Chapter 1
The Wedding Planners!

Well, THIS was different!

I usually dreaded the arrival of the ScotCorde and the bedlam it brought along with it. Katie and Riley assured me that I'd LIKE this arrival. I glanced around at the nervous officials standing around the concourse, poised and tense. I had learned LONG ago to take their words with a HUGE grain of salt! I felt the same anxiety as the nearby officers.

I watched as my two wee ones walked across to gaze out of the enormous window at the far end of the waiting area. Their cellphones rang continuously, as the wedding guests checked on the Scotcorde's arrival times. Every so often, Katie or Riley would allow a devilish snicker to escape as they conversed excitedly with first one guest, then another. I wondered if I should be worried, then shook off that familiar feeling of unease.

"It's only a wedding!" I reassured myself, then forced my mind to move on to other things.

Looking back at my two scotties, standing across the waiting room, I noticed how nice they looked! Katie's new Versace suit fit her perfectly, its sleek lines showing off her square, boxlike figure to perfection.

Riley was the perfect example of a handsome Scottish gentleman, his finely tailored Bill Blass sport coat was thrown carelessly over his shoulder, held casually by one paw. His crisp, white shirt had 3 buttons open at the top, to reveal his black brindle fur.

I smiled proudly. My two scotties were quite the dashing duo.

Then I heard it... the familiar scream of powerful engines drawing closer and closer. Yes, that HAD to be Captain Scotty. He DID love his arrivals at the airport to be "moments to remember"!!

I joined Katie and Riley at the window in time to see the enormous silver jet streak by overhead, its engines straining under the intense power. "Sleek One" sped by then, almost as an afterthought, turned back toward the airport, its swept-back starboard wing pointing directly toward the ground!!

I held my breath, wondering if these violent maneuvers would allow the jet to safely reach the runway. The Scotcorde completed its drastic turn then straightened up and settled gracefully to the ground and rolled to a stop at the far end of the runway.

Just then, a large, burly man approached Katie and Riley.

"My truck is outside, as you instructed. We're ready whenever YOU are," he said, then turned and headed through the door toward the tarmac.

"SEE, Mam!! What'd we tell ya... NO scotties bursting off the plane this time. It's as QUIET as a church! Nothing at ALL to worry about! We're going to be on our BEST behavior!" Katie smiled angelically.

But I DID catch the nudge she gave Riley, catching him right in the ribcage. He huffed, then covered it quickly as he cleared his throat.

"Bye, Mam! Gotta go," Riley said. " We had Captain Scotty come pick US up first. We've got some decorating to do before the Scotcorde picks up the other guests!"

"Yessum, we'll be good, and we'll call ya when we get there," Katie said. She and Riley each gave me a quick kiss and headed off to follow the truck driver. Katie waved over her shoulder just before she disappeared through the doorway. And they were gone.....

I returned to the window, expecting to see the Scotcorde take off into the morning sunshine. I was rather curious when, instead, I saw a large 18-wheeler pull away from the concourse and head directly for the huge jet parked at the far end of the runway.

This had Katie and Riley's pawprints all OVER it. It MUST have something to do with their busy preparations for the wedding. I sat down and propped my feet up. This WOULD be interesting.

The large truck pulled to a stop near the rear of the jet. I could see, even at this distance, that Captain Scotty had emerged from the cockpit and was waiting at the rear of the plane. Katie and Riley greeted him excitedly, and then they all moved to the rear of the truck. The truck driver began off-loading boxes... many, many boxes. Katie began supervising each box as they opened them and began spreading items out on the concrete.

Stunned, I watched as they began attaching LONG streamers of items behind the great, silver jet. Then I realized what they were doing, and laughed out LOUD!

"How in the WORLD did they talk Captain Scotty into THIS little scheme?!?!" I wondered. I was now certain that the plane would not be able to get into the air again, not with all that STUFF trailing off behind it.

The truck finally pulled away. I watched as Katie and Riley, small black blurs from this distance, walked around the plane, inspecting their handiwork. Captain Scotty must have given his final approval, as the three figures soon climbed the stairs and entered the jet.

Within minutes, the engines roared to life, as the plane raced skyward, circled the nearby Scottie Oaks golf course, then disappeared into the distance to begin picking up the wedding guests.

"Katie and Riley were certainly TIGHT-lipped as to their destination! Now WHERE in the world are they going THIS time?!?!?!


Chapter 2
A Quiet, Peaceful Flight!

It didn't take long for the Scotcorde to fill to capacity with laughing, noisy scotties and their friends. At each stop, the wedding guests boarded to exuberant greetings as they renewed old friendships and began new ones.

Baxter Arthur Nyberg entered the cabin and waved to his friends. Shouts of greetings and well-wishes echoed across the cabin as everyone cheered the bridegroom. Immediately his bags were taken out of his paws, and he was unceremoniously pushed toward the back of the cabin by Bartholomew van Dulken, Gus Oglesby, Duncan Lyons, Floyd Johnson, Wolfgang Yeager, and Bran Burks.

