Chapter 6
Shooting the Curl!

The Guardians in the Humvee were beginning to catch the excitement from their passengers. They smiled broadly as they listened to the boasts and brags.

"I'll hang all 20!" one bold scottie announced.

"NO ya WON'T! You hang all 20, you'll have a death-grip on the BOARD, silly!! Ya CAN'T hold on with all FOUR paws! You just CAN'T!!!" another replied, sounding like the voice of authority.

"I can hang 5!" a third scottie said boldly.

At this, the entire group roared with laughter at the thought of a scottie shooting the curl on ONE paw!!!! The merriment was definitely infectuous, and the Humvee soon careened onto the beach at Waimea Bay.

The crowd poured out of the Humvee and raced toward the Surf Shop across the road from the parking lot. Credit cards flashed, money changed paws, and within 15 minutes, the entire group was again gathered together, down on the beach, ready to hit the waves.

No one dared laugh at the Speedo's worn by some of the bolder terriers. 'Camm Shaft' Meverden, in fact, looked quite dashing, with his ripped muscles, shaved down torso, and small mustache. He quickly had a crowd of terrier lasses all eager to share his surfboard.

No one dared admit that they'd never surfed before. It didn't matter that most of the terriers lived great distances from the nearest ocean. They would never admit to being a 'beginner' at ANYTHING!

The group of terrier surfers stood at the water's edge, the waves lapping at their paws. They watched the ocean in amazement. They'd wondered why the waves here were called the "Pipeline". Now they knew! The waves were immense, and curled over on themselves, creating what resembled a watery pipe, hollow and dangerous!! It's height was 30 feet, at LEAST... and spread out for over a quarter of a mile!

Riley, Bailey, and Hoagy exchanged glances. This was going to be more than they'd expected. They turned back to watch the enormous wave, racing toward the shore, growing larger as it roared onward. They were amazed to see surfers out beyond the breakers, waiting.

As the first wave crashed ashore, another built up and began to roll toward the shore. Two surfers suddenly dropped to their stomachs and began paddling furiously. Their boards reached the peak of the wave, then slipped down on the front face of the wave.

The surfers leaped to their paws, found their balance, and began to ride the wave. The boards cut through the rolling wave, and seemed to take on a life of their own. They looked to be part of the wave. The terriers were mesmerized as they watched the surfers race shoreward, sometimes becoming lost inside the curling water.

As the wave exhausted itself on the beach, the two surfers dropped back down to their stomachs, turned their boards, and began paddling back out past the breakwater.

Riley looked at the other terriers, then shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, gracious! If those two Portuguese Water Dogs can do it, then CERTAINLY we TERRIERS can, too!!!

Several of the terriers took a very deep breath, then let it out......SLOWLY. With a final shake of their furry heads, they grabbed the boards and began racing into the surf.

Hoagy Devine grabbed Clio van Dulken by the paw and pulled her onto his board. Together they began paddling out toward deep water. Other scotties followed suit.... Webber and Katie took to the water, sharing a board. Reagan Wion jumped onto Camm Shaft's board, blinded him with a wide smile, and began paddling fiercely. The rest of the terriers raced into the surf, threw themselves onto their boards, and dog-paddled out to join their friends.

Reggie, Jubilee, and Sadie had each grabbed a surfboard and had raced desperately out past the breakers, trying their best to stop this madness.

The three Guardians, all water breeds, looked back toward the shore, and watched the waves, each one larger than the one before.... and knew the danger. These small terriers were NOT water dogs, yet they'd eagerly paddled out and were arguing over which would surf first!!!

Jubilee was just about to move to the front of the group, planning to plead with the terriers one last time... when Hoagy turned his board toward the shore, and began paddling frantically. Just as his board seemed to disappear over the crest of a growing wave, he grabbed Clio, threw her onto his shoulders, and leaped to his paws. His front paws were spread wide, to maintain balance......his rear paws gripped the board, moving with each change of the wave. Clio's voice was heard all the way to the beach as she squealed gleefully!


Hoagy's voice lifted in joyous abandon........ "ARRRRROOOO!"

That was all that the terriers needed. The entire group began paddling frantically toward shore, each wanting to ride the wave the farthest, to be the boldest, to conquer the Pipeline!

Riley leaped to his feet, found his balance on his board, and stepped farther toward the back, urging the board to greater speed. The board cut through the water, creating its own path toward shore. He quickly glanced to his right, and saw Webber cutting back and forth across the wave, Katie perched precariously atop his shoulders. Her paws were stretched out wide, a huge smile was spread across her face, and her eyes glittered in excitement.

His concentration returned to his own board, as he almost lost his balance. He readjusted his paws frantically, and regained control, focusing on his board, and the constant adjustments he had to make with his paws to maintain his balance.

Reggie and Jubilee looked at each other. Neither wanted to make the trip to shore..... not this way. With a last shake of their furry heads, the Golden and the Lab reached down and dug their large paws into the water. Within seconds, they had caught a wave, and were speeding shoreward, chasing along behind the gleeful terriers, who were arrooooo'ing loudly.

Sadie maintained her board off to one side, and kept a keen watch on the surfing terriers. She was the Emergency Squad, and would react to any who needed immediate aid. She gasped as she saw one go down, but he managed to grab his board at the last moment. She didn't think her heart would survive this day, not with the way the terriers were attacking the waves.

Reggie and Jubilee were not having it any easier. Each time they lost sight of a board, they panicked. They were convinced that each one had been swallowed up by the monstrous wave, never to be seen again.

They breathed an enormous sigh of relief when they reached shore, to find all boards accounted for, with the terriers talking excitedly.

"AGAIN! AGAIN!!!" Katie Wild Child squealed, her eyes glowing with excitement.

"Noooooo," Jubilee began, "we think this is enoug............"

"RACE YOU!" Bo'sun, Baxter Arthur, and Alex said, sending the entire group of terriers back toward the ocean, their huge boards dragging along in the sand, all eager to repeat the adventure.

A loud sigh escaped Reggie's lips as he watched the wee terriers racing back out to master the ocean's power once again.

"I'm thinking this is going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG day!" he said glumly, as he grabbed his board and followed the wee water warriors back into the ocean.

Jubilee shook her head as she turned to follow Reggie back into the surf. She didn't have the heart to remind either of the Goldens about the legendary stamina and determination of their beloved scotties. With a shudder, she waded into the surf.

"Why didn't we ALL go shopping?!?!" she asked herself, as she began paddling back out again....

And again.............and again.........and again!!!

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