Free, liberated, and unfettered!!!
Furkids experience life on their OWN terms!
But... there is one trait that appears from BIRTH....
the innate nature of the HUSSY, or the Belly Boy!!
The following furkids are proud members of the
Unfettered Hussy/Belly Boy Union!!
Their slogan-- "Hussies/Belly Boys of the world, UNITE!"

Chelsea Beach, still a PUPPY,
airing out as she dozes contentedly!

Tana Lawrence's wee litter of BELLIE BABIES!
OH MY, they're starting YOUNG these days!
Tana's liberated babes include 2 hussies and 1 belly boy!

Katie began her hussy ways as a wee infant!
Even played 'belly-up' with wee, puppy Riley!
Katie perfected her hussy skills...
being able to 'hussy-nap' anywhere...
even played with her KONG in the preferred position!

Megan Wilson's FIRST hussy pose...
as "Daisy", a mere 2-3 days old!
Megan shows her versatility!
Woobie balancing AND car hussying!!

Rotty Toby Noble's daughter, Jes
takes her hussy pose to the couch!

Miss Midget Wion

Wee baby Lizzy Wion, at 13 days,
proves that hussies are BORN, not made!

Sadie Williams has 'belly-up'
down to a science!

Maggie Nuckles gets creative...
adding a 'twist' to the standard hussy pose!

Miss Megan Wynne shows how to do "hussy"
in her own, conservative way!

Bonnie Rose King enjoys a hussy nap...
on Mam's bean bag!

Pagan Marie uses the couch for her hussy pose...
seeing the world upside down!

Erin's Molly Sue, RB, loved to air her tummy...
These photos were taken after her last grooming,
just weeks before she crossed the Bridge.
Belly ANGEL... God Bless her!

Elinor Henderson's Kyna shows how to nap...
yet have a drink of water ready at her pawtips!

Morgana Meverden's Gyppsy Rose Kitty
demonstrates her hussy pose...

Morgana's father's Yorkie, "Aunt Sadi"
smiles seductively at the camera...
a hussy girl to be SURE!

Lisa King's wee PILL, Lyndi,
boldly displays her Belly Talents!

Dayna Williamson's new rescue girlie, Katie...
shows that a 12 year old STILL has "IT"!

The ULTIMATE "unfettered" Feline...
Sharon Henrichsen's kitty girl, Saucy!!


Banner, only 12 weeks,
napping on his fav hassock, belly UP!


Beau Geste Wilson....
airing it out, Canadian style!


Sebastian Sheets,
totally relaxed and dozing peacefully!

Hamish MacBeth Wilson...HMB
The luxury of a soft bed!

Dughul Wilson, 14 wks.

Billy Delli Carpini
We have it on GOOD authority that
this was taken New Year's DAY!!!!

Bailey Doud
taking ownership of Mam's bed!!

Dusty Ray exhibits great balance....
taking the belly-boy pose to the very EDGE!!

Tavish Ray uses any surface to prop his belly boy pose....
whether it's the wall, or DAD, Chuck!!!!

Riley's 'belly-boy' photo....just BARELY!!
Trust me.....that's Rowdy Riley, all right!!!

Mac Williams is getting some SERIOUS Z's...
This belly boy knows how to NAP!

Alex Mathisen flaunts his international talent...
as a Norwegian belly boy!
Neither rain, nor sleet...
nor METERS and METERS of Norwegian snow,
will keep a belly boy from bellying UP!

June's wee babies are quite the flashy group...
Montgomery climbs into the toy box,
looking for some 'belly boy' time.
His sisters join him in the toy box...
practicing their "hussy poses"
and a FAMILY belly party begins!!!

Susan Riches' rescue Shih Tzu, DOMINO...
Susan's challenge to you--- FIND THE HEAD!
HINT: Domino's ears are BLACK! hehe
"The ULTIMATE belly boy"!!

Morgana Meverden's boy, Cammeron Seamus...
Cammster shows his ACTION Belly Boy pose!!

Siddhartha, the Meverden "Senior Kitty & Buddha Boy"
shows his favorite 'c@t belly boy' pose.

Maxx Meverden demonstrates
how to kick back and relax!

Piper Pell, still a very wee lad...
shows great promise as he
works on his "Belly Boy" pose!

Rory Knaub(R) enjoys a "belly boy" nap...
IGNORING the glares of his brother, Oliver(L)!
Neither glares or smirks or dirty LOOKS
will keep Rory from going BELLY UP!!!

Logan Chapman, a 3 year old hunk...
shows off his 'ripped' muscular physique!

Rammbler Meverden, quite the versatile Scotsman...
displays the PERFECT position for Belly UP napping!
Katie gives EXTRA points for the nearby ORB!!! LOL

Sirius Black Mathisen, at 3 months,
shows great PROMISE as a Belly Boy HUNK!

Mickey, a.k.a. Big M,
new furchild of Karen & John Draak
shows his BELLY BOY side!

Bentley, fur lad of Becky Ray,
whose comment upon SEEING her contortionist son was...


Brodie... Vickie & Jim Georges' wee lad...
a Belly Boy at PEACE with the World...
OUT like a LIGHT!
Even his TAIL is 'sideways'!!! WOW!
SHHH--- Sleep ONNNN, wee belly baby!

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