternating rear leg kicks, sometimes quite rapidly. The styles will vary with each Scottie. I know that Sir Riley, for example, HOLDS his full extension for a second or two, then switches to the other leg. It's all about the individual style in this event!"

"The judges will be watching for STYLE, CREATIVITY, and DISTANCE! The viewers are in for a treat today, as the best FLINGERS are here, and it will be a spectacular event!"

"Thank you, Dickens and Truman, for your explanation of this most unique sport."

"OH, it looks like we're about to begin. I see that the contestants are at the line and are ready...
"Let's wat.... "
"Uhhhhh, why are we looking at their RUMPS?"
"Why have they backed UP to the line??????"
"Uhhhhhhhhh..... what is tha......"



"WOW! We have been SHOVELING 'debris' from our cameras, our audio equipment... I've never SEEEEEEN anything LIKE this in my LIFE! Every one of the contestants took this event SERIOUSLY! Three competitors were eliminated, after their "FLING" competition was reduced to a 'debris fight'. According to unnamed sources, Brindie, Harmony, and Hunter were penalized for intentionally AIMING their 'FLINGS' at the judges."

"The 'Debris Distance Detection Device', known among the contestants as the 'Doody Doppler' and used to calculate distance of each 'FLING', had become heavily coated in 'debris'. Apparently, quite an argument broke out among the technicians, as none of them wanted to 'de-debris' the 'Doody Doppler'.

"The head of the Scottie Olympic Committee finally put his paw down and told the judges to get a TAPE MEASURE, GET OUT THERE, and GET THAT MESS MEASURED!"

"At that point, the Judges scattered! With tape measures in hand, GLOVED hands, the results were quickly calculated!"

"We can now announce the medalists in the "Scottish FLING"!

Gold MEDAL - The MacDughul
Silver MEDAL - Striker
Bronze MEDAL - Finn

"Congratulations to the medalists in the "Scottish FLING"!

"This is Ducken Dodge, reporting to you, LIVE, from the Scottie Olympics!"

"Welcome to our continuing coverage of the 2012 Scottie Olympics. I'm A.G. Litty, and we're here today at Bodgen Glen to witness what we expect to be a spectacular show in the Scottish Weaves event."

"The preliminary rounds were very exciting, with a 'weave-off' in the Youth Pup class, between two future stars, Mac and Bijou. Both were entertaining the crowds at their initial introduction to the weave poles, as both athletes thought the poles were to be pulled OUT of the ground, or just run OVER in their eagerness to reach the finish line."

"Perhaps one of the BEST images of the day was watching the current Scottish Weaves world champion, ECMick, as he gave the two youngsters a weave pole clinic, between runs. Their final runs were MUCH improved, with their times being within tenth of a second of each other. Earning the 'Future Weavers' award, they're in the stands today, cheering on their 'weave coach'."

"Our finals here this morning will pit the current world champion in the event, ECMick, against Sunny, Hobbes, and Callie. The excitement here is electric..... our first athlete is at the line, Hobbes is ready.... here we GO!"

"Oh, he's starting well, look how closely he's staying to those poles.... very NICE! Looks like he slowed down JUST a bit around the last two poles, but he finished nicely! Let's see his score..... oh, a nice run... 7.46sec! He's in 1st place so far."

"Callie is up now, and she looks like she's VERY ready to go... and she's OFF! She's a little wide at that first pole, and having to cut back VERY sharply to make it around that second pole. LOOK at those paws scramble for traction! WOW, she JUST barely got in under that pole.... VERY nice recovery!! Looks like she's settling in and hitting those poles VERY tightly now. She LUNGES through the finish line... And a very nice score for Callie..... 7.63. That'll put her into 2nd place... We have quite a close match here!"

"Sunny is at the line. Her attention is very impressive! She's listening for the start buzzer, her ears are twitching, ever so slightly. THERE she goes! Wow, she's very tight around that first pole, she's having a spectacular run, look how closely she's hugging those poles! OH, MY... what was that? A misstep? No, it looks like she was SO close to that last pole, that she stumbled over it!! It surely cost her some time, as she crossed that finish line. Let's see her score... WOW, even with that stumble, she still achieved a score of 7.63! THAT explains her stumble, she REALLY had a run going there! We now have a tie between Callie and Sunny. This is really a close match we have going here!"