"Come on Baxter, we've been waiting for you! We've got plans to make!" Bran and Gus wrapped their paws around Baxter's shoulders and guided him toward the rear of the huge cabin.

The noise level continued to increase at each stop, as more wedding guests boarded the plane. The scotties' enthusiasm rose noticeably at the next stop, as Gracie Kubicek stepped carefully onto the legendary ScotCorde. She paused, just inside the doorway, and stared down the length of the tastefully furnished cabin. Amazement was written on her face as she took in the Tiffany lamps on the side tables, the Persian rugs on the floor, Waterford crystal bowls on the side tables, filled with treats and snacks, and the priceless paintings that hung along the walls.

Katie Wild Child stepped up to Gracie and gently placed a paw around her shoulders.

"Hello, Gracie! We are all so excited to see you here! We've been so eager to meet you and have you join our BASH adventures. I'm....."

"Oh, you must be Katie! Hello! I'm so happy to be here. Spoiled Stormy left specific instructions on BASH behavior for a Kubicek scottie. I DO hope I don't let you all down."

Gracie smiled shyly as she glanced around at the friendly faces surrounding her. Agnes Lucille Donnelly and Molly Wynne took Gracie's paws in theirs and began to lead her to a nearby sofa, where they could get better acquainted. They hadn't gotten far when Robbie McGillivray hurried up to Gracie.

Stopping in front of the girls to block their progress, he introduced himself to Gracie.

"Hi, Gracie. I'm Robbie, your date for this week-end. I promise you a grand time, a lot of excitement, and enough adventure to age your Mam.....IF you tell her!" Smiling, he joined Agnes Lucille and Molly as they escorted Gracie to the sofa. The group was soon busy regaling Gracie with stories of past BASHES. Laughter floated across the cabin as the group shared first one Spoiled Stormy adventure, then another.

The last stop to pick up wedding guests was the Quarry estate. The Scotcorde settled lightly onto the private runway, pulling to a stop next to a waiting limousine. Everyone pressed their muzzles to the windows of the Scotcorde, all wanting a better view. Annie Laurie, Mickie, Sunny Sieber, and Shiloh Quarry stepped gracefully out of the limousine and walked across the tarmac toward the steps of Sleek One.

Captain Scotty stood at the base of the steps, and held his hand out to Annie Laurie as she reached his side.

"M'lady, your Coach awaits!" Captain Scotty said, bowing low, and presenting a gentle kiss on her outstretched paw. His sparkling blue eyes twinkled as he saw her blush daintily.

"Why, THANK you, Captain Scotty! We've been SO impatient... shall we go??" Turning to her sisters, she smiled broadly, then turned toward the plane and laid her paw on Captain Scotty's arm as he escorted her up the stairs to her friends, and her Baxter Arthur.

A Technology MOMENT !!

One of the scottie wedding guests has contacted home, and reports that a good time is being had by all! Now, we're SURE that there is nothing to be concerned about, but a text message accompanied the following phone photo, saying they were "shooting the moon over the moon"! Again, we want to reassure Mams and Dads. The scotties are behaving themselves admirably.....aren't they??

Chapter 3
The Wedding Gifts

Annie Laurie was greeted with wild applause and much ARROOOOO'ing as she boarded Sleek One. She absolutely beamed as she saw Baxter Arthur approaching her from the rear of the plane. He planted a gentle kiss on her cheek, then began to lead her to a quiet corner where they could chat in private.

But, THAT was not to be. Baxter's "posse" returned and after much tugging, managed to return him to the rear of the plane, where they huddled closely together, whispering conspiratorially.

Annie Laurie watched the boys as they walked away. She saw Baxter turn and look longingly at her for a second, before Bartholomew and Bran jerked his paw to get his attention. Annie Laurie turned toward Heidi Delli Carpini and Angie Riches and pointed toward the departing scotties.

"What's going on with THEM? What're they talking about back there? Do you TRUST those fellas back there, whispering and snickering?" Annie Laurie was definitely suspicious.

"I know how we can find OUT," Heidi said, then turned and located her brother. Catching his attention, she waved him over.

"Billy, we need you to go check on Baxter Arthur back there and make certain that those guys aren't giving him a hard time! Just make sure that he's okay!" Heidi patted Billy on the arm as he sighed heavily.

Grumbling under his breath, he casually wandered toward the rear of the jet, and leaned against the bulkhead. He listened quietly for a few moments, then turned and headed back toward the front.

He was smiling broadly as he sat down on the arm of Heidi's chair.

Turning to Annie Laurie, he explained,"You are going to have your paws full, m'dear! Those guys back there have brought BOOKS to help Baxter Arthur deal with married life!!! They're reading excerpts from some real Hum-dingers back there!!!"

