Chapter 11
An Out-of-this-World Reception

The wedding party soon moved up from the beach to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Katie and Riley had reserved the Regency Ballroom for the evening, and had pulled out all the stops to make this the best party ever.

As soon as the guests were assembled, Bailey Doud stood up and called for quiet. Lifting his glass to Baxter Arthur and Annie Laurie, he had the room spellbound with his eloquent toast to the newlyweds. Roars of applause followed, as everyone toasted the happy couple.

The music began almost immediately. The Scottie group, Redar Rockers, had the BASH terriers dancing the night away. Stokie Musial was on bagpipes, Billy Delli Carpini played guitar, with Hamish MacBeth Wilson, Duke Wilson, and Miles Dewey Davis singing 3 part harmony. Dougan Gray, Chevy, Brimley H., Heather Sue Devine, and Andy Oglesby did a wondrous job of singing back-up, and amazed the crowd with their fancy paw-work choreography. The terriers sang along with many of the tunes, and the Rockers had paws tapping throughout the evening.

Annie Musial and Fala Quinn Devine brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the ballroom with their rendition of "I Love You Arroooly", which many 'couples' took advantage of to dance snuggled close to their amour.

From the tapes of Entertainment Tonight, we can report that Katie W.C. on the arm of Webber, Chak de Mitey and Midget, Bravo and Kelsi, Mason and Megan, Bailey and Megan, Ziggy and Princess Mandi, Fala and Annie, Robbie and Gracie, Reggie and Sadie, Zack and Maggie, HMB and Mickie, Hoagy and Clio all found the tune to be the perfect opportunity to wrap their paws around their sweethearts. We also have it on good authority that many other romances blossomed under that tropical moon.

The BASH guests were stunned when the Wedding Planners stepped to the microphone during the Redar Rockers' break, to announce some special entertainment.

"We are honored, tonight" Riley had announced, "to have 'Old Brown Eyes' himself... the legendary performer..... Mac Smoothscot!!!!!!

Wild applause immediately broke out, along with squeals of glee from many of the girls. Everyone immediately crowded closer to the stage and stared in awe as Mac Smoothscot sauntered onto the stage. He took the microphone from Riley, motioned the ballroom lights to be lowered, and stepped into the spotlight.

As the music began, he moved closer to the edge of the stage, made eye contact with several of the terrier lasses, and winked boldly. His deep, rich voice wrapped itself around the terriers, sending them back to memories of their puppyhood, and those carefree days of their youth

He sang only three songs, then reported that he had other committments, and regretfully had to leave. Everyone cheered wildly as Mr. Smoothscot threw a final parting wave over his shoulder as he left the enormous ballroom.

The remainder of the evening was spent dancing and singing to the Scottish rhythms of their own Redar Rockers.

At precisely midnight, the Guardian Brigade called everyone's attention to the beachfront patio, explaining that one last surprise awaited the newlyweds.

As the BASH partiers crowded onto the patio, Katie held up her paw for silence.

"We promised that this wedding would be memorable. It has, most assuredly, been a memorable event for all of us. And, we would imagine, that Baxter and Annie will long remember this as their fondest memory. HOWEVER, we want to make certain that this will be remembered as a truly exceptional occasion. We've made special provisions for their honeymoon trip. They are to be the special guests of some very old and dear friends of ours. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting these friends, we would encourage you to make a point to visit them."

Katie paused for effect, then held her paw toward the stars twinkling overhead.

"Baxter and Annie, step over here, please. Your limousine is just about to arrive.

At that moment, a deafening roar was heard overhead. The huge, silver disc lit the night sky with its brilliant glow, then dropped gently to the beach. A portal opened and out rolled two Woobidoorians!!!!!

"Our wedding present to you both," Riley announced, with a wave of his paw,"is a two-week vacation to Woobidoor, courtesy of the Woobidoorian Inter-terrestrial Relations Committee!"

Baxter Arthur and Annie Laurie were speechless!! They had heard of the legendary trips to Woobidoor, and stared in awe at the small, furry Woobidoorians standing before them. The small creatures squeaked rapidly, and ushered the newlyweds onboard the sleek spaceship. Almost immediately, the spaceship took off, and in an instant had disappeared into the sky.

The terriers were thrilled beyond words to have seen this historic event, and chatted gaily as they headed back toward their OWN sleek, silver ship. The Guardian Brigade managed to transport the partiers back to the airport with no incidents to report, and no problems. Everyone boarded the Scotcorde for the trip home. They'd had a grand time, they'd loved the adventure and the fun. Now, they were ready to go home, to share these new tales, and return to the loving arms of their Mams and Dads.

The door of the Scotcorde closed, and Captain Scotty brought the great engines to life. Within seconds, the jet had taken off, bound for homes around the world.

No one had noticed that one couple had not boarded the Scotcorde, that they had slipped out of sight as the others had boarded. They stood, paw in paw, smiling.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Yes," she said.

And off they trotted, eager to get to the "Elfin Elopement Chapel" before it closed.

And so, we come to the end of another BASH. Until the next time, we bid you FAREWELL.

And, I'd count furry heads if I were you.

We have ONE couple unaccounted for!!! VEG

The END!

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This ORIGINAL story has been created and written by Carol Johnson .
Original artwork is the exclusive property of artist, Karen Donnelly.
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