"And............ here we go. The reigning world champion, ECMick, is at the starting line. Look at his concentration! He's so eager to start, his tail is quivering.... AND HE'S OFF! OH MY GOSH, look at his route! He's almost running a straight line through those poles, his fore-paws are leading the front of his body JUST to the right and left of each pole, moving those poles out of the way, so his rear end just plows a straight line down the track! Front end, hopping right and left, back end never veers off that straight line he's running! IMPRESSIVE! LOOK at that lunge as he comes across the finish line!"

"A NEW WORLD RECORD! ECMick has earned GOLD in the Scottish WEAVES, with a record score of 6.94!"

"Soooooooo, after a VERY exciting Scottish Weaves event, our medalists are:
GOLD - ECMick, setting a new WORLD RECORD!
SILVER - Hobbes
BRONZE - a TIE - Callie & Sunny

"WELL, it looks as though the Medalists are celebrating! They're all out on the course, dancing around the poles! What fun! Sooooo, as we continue to party here..... this is A.G. Litty, reporting LIVE from the Weave event!"

"Welcome to today's exciting event in the rollicking Scottie Olympics! Today's event, the Scottish Hurdles, has a long-standing reputation for creating unusual athletic moments for our contestants!"

"I'm Has Okk with the call...... the preliminary rounds of the Scottish Hurdle provided us with some very humorous moments. Clio, half way through the round, was disqualified, when she spotted a spectator with a chicken leg, and immediately left the course, to plant herself right in front of the said chicken-leg, earning herself a huge portion as a reward for her adorably polite manners! I guess you could say... she reached HER goal! "

"Austin Bad Pup and Homer both qualified for the finals, when officials were FINALLY able to get them to the starting LINE! Now being referred to, by the media, as the "Dynamic Duo", the two were the focus of the media's attention, after the two lads' beefcake photos appeared on their ScotBook pages! We just hope the media attention doesn't distract them from their event finals!"

"Perhaps the GREASTEST buzz of the event occurred when Evangeline, having a PERFECT run, with spectacular time..... reached the LAST obstacle..... and recognizing it as an identical copy of her beloved blue stool, leaped OFF the course, grabbed the obstacle, flipped it UPSIDE DOWN, and sat on it.... pinning it as would a wrestler!!! She was immediately disqualified.... but we KNOW she'll win the prize for the most "AWWWWWWWWW....." photo of the Scottie Olympics!"

"Sooooooooo, that brings us to the four athletes who have qualified for today's Final... Austin Bad Pup, Homer, Callie, and Duncan.

"The Scottish Hurdles includes 10 ottomans. The athlete is required to navigate the 110m course in the shortest amount of time, with the fewest errors in order to earn the Gold medal! The course laid out here today will test the stamina, as well as the agility of our four finalists."

"Homer is at the starting line......... so here we GO! My, he's really MOVING... look at the precise placement of his paws as he lands on each ottoman! Impressive agility work... uh oh, he's lost his balance, that'll bring some penalty points for that. Okay, he's back on course, he's doing WELL NOW...... he landed on that last ottoman with confidence.... and crosses the finish line with a score of 46.8! Nice recovery, and a very respectable score."

"Okay, our next athlete, Callie, is on course. Wow, she's totally focused, look at those ears. There's the bell.... and she's OFF! WOW, she's concentrating. Look at her manage each one of those ottomans... she's not slowing down, either! Looks like she's picking up speed! She must practice this event at HOME! And........ she's across the finish line! LOOK at that SCORE... 42.16! WELL, THAT'LL be tough to beat! WELL DONE, Callie!"

"Okay, we're down to our last two athletes..... Duncan is up now, and he appears READY. Sure has a confident look on his face.... apparently, Callie's amazing score doesn't phase him..... and, he's OFF! GREAT balance... look at him navigating those ottomans, he has a GREAT time going so far..... oh NO! He hit that ottoman a little OFF-center, and it slid just enough to throw him off-balance! OH MY..... what balance! I'm amazed that he managed to maintain his balance!!! And, he was able to still stay on course and cross the finish line... incredible! And, with a score of 44.81.... very well DONE!"