Billy laughed out loud as he began reciting the titles of the books he'd seen on the table in front of Baxter Arthur.... "The Obedient Woman".... "Understanding Women, Made Easy".... "Master of Your Home".

Heidi, Angie, and Annie Laurie stared open-mouthed at Billy for a second, then collapsed into uncontrolled giggling at the lessons being taught at the rear of the plane.

"Well, now," Annie Laurie said, a wicked gleam in her eye. "We will just have to see what happens when he realizes that those books are purely FICTION!!!!"

The girls again were reduced to giggles at Annie Laurie's declaration. Billy shook his head and walked away, deciding that he'd be better off practicing his guitar. He walked down the aisle, where he found Stokie Poges Musial, warming up on his bagpipes. They moved to the upper salon, and spent the rest of the flight practicing their music, to the delight of their large audience.

Jubilee, now a veteran Guardian Brigade member, watched the activity in the cabin. She turned to Haley Gersch, who was standing near the cockpit.

"Things are about to get interesting!" Jubilee whispered behind her huge Lab paw.

"What makes you say THAT? They're behaving perfectly!" Haley said, as she glanced down the length of the cabin.

"Hush and LISTEN!" Jubilee warned. "And go find Reggie and Jake! We may need them!"

Haley didn't know why it was so urgent that she bring reinforcements, but she hurried off to locate the other Guardians.

Jubilee heard it again... the distinct sound of the rear cargo door being opened. She KNEW that the scotties had brought a frightening number of wedding presents, all wriggling, all smelly, and every one making angry noises. She KNEW that Captain Scotty had demanded that the "gifts" be placed in the aft cargo bay for the flight. And she KNEW what the sound was that she'd heard. It was the bolt on the huge door to the cargo hold being slid back. Someone was heading INTO the cargo hold, and was OBVIOUSLY up to no good!!!

Concerned now, she turned back in time to see Haley hurrying up the aisle with Reggie, Jake, Sadie, Callie Howatt, and Rose Oglesby behind her.

"What's up?" Reggie asked. He turned to Sadie and flashed a quick wink in her direction, then focused his attention on Jubilee.

"Quick, someone's trying to get into the cargo hold. I would say, with the history that these scotties have had with BASHES, that they're trying to release the 'wedding gifts'!!! Jake, you go guard the cargo door, and take Callie with you. Don't let those scotties turn this flight into an air-borne zoo!"

The Guardian Brigade leaped into action. But Jake and Callie only made it half-way to the cargo door when they heard it... the sound of the heavy steel door being thrown back against the bulkhead. At the same moment, an unearthly blending of screams and howls were heard, all headed UP the aisle toward the front of the richly appointed cabin.

Callie Howatt saw them first, but was unable to get out of the aisle quick enough and was soon overrun by feet, paws, and hooves. Jake and Haley were quickly caught up in the rush, lost their footing, and found themselves beneath the stampede of "gifts"!

Jubilee leaped to the top of a nearby seat, and stared down the aisle in disbelief!!! Up the aisle, racing toward the front of the plane and trampling everything in their path, were the gifts destined for the betrothed couple. She quickly glanced at the scotties, and was relieved to see that MOST of them had managed to scurry to safety, climbing on top of any nearby furniture they could reach.

Jubilee returned her attention to the approaching herd. She hurriedly counted 5 angry angora goats, 6 panicked potbellied pigs, 32 dazed ducks, 15 crazed squirrels, 3 ticked Tasmanian devils, 1 very hungry 15 foot long alligator, 2 furious bobcats, and 1 enraged elephant.... all headed straight for the Guardian Brigade!

At the rear of the stampede raced Emmitt Bad Boy, Duffy Tracey, Darby Lawrence, MacTavish Williams, Sadie Yeager, and Sherman Mathisen, all trying to catch up to the fleeing herd.

Jubilee looked back at the Guardian Brigade, standing in the path of the stampede, their mouths open in utter shock.

"RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

Chapter 4

Everything happened at once!

Haley and Callie tried to halt the stampede, but were overrun as the herd roughly pushed them aside. Emmitt and his friends were desperately trying to round up the animals, but only managed to further anger the elephant, who took it out on Abbie Elliott and Lucy Smith, who were perched precariously atop a nearby chair.

The enraged elephant lashed out at the nearest object, the snack table, that was laden with chips, dips, grape punch, cheese spread, and cocktail olives. One swipe of the elephant's trunk sent the treat table flying, dropping the table load of food onto the shocked and squealing girls!

Darby Lawrence and Sadie Yeager slid into the back of the goats, who leaped forward and slammed into the cockpit door.

Everyone's attention was suddenly drawn to the front of the plane as they heard it..... the sound of the  cockpit door swinging open, slamming back against the wall.

