Chapter 10
Two Hearts Entwined

It was a beautiful day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky as the ocean breezes fluttered softly across the beach. The site on the beach that had been chosen for the wedding was beautifully decorated. White chairs, adorned with pink organza bows, were set in rows on the sparkling sand. A wide, pink carpet runner had been laid out down the center aisle that ended at a wooden platform near the water's edge. Tall candelabras flanked the central podium, the pink candles lit and flickering in the ocean breeze. An enormous arch, its wrought iron framework entwined with greenery and exquisite cattleya orchids spanned the platform.

Everything was ready for this most anticipated wedding. The nearby beach cabana was filled to overflowing with the bride and her wedding party. The bridesmaids were putting the finishing touches on their gowns, checking the thick bouffant sleeves, adjusting the wide, flowing skirts.

Annie Laurie was obviously nervous as everyone fluttered around. Their reassurances only managed to increase her anxiety. She cast a glance at her sister, Mickie, who was serving this day as her Maid of Honor. She nodded to Mickie, who immediately began to usher the terrier lasses out of the cabana and began lining them up for the procession.

Amazingly, within minutes, the 58 bridesmaids were standing in an orderly line, their paws daintily holding the small orchid bouquets in front of them.

As Annie Laurie stepped out and took her place at the end of the procession, several sighs escaped the bridesmaids. She made such a beautiful bride, as she stood there, her head held high, the lacy veil shielding her long scottie muzzle.

As the music began, Katie signaled for the bridesmaids to begin moving slowly down the aisle. Polly Riches was the first down the pink carpet, holding her bouquet carefully in front of her. She concentrated on her steps, not wanting to trip on the long hem of her dress. Megan Wilson walked slowly along behind her, her head glancing downward, trying to avoid stepping on Polly's skirts. Annie Musial, Miss Gingerina Velez, Midget Wion, Katie H., and 54 other bridesmaids followed, each walking slowly and gracefully down the aisle, toward the waiting Baxter Arthur.

Miss Gypsy Rose Kitty proudly walked down the aisle alone, being careful not to tilt the velvet pillow that held the precious rings. She took her place at the front.

Baxter Arthur stood nearest the minister, his eyes glued on the far end of the long, carpeted aisle. He was unable to see his Annie, due to the dozens of bridesmaids making their way toward him.

He glanced over and smiled at Bailey Doud, standing beside him, his best friend and best man. He nodded at the long line of friends who'd agreed to serve as groomsmen on this special day. He nodded his thanks to his many friends, then returned his gaze to the aisle.... and he saw her.

The aisle had cleared, and his Annie Laurie stood at the far end of the pink carpeted walkway, her white dress sparkling in the late afternoon sun. The pearl encrusted hem softly swayed back and forth as it caressed the floor with the soft fluttering breeze.

His breath caught in his throat as the music changed. Annie Laurie began to move forward and seemed to almost float across the carpet. Time seemed to stand still.

His smiled widened as Annie Laurie finally reached his side. They stood together, under the orchid covered arch, their paws entwined, their attention only for each other.

The two scotties heard the minister begin the service, they heard the words, but nothing else existed. They looked into each other's rich, brown eyes as the minister asked the questions. Each of them responded boldly and confidently... they would cherish and love, they would stand beside each other to support and comfort, in good times and bad, for all time.

And their gaze never wandered, they spoke only to each other, the rest of the world had ceased to exist as they heard the minister announce, "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Arthur Nyberg. You may now kiss your bride."

Baxter Arthur lifted Annie Laurie's left paw into his, and raised it to his lips. A gentle kiss was placed onto her paw, on the ring that symbolized their union and their love. Then, with a bold smile, he lifted her chin and kissed her, his beautiful wife.

The BASH guests erupted in arrrooooo's! Everyone was smiling, many of the lasses had tears in their eyes, as they watched Baxter Arthur and Annie Laurie start up the aisle, paw in paw.

Reaching the edge of the carpet, almost touching the water's edge, Baxter Arthur pulled Annie Laurie to a stop. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Hello, Mrs. Nyberg!" He glanced toward the ocean, and together they watched as the sun sank lower in the sky, committing to memory the vision of their first sunset together. Just as the sun cast its final glow on the golden ocean, Baxter Arthur leaned over and gave his wife a gentle kiss.

They stood, paw in paw, and watched the beauty of the sunset, secure in the love that surrounded them.

Chapter 11
An Out-of-this-World Reception

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