"Okay, we're down to our last entry, Austin Bad Pup. He sure looks focused.... he's totally ignoring the crowd... look at that ear twitch, he's listening for the start bell... THERE IT IS! Wow, look at his SPEED... he's eating up this course... this will be a spectacular run!"

"Wellllllllllllll, would you LOOK at THAT! NEVER in my LIFE have I seen anything like THIS! Austin BAD PUP came to a FULL STOP atop Ottoman #7, and struck a MUSCLEMAN pose! WHYYYYYY in this worl........ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, THAT explains it! PAN the camera over to the crowd, nearest #7... two very cute wee lasses, cheering wildly! THAT is what broke his concentration!"

"OHHHHHHHHHH, listen! The Coach just got his attention... he shook the kibble bag! NOW, Austin is back on course!! What SPEED that lad has! LOOOOK at him crossing the line... and, with a time of 46.8, he's TIED for 3rd!!! EVEN WITH that distraction, he STILL earns a medal! INCREDIBLE!!!"

"WELLLLLLL, we have had a VERRY exciting Scottish Hurdles...

GOLD - Callie
SILVER - Duncan
BRONZE - Homer & Austin Bad Pup


"And, the Photo of the Scottish Hurdles....
the Disqualification of Evangeline --"

"...who, apparently, has quite an affection for the Ottomans of her life! LOL"

"It has been a thrilling day here at the Scottish Hurdles! Apparently, these Terriers make up a lot of their OWN rules as they go!"

"Reporting LIVE, from the Scottie Olympics, this is Has OKK... sending you back to our anchor booth."

"Welcome back to the 2012 Scottie Olympics! I'm Harry Whiskerski, here at Plaid Acres Heath. Today's event, Scottish Crowning Glory, is the ONLY Scottish Olympic event that is geared toward the older Scottie generation. The 'Crowning Glory' event specifically focuses on the legendary Scottie beard with particular attention to length, head carriage, and Scottish pride."

"The outdoor venue here today is breath-taking. We're in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by lush fields of heather. The center arena is beautifully manicured for today's competition, and is surrounded by an ENORMOUS crowd. It appears that EVERY Scottie is in attendance today, all eager to witness the ELITE competition reserved for a select few Scotties."

"Our contestants are now entering the ring....Holly G. is just coming into the inner circle, Heidi is following close behind... with Sir Riley Rambunctious trotting in behind the lasses. Our judges have recruited Hans to measure the beards for today's event... and he's entering the ring now. My, my, he certainly towers over the Scotties, but his white coloring surely enhances the Scotties' dark coats!"

"Okay, he's calling up the first entrant....Holly's head is held beautifully as she moves toward the steps leading up to the measurement table. Good... she maneuvered the steps nicely, is standing well as Hans measures beard length... 8.13"... very NICE! She's making her way back down the steps now, to begin her 'carry'. NICELY done... look at her head placement as she trots around the ring... head well up... beard showing to its best advantage. The crowd is really showing its appreciation, as Holly finishes her turn and makes her way back to the line. Oh, that last flourish of her head as she pivoted into her place... good FINISH!"

"And, Holly's final score.... oh, she's set the bar for this competition.....37.21!"

"Well, we're ready for our next entrant. Heidi is up and now heading toward the steps to the measurement stand. She eases up the nearby ramp, turns, and has presented her muzzle for Hans' measurement. Quite the stately lass... look at the way she carries her head... very impressive! OHHHHH, she took exception to the measurement... Hans must have tugged on her beard! Look at that lip curl, JUST a bit! CLASSIC Scottie attitude! That'll earn her a couple of bonus points! Hans has posted the beard measurement.... 8.68"... GREAT job!! Okay, Heidi has made her way down the ramp and has begun her 'carry'. WOW... look at that head carriage... spectacular! What dignity!"

"Heidi has just completed her circuit and has returned to the line..... her score is going up... 38.96!!! SUPER score! That moves Heidi up into 1st place.... we've certainly got quite a match here today! The crowd is really LOVING this display of Scottie dignity and class!"