Captain Scotty took a step into the cabin, then stopped. He turned back toward the cockpit, and with a quick, "Take over, Riley", he turned back to face the chaos.

He stood tall, his feet braced, his wide stance spanning the aisle as he glared fiercely at the mayhem taking place in front of him.

The intense gaze of those mesmerizing blue eyes said volumes.

And everyone froze........

His voice was soft, but the scotties knew by the steely tone that their Captain was not happy. They froze in their tracks.

"And WHAT, may I ask, is going on HERE???"

The herd of wedding gifts could sense the tension in the air, and gathered closely together, to protect them from this new danger.

Captain Scotty's expression never changed. The LOOK from those blue eyes was intense and unwavering.

Without another word, Emmitt and his pals eased around to the front of the wayward herd and began urging them quietly back down the aisle to the cargo hold. MacTavish Williams kept glancing back over his shoulder toward the Captain. Darby refused to turn around, preferring to pretend  the Captain wasn't  looking!

Within minutes, the wedding gifts were back in the hold, with the cargo door firmly closed behind them. Captain Scotty continued to glare, and signaled for the culprits to take their seats, which happened without any spoken words at all.

Maggie and Katie Mac, Katie Scouten, Gillian Straw, and Aggie Bruce hurried forward to help poor Lucy Smith and Abbie Elliott, who were covered in guacamole, olives, and cheese whiz.... and mad as wet hens!

"Just you wait until I get my paws on those rascals!" Lucy threatened, trying to get the cheese out of her beard. "They'll know they've crossed the line THIS time!"

She looked at Abbie, who was absolutely covered in grape punch, and began laughing. The other girls, realizing the humor in the situation, began giggling also. Soon, they had all collapsed into fits of laughter, spreading the mess on each other, then laughing even harder.

Captain Scotty stood quietly at the front of the cabin, watching everything settle back down. Quietly, but firmly, he announced, "Get yourselves straightened up, youngsters. We land in 15 minutes. And BEHAVE yourselves!!!"

After one last glance around the plane, Captain Scotty turned back toward the cockpit, to prepare the huge jet for landing.

But the scotties had seen it..... that twinkle in their Captain's blue eyes. They looked at each other and smiled.... he wasn't mad, not really. He NEVER really became ANGRY with 'his youngsters'. With a sigh of relief, the joyous mood returned to the scotties and their friends.

They were ready for this adventure, and began gathering their things together. They were landing!!!

It was time to put their paws on the ground.... they had THINGS TO DO!!!

Chapter 5
Making Plans!

Baxter Arthur and Annie Laurie were the first off the ScotCorde, eager for time to fly by, trying to speed the clock's slow tic-tock until their paws could be joined in wedlock.

However, the moment they stepped off the Scotcorde, the "Committee" was back on the job. Pagan Marie and Miss Fiona Baillargeon grabbed Annie Laurie and dragged her toward a waiting limousine, saying they had some muumuu shopping to do!

The idea of a shopping expedition to the Ala Moana Center immediately drew a crowd. Having heard about the world's largest outdoor shopping center, Lilly Gilmore, Maggie Nuckles, Zoe Gray, Dottie Smith, Molly and Maggie Reyner, Annie Musial, Maggie and Abbie Zerkowski all piled into the now-overcrowded limousine. The prospective shoppers squealed with delight when Gracie Kubicek stepped up to the car and asked if there was room for one more. A paw reached out through the open limousine door and unceremoniously jerked Gracie into the bulging car.

"Let's SHOP!!

"We've gotta go by the INTERNATIONAL MARKETPLACE!!! I wanna shop under a banyan tree!!!"

"Get MOVING, driver!!"

"Mam didn't give me any MONEY!" complained one sad voice.

"Never fear!" another voice replied. "Stick with ME!!"

"Wheeeeeeeeee!! First jewelry's on ME!!" shouted an anonymous voice from deep inside the crowded limousine.

The Guardian Brigade was in a panic as they watched the scotties scattering into a dozen different directions.

Jubilee hurriedly pointed to the limousine that had just roared to life.

"Jake, go with 'em! Don't let them get into any trouble!!"

"ME???? Why ME?? Why can't Sadie or Callie go???" Jake grumbled, frowning fiercely.

"Because Sadie and Callie would fall victim to the shopping bug! And I assume YOU can be impartial and keep your mind on BUSINESS! Now MOVE!" Jubilee said between clenched teeth.

Jake turned and trotted toward the overloaded limousine, determined NOT to be in the back. He reached the sleek, black Lincoln just as it began to roll, pulled open the door, and slid into the front seat, next to the driver.

Jubilee didn't have time to think about the shoppers. She was watching the guys, and they were definitely up to something.

Rose Oglesby and Haley Gersch hurried over to keep an eye on the noisy crowd of terriers. It was obvious that a plan was in the works, as their eyes were sparkling with excitement. The two Guardians  listened quietly.

Bert Williamson was giving instructions." You can get the gear at the beach. We won't need to go to the hotel first. We can get everything we need at the BEACH!"

Riley added, "That way, we won't waste any time by taking the luggage to the hotel. We can get straight out to the Pipeline!" He gave Webber Riches, standing next to him, a sharp slap on the back. The two scotties smiled at each other, excited at the thought of the pipeline.

"Great plan, guys!" Mac Tracey replied. "Let's get GOING!" he said, motioning to Baxter Tucker, Bailey Doud, Baxter Arthur, Bo'sun Howatt, and Alex Mathisen.

"WAIT!! We wanna go, too!!!" shouted a feminine voice.

Riley turned around to see Katie Wild Child, trotting toward the group, her eyes wide with excitement. He groaned, then a slow smile spread across his face. He knew she would LOVE the adventure they were about to have. After all, she DID like to live 'on the edge'!

"Come on, then," Bert said. "The more, the merrier!"

Katie turned to the group behind her. "Come on, we're INVITED!"

Margie Mae Velez, Kelley Lyons, Cammeron Meverden(wearing a 'Camm Shaft' t-shirt), Clio van Dulken, Hoagy Devine, Polly Riches, Dughul Wilson, Reagan Wion, and Miles Davis all raced forward. The huge group of adventurers piled into the waiting Humvee.

Rose and Haley rounded up the rest of the wedding guests and boarded the BUS, heading to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Their afternoon was to be spent sunning on Waikiki Beach. Rose was determined that there would be no string bikinis or Speedo's worn, but by the snickers she heard from the back of the bus, she knew it was going going to be an uphill battle.

Meanwhile, Reggie, Sadie, and Jubilee crowded into the front seat of the Humvee, and after checking to make certain that all paws were inside the vehicle, they headed out, their destination, Waimea Bay and the famed Pipeline!

Captain Scotty stood in the open doorway of the Scotcorde and watched the vehicles, loaded with his youngsters, heading in several different directions. He had seen the Guardians scrambling, trying to cover all the groups, and smiled. He KNEW the 'youngsters' were going to have a LOT more fun that the Guardians!

Gathering his own sports bag and tossing it over his shoulder, Captain Scotty closed up the ScotCorde and walked toward the last remaining limousine.  He had some beach sunning of his own to do!

Ya have your swimsuit on???
Let's SHOOT the CURL!
"Dip your cursor in the WAVE to reach CHAPTER 6!"

Chapter 7


The wedding guests had spent the afternoon scattered across Oahu, shopping, sunbathing on the beach, or surfing. As the afternoon sun began to sink into the sea, the terriers began to congregate at the hotel. Greetings quickly turned to tales of excitement and adventure from the day's activities.

Annie Laurie proudly displayed 3 truckloads of new clothing for her wedding trousseau, reminding her envious friends that her Mam was independently wealthy and ALWAYS allowed her to shop to excess.

Not to be outdone, Maggie Nuckles and Annie Musial began opening boxes and distributing them to all of the girls who had crowded around. Gasps of delight were heard as the girls opened the boxes, revealing exquisite 8 carat flawless emerald cut diamonds. The rings glittered brilliantly as the girls, swooning with glee, put the rings on, then began holding their paws at arm's length, admiring their new jewelry!

The guys glared at the diamonds dripping from every female paw. With paws on hips, one lad grumbled about the unfairness of a "girl-only" gift! Several other boys agreed, quite vocally.

Maggie and Abbie Zerkowski stepped forward and smiled broadly.

"Never fear, boys..... we've taken care of THAT! We couldn't decide WHAT to get on our shopping spree, so we finally used Dad's card and we bought the entire International Marketplace! What you have, gentleman, is 25 acres of shops, tucked under those luscious banyan trees.... ALLLL OURS!!! After supper, we'll go down there and y'all can select whatEVER you'd like......OUR TREAT!!!"


Cheers erupted in the hotel lobby as the terriers praised the girls for their philanthropic shopping strategies!

The conversation then moved on to the surfers, who were more than eager to share the events of their afternoon. Gasps of shock and awe were heard as they described the sizes of the waves, and told about their repeated trips out past the breakwater, to repeat the trip, over and over!

Reggie and Jubilee nodded in agreement, when some of the shoppers questioned the surfers' story. Jubilee leaned against a nearby pillar, totally exhausted.

"Believe them," she said, fatigue apparent in her voice.

Laughter followed Jubilee's statement, as the group shared tales and stories of their day's events. Conversation among the terriers was electric as they relived the afternoon's events.

Sherman Mathisen was the first to notice the police cars pull up to the hotel entrance. He nudged Haley Devine, who turned to stare as several patrol cars gathered outside the hotel. The rest of the scotties, always observant, began staring as a crowd gathered out front.