"Well now... Sir Riley Rambunctious is up. He's known around the Scottie blogs as the 'Handsome Hunk', so we'll see if he lives up to his moniker! Ahhh, he's stopped at the bottom of the steps.... and is giving his furnishings a big shake, guess he's wanting to get all his 'piece parts' back in place for the measuring! I'd be surprised if Riley DIDN'T give some 'lip' as his beard is measured. He's legendary for not wanting to be 'messed with'! Let's watch!"

"He's up the steps, has swiveled around, and is now waiting for the measurement! Wow, look at how dignified he is... that head is WELL up... Hans measures Riley's beard..... 9.25"(non-fiction! HEHE)!!!! WOW!"

"Okay, Riley is moving down the steps... ahhh, another big shake, he truly DOESN'T like being 'messed with', does he!! Look at him as he moves out around the ring.... impressive head carriage, HUGE amount of Scottie attitude, beard flaunted, swagger in his stride... GORGEOUS!"

"Riley has completed his circuit, and has resumed his place at the line. We're now just waiting for the scores...... AND IT'S AMAZING!! Riley earned 43.14 points! INCREDIBLE!!!"

"Soooooooooo, the Medalists in the "Scottish Crowning Glory" event are:
GOLD - Riley Rambunctious
SILVER - Heidi
BRONZE - Holly

"The crowd is cheering wildly as Riley takes his victory lap through the heather!!!! And, if you look into the crowd, all the younger Scotties are trying to measure each others' beards! I expect there'll be some wrestling matches coming out of THAT!!!"

"Well, that completes the competition here at Plaid Acres Heath.... this is Harry Whiskerski, reporting live from the Scottie Olympics!"

My lad IS a dignified 'hunk'!!!

"Good evening, and welcome back to the Scottie Olympics. I'm D. Sho Vell. We're out here at Rolling Meadows for one of the most eagerly anticipated competitions of this Olympics - - the 'Scottish Excavation Event". No, this isn't Earth Dog... this competition harkens back to the earliest jobs of these Scotties..... pure DIGGING!"

"I think EVERY Scottie in attendance at this Olympics is entered here today. Looking out across the Meadow, there must be over a hundred Scotties, all pacing, all eager to begin this, their FAVORITE event."

"Let's quickly run through the entrants we need to watch... world ranked diggers... I think we have ALL the top diggers here today....Callie & Mandy, Tana & Brindie, D'Arcy, Duncan & Maggie, Homer & Holly D., Bijou, Hunter, Chak, Dickens, Reilly N., Ivy G., Finn & Maggie B., W.M. & Megan W., Patrick V., Scarlett, Mick. All of these athletes qualified earlier this morning, in the preliminary rounds. Interestingly enough, the venue had to be changed, as the preliminary site was totally unusable! AMAZING!"

"The focus for this event is the DIG! Each Scottie will, at the whistle, race to the Meadow, and begin DIGGING! With a 5 minute time limit, their dig will be judged on DEPTH as well as width. What we CAN tell you is that the chaos is unbelievable! It WILL be exciting!"


"WOW! The athletes are all running... spreading out now, they're looking for JUST the right spot to begin digging! They'd best not shop around TOO long, that clock is TICKING!"

"Oh, it looks like Tana has already chosen her spot.... look at that FOCUS! She's really kicking up the dirt, her front paws are FLYING! And, Brindie seems to wanna be close by, as she's started digging right BESIDE Tana! Sure can tell the family resemblance... VERY nice digging skills!"

"Okay, looks like Homer and Holly are working on a hole together, that should be interesting to see how the judges work out THAT problem! Scarlett has moved over next to Mick and is digging VERY close to him... hmmmmm! D'Arcy is REALLY moving! Quite a large hole! Dickens' hole is widening QUICKLY now. Oh, my gosh... Brindie's dig has broken through into Tana's hole! Now, they're working on THAT hole TOGETHER!"

"Look at Megan! She's spotted Tana and Brindie's project... and has abandoned HER hole... she's joining Brindie & Tana! Oh, gosh... what will the JUDGES say about this 'bending' of the rules???"