The BASH guests were shocked to see Ali Riches, Ace Graves, Bravo Belvin and Kelsi Burks, Ziggy Riches and the Dowager Princess, Mandi Reyner exit the first police car. Mandi bent to straighten her skirt as she stepped to the curb, then tured and placed her paw gently in Ziggy's white paw. As Kelsi Burks exited the vehicle, she reached for Bravo's paw, who lifted her gracefully to the sidewalk.

Behind them, climbing out of the other vehicles, came the last group of BASH adventurers, those who had spent the day quietly sunning on the beach!!!

The terriers raced forward, everyone talking at once, all eager to find out how this very sedate group had managed to end up in POLICE CUSTODY!

Ali and Bravo finally held up their paws, calling for silence. Everyone immediately quieted, their attention focused on the two scotties.

"Well," Bravo Belvin began, "it wasn't actually their fault." He turned toward the quiet group of terriers standing behind him.

Ali continued. "We all went down to the beach, and DID take in some sun. But, after an hour or so, Bartholomew, Brewster, Stokie Poges Musial, Karey Lawrence, and Meg Wilson got rather bored. The suggestion was made to take a tour bus to see some of the sights. We had no problem with that, so we, the Elders, agreed. We took The Bus over to the Iolani Palace, and were all quite eager to see the only royal palace on U.S. soil. We bought tickets, and waited quite a while for our tour to begin. Everyone was very well-behaved during that time. We even managed to keep Brewster and Stokie from climbing the banyan trees, much to their dismay."

Kelsi Burks placed her paw on Ali's paw and continued the story.

"About 5 minutes before we were to begin our tour of the palace, we were told to meet at the rear portico. We were surprised when they gave us cloth 'booties' to wear over our paws, to prevent our paw-nails from scratching the priceless wooden floors inside the palace. Everyone was very well-behaved as they put the socks over their paws, although SOME of the terriers DID make some rather humorous comments about Sock-pawed Scotties!" She turned a stern eye toward Stokie, who smiled devilishly.

"I didn't realize how slippery the floor inside the Palace would be, especially with the 'booties' on," Kelsi said. "I guess I started it all." She mentally relived the events, then giggled.

"We walked into the Iolani Palace, our little 'booties' on our paws. Once inside, we were following the tourguide, and we were ALL being QUITE well-behaved. Well, we were.... until I stopped, and BRAVO wasn't watching, and he bumped into me. Now, those little 'booties' are slippery, so I went down, SPLAT!!!"

Kelsi laughed outright at the memory, drawing her eager terrier audience closer, still waiting to hear how the POLICE would become involved.

"ANYWAY," Bravo continued, "I knocked Kelsi down, and with those 'booties' on her paws, she couldn't get up! So, I leaned over to help her up. But, with little cloth socks on, I couldn't get any traction, so my paws flew out from under me. Now, we had TWO scotties sprawled across the pristine, highly-polished floors of the Iolani Palace. WE were just trying to get back onto our paws, that was all." Then he looked over at Stokie, Karey, and Brewster.

"Some OTHER terriers got the bright idea to have skating races in the front hallway of the PALACE, for goodness sakes! When they began making wagers on who'd win, then RAN the race, 'booties' and all... well, the staff there at the Palace frowned on that, and took exception to our behavior, especially when all of the racers ended up in a huge pile at the base of their Grand Staircase."

Ali continued, "The constabulary was called, and the entire tour group was taken down to the Police station, including that nice little old couple from Louisiana!"

Kelsi smiled again, then finished with, "Ali, Ziggy, Ace, and Mandi spent the afternoon doing some SERIOUS talking to the officers. They finally agreed to drop the charges, since we WERE following the "Rules of the Socks" and didn't scuff the floors. We also had to promise NOT to return to the Palace, at least not THIS trip!!"

Ali smiled as he added, "The hardest part was that they wanted to charge us with Mis-Use of a Sock. Now, tell me......what scottie worth his salt MIS-uses a SOCK!!! Why, that's an OUTRAGE!!!"

The entire group broke into gales of laughter, smiling and slapping Ali on the back, and praising him for his tact and diplomacy, and his ability to talk the scotties out of ANOTHER jam!!!

Jubilee turned to Rose and Haley, the Guardians assigned  to watch over the sun-bathers for the afternoon, and asked softly. "And where were you two during all of this???"

Rose turned to Haley and grinned broadly. "We won the Sock RACE!!!"

Chapter 8
The Bow-Wow Luau

The BASH guests finally made it to their rooms, to quickly change into appropriate local attire for their evening meal. They were headed down to Paradise Cove to a luau, planned especially for the BASH guests and the betrothed couple.

Everyone was excited as they hurried back down to the lobby, determined to be on time to catch the bus that would take them to the cove.

Sam E Williamson, Angus Wynne, Tosh II, McDuff, Wolfgang Yeager, Robbie McGillivray, Mac Tracey, Reilly Nuckles, Hampton Elliott, Murray Reyner, Campbell Donnelly, Linus Smith, Riley Rambunctious, Webber Riches, and Breeze Oglesby drew raves and howls as they boldly swaggered onboard the bus, dressed in traditional Polynesian loincloths.

Directly behind them came Megan Wynne, Haley Devine, Bonnie Belle Bush, Maggie Johnson, Katie Wild Child, Miss Sassy Williamson, Agatha Straw, Heather Tracey, Sofy Bradbury, and Pagan Marie. Hips swished merrily as the lasses boarded the bus in their authentic grass skirts. They waved happily to their costumed Polynesian warriors across the aisle, as they carefully sat down and arranged their grass skirts.

The noise level on the bus rose noticeably as the bus pulled out of the parking lot, and continued to grow until the bus arrived in the parking lot at Paradise Cove.

Baxter Arthur and Annie Laurie were the first to exit the bus as they strolled toward the area set out for the luau, paw in paw. Their friends poured out of the bus, all headed toward the gaily decorated beach area.

Shelby Scouten, Robin Baillargeon, Bohdi Tucker, Hamish MacBeth Wilson, Andy Oglesby, and Sherman Mathisen headed straight for the huge food-laden table, eager to taste some of the authentic foods. They were immediately stopped and their paws gently slapped by an elderly Polynesian lady, who told them that it was not yet time for the meal!

Zack Burks and Maggie Belvin Wallace had moved down toward the beach, where a crowd had gathered to watch the hukilau, the traditional pulling ashore of the fishnets. Morag Straw and Monte Reyner had joined in and had their paws wrapped around one end of the enormous fishing net, and were pulling furiously on the net, growling low in their throats with each tug. Between tugs, they told Zack and Maggie to grab hold.......and PULL!!!

Zack and Maggie leaped forward and grabbed pawfuls of net, and began to pull with all their might. Scooter McSnorkles and Alexander Bradbury joined in, soon followed by Hamilton Straw, Midget Wion, Darby Yeager, and Connor Bruce.

The growling from the scotties lured other eager terriers to the net, and soon the beach was filled with excited scotties, furiously shaking and tugging on the net. Within minutes, the enormous net had been pulled ashore and the fish had been gathered for the luau.

Chak de Mitey and Austin Tucker volunteered to help with the Imu ceremony, as they uncovered the underground pit that had spent the day cooking the roast pig. The smells of the food wafted across the beach, drawing the scotties and their friends, followed almost immediately by the blowing of the conch shell to call everyone to the feast.

The BASH guests had never seen as much food in one place. Succulent roast pork, fish prepared many different ways, and fresh, sweet fruits covered the table. The poi drew the more adventurous of the terriers, who were eager to at least taste what the locals described as delicious, but to the scotties resembled gray paste!

Several muzzles curled up in distaste, as they barely dipped their paw into the poi, to touch lightly to their tongue, then to hurriedly look for something more palatable to eat.

The evening was spent eating, visiting, and enjoying the atmosphere of the beach. After the meal, the locals entertained the scotties and their friends with traditional Hawaiian music and dance, then invited the BASH guests to join in the Polynesian dancing.  Everyone clapped loudly as their friends joined in, doing a remarkable job of honoring the Polynesian culture as they swished their hips with the music.

Baxter Arthur and Annie Laurie had eyes only for each other as Annie Laurie performed an authentic Hawaiian dance, telling the story of their love with her paws.

Everyone had a grand time, feasting and dancing, listening to the waves crash ashore, and watching the moon's silvery glow light the night as it glistened across the water.

The evening was drawing to a close when Emmitt, Mason and Connor Bruce, and Dougan Gray announced that the guys had an appointment and would have to leave.

"Hate to depart such beautiful company, ladies," Dougan crooned, "but Baxter Arthur has a Bachelor Party to attend!"

The BASH terriers began breaking up, the guys heading to destination unknown with Reggie and Jake in tow, to watch over the lads and keep them out of trouble.

"It's a shame the girls won't have as much fun as WE'RE going to have," Miles Davis announced, as they all squeezed into the limousine that they'd arranged for just this occasion.

The other guys agreed, feeling sorry for the lasses who would spend the rest of their evening sitting in their rooms, watching television.

As the limousine pulled out of the parking lot, the guys did not notice the smiles on the girls' faces. They didn't catch that wicked gleam in Katie Wild Child's eyes.

It would be safe to assume that the ladies would NOT be bored this night.....

Chapter 9
Swansong of the Single Life

Campbell Donnelly led Baxter Arthur and the terrier lads to the front door of the club. As they reached the doorman, Miles Davis looked up at the marquee over the doorway.... and turned back to his friends, a questioning look on his face.