"Ohhhhhhh, now Duncan & Maggie have joined 'THE' hole... Uh oh!!! Looks like they're ALL moving to Tana's hole! Here comes Bijou and Hunter... Chak is racing over to help, as are Mandy and Callie! This is about to get Very complicated! WOW, they've ALL abandoned their digs and it seems that Tana's excavation is now a TEAM PROJECT!"

"WOW, I have to admit, this GROUP dig site is now SERIOUSLY entertaining!!! 15.... 18..... there must be at least 20 athletes in that hole now!!! I can only see rears and tails now, and the dirt is flying, going at least 10 feet into the air!"

"HA! The Judges are backing up... they're frantically talking among themselves! Doesn't bother the TEAM Excavation, though! They've totally disappeared now, no furry bodies visible at ALL, just truckloads of DIRT flying out of the site! AMAZING teamwork, I must say!"

"The crowd is really getting into this competition now!!! They're cheering as the dirt flies out of the hole, the HIGHER the dirt flies, the LOUDER the cheering! Watch the clock... time's running out... 4 -- 3 -- 2 -- 1 -- TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!"

"Incredible! The Team Excavators either didn't HEAR the whistle...... or, they're just IGNORING IT! The dirt is still FLYING..... one of the judges just walked over TO the hole, and got covered in flying dirt!"

"Oh, wait..... Riley and Heidi are walking across the Meadow now... they're two of the Elders of this Olympics. Watch, they're walking up to the hole..."


"AMAZING! Heidi and Riley gave that ONE bark.... and the dirt IMMEDIATELY stopped flying.... uh oh, someone is being a little belligerent and has kicked out one last spray of dirt! Oh, SUPER! Look at Riley..... he's leaned over, and shown his LIP! WOW, that'll end it, for SURE!"

"Yes, the athletes are climbing out now... that hole must be 10' deep, and is at LEAST 6' wide! INCREDIBLE! And....... they're dropping a ladder down into that CHASM the Team has dug! I was wondering how those short-legged athletes were going to get OUT of that huge hole! As it IS, I'm AMAZED at the SIZE of the hole they've created in only 5 minutes!"

"Everyone's out.... they're all peering back down into their creation.... they're QUITE proud of their achievement, as they're now pounding each other on the back! MY, look at the dirt flying as they congratulate each other! They're COVERED in dirt! Looks like they really got INTO their work!"

"Now, it's just a matter of seeing HOW the judges will sort out THIS competition! The judges are over at the edge of the hole, in quiet consultation... The athletes are bunched up over to one side... smug looks on a lot of those furry faces..... they're waiting!"

"OH MY!! THIS is a FIRST! The Judges have awarded a GROUP GOLD...... to TEAM EXCAVATION!!! They're saying they've never SEEN such dynamic teamwork.... and are awarding the entire ROSTER of athletes!"

"Ahhhhhh, the judges' post script.... 'just this ONCE'!!! HAHA, they don't intend to have a repeat of THIS! AMAZING!"

"WELL, I MUST say......... the Scottie Excavation competition here today has been filled with eye-popping excitement! The crowd is cheering the athletes, who're now trotting around the Meadow, taking a victory lap... with dust flying OFF of them with each step they take.... so it's a DUST cloud circling the field!"

"Soooooooo, we've wrapped up the competition here at Rolling Meadows.... with what will go down in the Scottie Olympic books as TOTALLY unique... this is D. Sho Vell, reporting from the Scottie Excavation competition!"

"Welcome to the FINAL day of competition here at the Scottie Olympics in Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm Ded Waite, and we're here at beautiful Loch Ness, for what is probably the most EXCITING event... the open-water swim!"

"It's an open entry competition today, and there are over forty Scotties lined up at the bank, ready to make the 400m swim. The 'chase' boats are out in the Loch, ready to follow the swimmers.... who will swim down the Loch to the Finish Buoy."

"The swimmers have been called to the line... the flag is up..... SCREEEEEECH! They're OFFFFF!"