The pink and gold neon letters blinked garishly... PUHDULS Por VU!

The terriers wondered, but quick reassurance from Hamish MacBeth Wilson, Fala Devine, Murphy Williamson, Dougan Gray, and Brimley convinced the guys that this WAS the right place.

As they entered, a short, elderly Puhdul lady met them at the door. Her hair was dyed an interesting chartreuse color and was piled high atop her head, held in place with a bright orange bow.

"Hello, gentleman," she said loudly. "I'm your hostess, Twinkie. We've got your table ready. You DID want us to give you grief, didn't you?"

By now, Twinkie's voice had risen almost to a scream. She had a rather confused look on her face. That same confused expression was on each of the terrier's faces, as well.

Hamish MacBeth, Emmitt, and Stokie had made the reservations, but they now looked at each other, totally lost.

Finally Stokie understood. He leaned over, to stare Twinkie in the eyes.

"No ma'am," he said, respectfully. "We didn't want grief, we asked for roast beef."

The other terriers nodded, quite relieved that they would not be receiving any GRIEF for being here.

Twinkie's eyes nodded in understanding, then she replied, saying, "But we don't HAVE any gold leaf!"

Emmitt sighed heavily, but maintained his composure as he tried to explain their wishes.

Much louder now, he answered,"NO, we WANT BEEF!!"

Emmitt was shouting now.

The other terriers were hard-pressed to keep a straight face. They stared at their paws, or tried to brush imaginary lint off their sleeves. They almost lost it completely, as the short, elderly Twinkie came back with, "Well, SURE, I'll call you CHIEF. Whatever you want! Now, follow me please."

Without another word, she turned and headed into the darkened room. The terriers knew this was to be a bachelor party, and as such, had certain expectations.

What met their gaze was something else, entirely. There were dancers on the stage, as they expected. However, every one of the dancers seemed to be ancient. Two of the 'dancers' wore thick glasses, one had a hearing aid tucked into her ear, and another used a cane to balance herself against the pole.

Baxter Arthur and Bailey broke into gales of laughter, great guffaws of laughter. Several of the scotties turned to glare at Stokie, Hamish MacBeth, and Emmitt.

The three organizers shrugged their shoulders and explained, "Well, what do you expect with the $4.75 we had to spend? Guess ya get what ya pay for!"

Still trying to get his laughter under control, Baxter Arthur told his pals, "Ohhh, it's fine. Let's go enjoy our Grief and Gold Leaf!"

Emmitt groaned, then the humor of the situation overcame his discomfort. The terriers, although still teasing the threesome, were having a grand time. In spite of the situation, the terrier lads spent the remainder of the evening talking and sharing tales of past adventures.......and trying to get Twinkie to understand that they simply wanted some roast BEEF!!!

MEANWHILE......... across town, the girls were having a MUCH different evening! Annie Laurie had been shocked and rather embarrassed to see that their destination was Pupendale's!!

What was even MORE unsettling was the fact that tonight, ONLY, the headliners were "Hunk Studley and the Rottie Rockers"!

The scottie lasses were given seats right next to the stage, and poor Annie Laurie was given the seat of honor, front and center, to better see the entertainment.

With dollar bills grasped into clenched paws and wide smiles spread across pretty terrier muzzles, they settled themselves into the plush, velvety chairs, ready for an evening of 'quiet fun'.

They cheered for Mountain Man, they swooned for Zorro, they blushed daintily at Don Juan's advances, and laughed gaily as each terrier flirted with the sleek, strong Rotties on stage.

Their evening, so different from the terrier lads across town, was much too short. The terrier lasses cast lingering glances back toward the stage as they left the club, with a few bold scotties throwing daring kisses to the strong, bold Rotties.

Annie Laurie and her friends laughed and chatted happily all the way home. As their limousine pulled to a stop in front of the hotel, they saw the bus carrying the guys arrive. Everyone piled out, eager to compare stories and adventures.

The lads were quizzed fiercely about their evening's entertainment.

"Super!" replied Emmitt.

"Dynamite!!" Stokie said, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"VA-VA-VA-VOOM!" Bartholomew offered.

ARROOOOOO!" replied several scottie lads, trying to keep a straight face.

"And how was YOUR evening??" Hamish MacBeth asked, between clenched teeth.

The girls looked toward Katie Wild Child. She tilted her head coquettishly, thought for a second, then with a shrug, replied,"Well, I guess it was all right. Nothing big, just an ordinary, so-so evening."

The BASH terriers, exhausted from their busy day, headed into the hotel. As they headed toward the elevators, glances were exchanged, and unspoken vows were made. They were bound by the code.... they would never reveal the events of this night.

Some things were better left unsaid.

Chapter 10
Two Hearts Entwined

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Chapter 11
An Out-of-this-World Reception

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Original artwork is the exclusive property of artist, Karen Donnelly.
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