"Lots of splashing...... the swimmers have leaped into the Loch and are all bunched up as they start out... there seems to be quite a bit of pushing and jostling for position. There also seems to be a wide variety of swimming STYLES here today at the Loch. LOTS of dog paddling, obviously..... but I'm surprised to see several backstrokes... and at least ONE pink boot-shaped FLOAT! DON'T think the judges will be at all pleased with THAT... but it appears that the paddler, Vangie, has 2 or 3 other Scotties climbing aboard. Apparently, they're making another team effort out of this race!"

The swimmers are spreading out now, as they move on out into the center of the loch. Striker seems to be making a move. He's trying to pass Truman, who has increased his pace... now they're swimming side by side. Austin Bad Pup is right behind them... and seems to be trying to grab their rear paws! WOW! Mick and Hunter seem to be working with Austin.... here come Chak and ECMick."

"Oh, they're giving those leaders QUITE a bit of trouble... and it seems that Brindie is now swimming alongside her brother and trying to throw seaweed on him! WELL, this is getting interesting! It seems that the swimmers are more interested in PLAYING than they are winning!"

"Wait...... look just behind the swimmers..... off to the left.... what is that in the water??? Pan the camera over there! LOOOK! That ripple in the water...... look at the WAKE it's creating! COULD IT BE??? We ARE in Loch Ness!!!"

"SURELY, that's not the legendary NESSIE!!!! LOOK! Her head is up! IT ISSSSSSS Nessie! INCREDIBLE! THIS will get us all into NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC! We'll be FAMOUS!!!!!!!! Keep the camera on her!"

"LOOK! Nessie is swimming into the Scottie swimmers! They see her now..... they're all moving toward her! OH, this looks DANGEROUS!! THIS isn't going to end well, at ALLLLLLLLLLLL!!! OHHHHH, I can't bear to LOOK....... whut????????????"

"Well, I'd never BELIEVE it if I didn't SEE it with my own eyes!!! Nessie is rolling over, the swimmers are actually PLAYING with her! I think the competition has taken a definite TURN.... don't even think they're going to FINISH this race!"

"AMAZING! The swimmers have all climbed aboard Nessie's back..... who's that up near her head? Someone is whispering into Nessie's ear.... and POINTING toward the Finish Buoy!! Nessie is carrying the entire group of competitors to the FINISH LINE! I can't WAIT to see how the judges solve THIS problem!"

"There they go.............. all the Scotties are cheering and waving from Nessie's back! It's like a parade float out there! LOOK at the crowds onshore! They're waving BACK! Alllllllll except one very agitated white Shepherd on the bank, waving his paw at them.... uh oh, someone's in trouble!"

"Nessie has crossed the Finish line, with her passengers! The Scotties are all leaping off, into the water, and gathering up near her head. The judges' boat has arrived.... the scotties are surrounding the boat... lots of discussion! I can't IMAGINE why..."

"The Judges' boat has moved up near Nessie. They've awarded the Gold Medal to NESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!! They've strung it on some rope and are hanging it around her neck!! INCREDIBLE! Look at all the Scotties, waving to her as she swims off!!! AMAZING!!"

"WELLLLLLLLLLL, this is Ded Waite at Loch Ness, and we've witnessed an incredible moment in history today!"

"We now return you to the Olympic Stadium, for the Closing Ceremony."

"Welcome to the Olympic Stadium for the Closing Ceremony. I'm Scott Terry, and we've had a very exciting two weeks..... lots of wonderful sporting events... lots of history made... and amazing feats of athletic skill!"

"The Scotties who've attended this Scottie Olympics have conducted themselves in true Scottish Terrier fashion.... unbridled attitude, irrepressible determination, and unparalleled amounts of pride and confidence!"

"Truly amazing, these Scottish Terriers!"

"We thank you for watching, we appreciate your eager participation, and applaud your love of these Scottish Terriers. So, until the next Olympic calls us..... we celebrate our Scottie athletes...... and bid you a hearty ARROOOOOO!"


THANK YOU, Karen Donnelly, for amazingly creative artwork! Brilliant work!!

This ORIGINAL story has been created and written by Carol Johnson .
Original artwork is the exclusive property of artist, Karen Donnelly.
This is NOT to be reproduced in ANY way
without the EXPRESS written consent of the author !!!

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